Puppy vs Adult Dog: which one should I choose?

puppy vs dog

Big dog or small dog? Girl or boy? Puppy vs. Adult Dog?

These are typical questions many dog owners can face when looking for a new addition to their home. Today, we're not going to answer them all and make your mind up for you.

We will help you by weighing up the pros and cons of puppy vs. adult dog.

Read on for more information.

Which is better: a puppy or dog?

Okay, before we go into the details, we need to help you identify the age for a dog to be classed as a ‘puppy,' and what age onwards is known as an adult dog.

For a dog to be classed as a puppy, it can depend on its breed and size. On average, a dog aged up to 15 months will be classed as a puppy; however, in terms of smaller breeds, it could be 9 months. Then after these ages, they will be classed as an adult.

Now let's begin with the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a puppy.

Benefits of choosing a puppy

puppy or dog

There are many great plus points to owning a puppy. First of all, a puppy will grow up with you and build an unbreakable bond. They will become attached to you and instantly treat you as their master.

Puppies are also very active, and no doubt they will keep you fit too. They require a lot of attention, and if you're looking to lose weight or get into shape, a puppy will be perfect for you.

If you like cute animals, then a puppy will melt your heart. Also, if you suffer from depression and anxiety, a puppy might help you reduce it or ease your loneliness.

Finally, if you have children, a puppy can be a great companion for them. They can be playful and fantastic to socialize with.

Disadvantages of choosing a puppy

If you're someone who works a lot or is outgoing, then a puppy will not be for you. A puppy requires constant attention and round the clock care. Otherwise, it will not be house trained, socialized, or live a healthy life.

Puppies can be a handful. It takes time for a puppy to learn certain behaviors and disciplines. That means there will be plenty of times as an owner where you will have to pick up its poop and clean its pee in your home. Are you ready for the mess?

Moreover, puppies can be expensive; they will need regular check-ups. Initially, it can be quite expensive having to pay money every month.

Finally, because you're getting a puppy from a young age, you cannot predict what its health is going to be like. Therefore you could be faced with pending health problems as it gets older.

Benefits of choosing an adult dog

should i get a puppy or a dog

One of the great things about choosing an adult dog is that it's already house trained. This will save you the time and effort of teaching it manners.

That way, you will also save time picking up from its mess, and adult dogs are great if you work a lot. Similarly, if you're a first-time dog owner, then less effort is required from you than a puppy.

Older dogs can quickly adapt to a new home, as they've already come from somewhere else. Plus, when they're more senior in age, they're often a lot more calmer.

You also already know the temperament and behavioral traits when you choose an adult dog. It has already matured, and you can pick a character that matches your liking.

Disadvantages of choosing an adult dog

Getting an adult dog may be harder to train. If you choose one and it has some behaviors you don't like, it may take longer and more effort to train them than a puppy. This is because many adult dogs have been conditioned into behaving a certain way.

Another disadvantage is you may get less time to live with an adult dog. Sadly, unlike a puppy, an adult dog is on its way out. Therefore you may experience more health problems and see it's passing sooner than expected.

Adults dogs often tend to be more lazier. After all, they've had their fair share of life and won't be as hyperactive as a puppy. If you're looking for a dog to play with, then an adult does not have as much energy levels and may tire out quickly.

Final Thoughts

Should you choose a puppy or an adult dog? Well, we can't honestly answer that question for you. If you have time to be at home and patience, then we would recommend getting a puppy. Similarly, if you have a lot of energy and want to see it grow up with you, then for sure choose a puppy.

On the contrary, if you're a new dog owner and looking for a dog to ease into your life, then an adult dog might be for you. Most of the time, they're already trained, and you know what temperament you will be getting.

However, if they show some behaviors, they may be harder to train and take more time to do so, as they've already been conditioned to behave a certain way.

Therefore when you're looking to buy a dog, we suggest looking at your lifestyle and picking wisely.

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