10 White and Tan Dogs (With Pictures!)

Kromfohrlander tan white dog

There are lots of common dog colors. Brown, black, tri-colored, and even blue. But one of the most common is tan and white.

Many dog breeds can have this beautiful coat coloring, including large dogs, small dogs, and pups with different exercise needs. If you're looking for a canine friend, a white and tan dog might be the perfect addition. These are 10 of our favorite dogs with this coat coloring.

What should you consider before adopting a pup?

We all, naturally, have preferences when it comes to dogs. Different breeds, different sizes, fluffy, or skinny. And, of course, color comes into play too. But it's important to know that not all dogs come in all colors – nor should they.

You need to do your research so you know the healthy and acceptable colors a specific breed can come in. Breeders claiming otherwise are either fooling you with a mixed pup or are not ethically breeding their dogs.

You also need to think about which dog would fit into your family well. Do you have the experience to adopt a large breed? Do you have the time to take working dogs for lots of exercise? These factors are much more important than whether the pup is a white and tan dog or not.

10 tan and white dog breeds

Here are 10 amazing white and tan dog breeds for you to choose from. Which one will be your favorite?

Jack Russell Terrier

tan white jack russell

These little, feisty pups are possibly the most famous tan and white dog breed. They were first bred to hunt foxes in England over 200 years ago.

They're extremely clever dogs that are active, independent, and very cuddly with the ones they love.

A Jack Russell Terrier can have two different coat types: smooth and coarse. Both types need weekly brushing to stop their double coats from shedding too much. These dogs come in a number of different coat colors and patterns and white and tan is one of the most common.

Basset Hound

basset hound lying down

How adorable are Basset Hounds? They have notoriously long bodies, even longer ears, and short little legs. Basset Hounds have an incredible sense of smell and are great hunters.

They're also sometimes used in search and rescue missions. You might not think so, but these dogs are actually very strong and muscular. They're not exactly fast, but they have amazing stamina.

These pups tend to be a little stubborn and need a persuasive and experienced owner who can train them well and get them up and about. According to the American Kennel Club, Basset Hounds come in 19 different colors. Whilst white and tan is mentioned, it's not considered a breed standard.


portrait beagle smiling

Beagles are excellent hunting dogs and have been used for centuries in England for fox hunting. But it's not just their hunting skills that make them so popular. Beagles are funny, intelligent, playful, and loyal companion dogs. They're also confident and surprisingly strong. They make great family pets!

Beagles can have a lot of different coat colors – really, everything from black to yellow. They can also be a number of different tri-colored combinations. Beagles have smooth, dense coats that tend to shed all year round. They get thicker in winter and shed more in spring. Weekly brushing should keep the worst of it under control.

French Bulldog

white tan french bulldog

If you're looking for the perfect companion dog, you might want to think about getting a Frenchie. Adorable, versatile, playful, and alert – they really are special! French Bulldogs get on well with other dogs and children and are relatively easy to train. In fact, when it comes to a white and tan dog, they're one of the best options for novice owners.

Frenchies also come in a number of coat colors and patterns. One is fawn and white, which technically isn't tan. But it looks very similar. A further reason why French Bulldogs are so popular is that they hardly shed, so very little grooming is required.


whippet white tan

Whippets are really sociable, loving, and friendly dogs that are perfect for most families. They love children, get on well with other dogs, and have a wonderful nature.

Whippets are incredibly fast – they are, after all, sight hounds – so you shouldn't let them off the leash in an open area. If they see something they like they'll be off!

As well as bursts of running around a backyard or dog park, Whippets are also happy sleeping for hours on the couch or snuggling up with you.

These Greyhound-like dogs come in many different colors and can have a lot of coat patterns. Your tan and white dog might be more one color and have large or small patches of the other color. A black mask is also accepted as standard.


basenji dogs that dont bark

Basenjis are known as the ‘barkless' breed because, rather than barking, they tend to yodle – and even that is very rare.

This ancient breed is a wonderful hunter that has an even nature and a kind personality. A Basenji will have a beautiful silky coat and a curled tail. They can be quite playful but might be reserved around new people until they get to know them.

This dog breed can come in a couple of different colors. Their coat is very easy to care for as they're happy cleaning themselves (in fact, some say these dogs are more cat than canine). A quick brush every now and again will be enough.


boxer dog jumping

Boxers are highly intelligent dogs and are incredibly loyal. When it comes to working dogs, they're really one of the best. They're courageous, bright, and happy to please their owners. They can also be playful and silly!

They really are the whole package. This breed is a very good watch dog and they need a lot of daily exercise, so they're only a good fit for active owners and those with a large backyard.

Boxers can be brindle or fawn and those with fawn coats can look distinctly light tan. The AKC accepts white markings and black masks for these tan dogs. Because they have such a short coat on their muscular bodies, they require very little grooming and hardly shed.


tan white chihuahua portrait

Chihuahuas are feisty little dogs that aren't particularly aware of their size. They're confident (sometimes too confident), loyal, charming, and very cute.

They need a good amount of training from an early age or they might think they rule the roost and care should be taken with kids and other dogs. A small knock or slightly rough play could be serious for a dog of this size.

Chihuahuas can have many different coat colors and patterns including white with tan spots. They can have long or short coats. Pups with smooth coats need very little brushing but those with longer coats will need to be tended to at least once a week to keep them looking good.


Kromfohrlander tan white dog

The Kromfohrlander is a pretty rare breed found mainly in Germany. They weren't actually originally bred for a specific purpose.

In fact, these dogs started out as stray dogs on the battlefields in France during WWII. After being a sort of mascot for the US troops, a German woman decided to breed these loyal pups further and they were first accepted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale in 1955.

As well as being a beautiful tan and white dog, a Kromfohrlander is also loyal, cheerful, and friendly. They can have a wired or smooth coat and are accepted in white and brown as well as white and tan.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

pembroke welsh corgi on a tree

Corgis are adorable dogs, loved by the Queen of England and known for being incredible herders. They're strong, athletic, and loyal dogs that make great pets.

Corgis respond well to training, especially if they have a job to do and love spending time outdoors with their family. Even though they're fairly little pooches, they make wonderful watchdogs and have quite a deep, distinctive bark.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis come in a number of different colors and can have white patches on their body. They have a thick, waterproof double coat that sheds a lot – so make sure you have a brush handy. It's recommended that you brush a Corgi daily to keep the worst of it under control.

White and tan dog breeds – final thoughts

There are lots of beautiful dogs that have this coloring. Some are accepted by the various kennel clubs in tan and white and others are fawn which looks like a very light tan.

Although a wonderful choice for your pup, health and temperament are much more important factors than color.

Can you think of any other tan and white dog breeds?

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