300+ Creative Dog Names For Your Furry Pawcaso

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It’s time to don your beret, pull up a canvas and find your muse. That’s right, folks, we are delving into the fascinating realm of art today with an extensive and creative list of all the best art dog names.

Choosing one of these sophisticated names for your creative dog will ensure he or she will stand out at the dog park. We have rounded up all the most famous artists, artworks, locations and art accessories and turned them into some incredible dog’s names for all our pet parents who have some creative flair.

So, settle in for a cultured experience as you work your way through all the suave dog names on our list.

👩🏻‍🎨 Female Art Dog Names For Your Creative Pooch

These female dog names represent some of the most accomplished artists in history. We adore the names “Rosa” and “Georgia”.

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AgnesAgnes Martin was an American painter
AlmaAlma Woodsey Thomas was an African American artist
AngelicaAngelica Kauffman was a neoclassical painter from Switzerland
ArtemisiaArtemisia Gentileschi was a Baroque painter from Italy
AugustaAugusta Savage was an African American artist known for her sculptures associated with the Harlem Renaissance
BertheBerthe Morisot was an artist from France
BridgetBridget Riley is an English painter
GeorgiaGeorgia O'Keefe was an American painter
HelenHelen Frankenthaler was an abstract expressionist painter
HilmaHilma af Klint was a Swedish artist
JennyJenny Saville is a British painter
JudithJudith Leyster was a Dutch painter
KahloFrida Kahlo was a Mexican painter
KaraKara Walker is an African American artist
LaviniaLavinia Fontana was an Italian painter
LeonoraLeonora Carrington was a British surrealist painter
MartinAgnes Martin was an American painter
MaryMary Cassatt was an American painter who lived in France
RileyBridget Riley is an English painter
RosaRosa Bonheur was from France – she liked to paint animals
SofonisbaSofonisba Anguissola was an Italian Renaissance painter
SophieSophie Matisse is an American artist known for her Missing Person paintings
TamaraTamara de Lempicka was a Polish painter
ThomasAlma Woodsey Thomas was an African American artist
VaroRemedios Varo was a Spanish surrealist painter
WoodseyAlma Woodsey Thomas was an African American artist

👨🏻‍🎨 Male Creative Dog Names For Your Artsy Boy

History has seen some incredible artists through the ages and while the people are no longer with us, their masterpieces remain. We love the dog names “Stubbs” and “Jackson” for your new boy puppy.

Banksyhe is a famous graffiti artist – his murals have been drawn on various outdoor locations around the world
BoschHieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter
CasparCaspar David Friedrich was a famous artist
CezannePaul Cezanne was a painter from France
Da VinciLeonardo da Vinci was an incredibly talented and clever artist and he is responsible for some of the most revered artistic creations ever made
DaliSalvador Dali was a Spanish Surrealist painter
De HoochPieter de Hooch was a Dutch master painter who usually painted open doorways in his scenes of quiet domestic reality
DegasEdgar Degas was a painter from France
DiegoDiego Valazquez made “Las Meninas” a highly sought after painting
EgonEgon Schiele was a painter from Austria
El Grecothis Greek artist is so original that he cannot be classified into a particular school
EugeneEugene Delacroix was a romantic artist from France
FranciscoFrancisco Goya was a Spanish painter
GauguinPaul Gauguin was the artist who made “Still Life With Fruit and Peppers”
GeorgesGeorges Seurat was from France and he was a post-impressionist painter
GilbertGilbert Stuart was an American painter
GoyaFrancisco Goya was a Spanish painter
GustavGustav Klimt was responsible for creating the famous artwork called “The Kiss”
HenriHenri Rousseau was a self-taught painter from France
Hokusaihe was a Japanese painter
HopperEdward Hopper was an American painter
JacksonJackson Pollock was an American painter
JacobJacob Lawrence was an African American artist who called his style of painting “dynamic cubism”
Jean-AntoineJean-Antoine Watteau was a painter from France
Jean-MichalJean-Michal Basquiat was an African American artist
JohannesJohannes Vermeer is known as the painter of “The Girl With the Pearl Earring
KleePaul Klee was a German artist that was born in Switzerland
LeonardoLeonardo da Vinci painted “The Mona Lisa” – one of the easiest paintings to recognize
LouisLouis Wain has achieved fame from his clever cat depictions where the cats are doing things like playing golf or having tea
MonetClaude Monet was a French painter who was known for creating wild landscape pieces in an impressionist style
MunchEdvard Munch is a famous painter who got inspiration from a panic attack he suffered to produce “The Scream”
PabloPablo Picasso is a legendary painter
Pawcassoa fun play on Picasso, the legendary painter
PicassoPablo Picasso is a legendary painter
RaphaelRaphael was an Italian painter
RembrandtRembrandt Van Rijn was a Dutch master painter – “The Night Watch” and “The Jewish Bride” are his most famous paintings
ReneRene Magritte was an artist from Belgium
RenoirPierre-Auguste Renoir was a French painter who is known for his masterpiece “Luncheon of the Boating Party”
RockwellNorman Rockwell was an American painter
RubensPeter Paul Rubens was the great Flemish painter and is considered to be one of the greatest artists of his era
SalvadorSalvador Dali was a Spanish Surrealist painter
StubbsGeorge Stubbs was an English painter known to create art depicting horses
Van GoghVincent Van Gogh was a famous painter whose masterpiece “The Starry Night” is well known all over the world – his early works were dominated by the brown color before evolving into the artistic creations we all know
VincentVincent Van Gogh made significant contributions to the arts, however achieved fame and notoriety for cutting off his ear
WhistlerJames McNeill Whistler was an American painter
YvesYves Klein trademarked the blue color in 1957 he loved it so much and he produced around 200 blue works of art in his career

 🐕 Name Your Dog After Famous Artists Dogs

Some of the most popular artists were complete dog lovers. Choosing to honor one of their canine companions in your dog’s name is a great way to marry your love for art and dogs together in a unique way. We love all these names for dogs, but think “Boodgie” is probably the most unusual.

Amosthe Dachshund of Andy Warhol
Archiethe Dachshund of Andy Warhol
Boone of Georgia O'Keeffe's Chows
Boba Saint Bernard that stayed with Picasso for a while – it is not known whether Bob was his dog or whether he was looking after it for friends
Boboone of Georgia O'Keeffe's Chows
BoodgieDavid Hockney's Dachshund
ButchNorman Rockwell's Spaniel Mix
Chiaone of Georgia O'Keeffe's Chows
FipsFips the dog belonged to Edvard Munch
FlirtEmily Carr's dog
Frikaone of the many dogs of Pablo Picasso
GypJackson Pollock's childhood dog – when he and his wife adopted a dog after they were married, he named it Gyp too – this might sound weird, but he must have had incredible love for his childhood companion to do this
Incaone of Georgia O'Keeffe's Chows
JackieRene Margritte had 2 Pomeranian's and he named them both Jackie
Jingoone of Georgia O'Keeffe's Chows
Kabulone of Pablo Picasso's Afghan Hounds
Kasbecone of Pablo Picasso's Afghan Hounds
LooEmily Carr's dog
Lou-LouRene Margritte had 2 Pomeranian's and he named them both Lou-Lou
Lumphe was Pablo Picasso's little Dachshund
Mr. Xolotlone of Frida Kahlo's dogs
Noisettean Airedale Terrier belonging to Picasso
PanchoGeorgia O'Keefe's poodle that was killed in an accident
Pitterone of Norman Rockwell's dogs
PomTakashi Murakami's pet dog
PunkEmily Carr's dog
RaleighNorman Rockwell's Collie Mix
Rickythis was a Poodle that belonged to Picasso's daughter Maya
RolleEdvard Munch's dog – by the sound of it he rescued this dog who had been badly mistreated
Sauterelleone of Pablo Picasso's Afghan Hounds
StanleyDavid Hockney's Dachshund
Yana Boxer owned by Pablo Picasso

🐶 Dog Names Inspired By Real Life Puppy Artists

These dogs are so incredible to watch. Do yourself a favor and look them up online and prepare to be astounded by these clever pups. We would love to own a doggy original to hang in pride of place in our homes.

Applethis pet is a Beagle who makes fun abstract art with a brush in his mouth
Arborthis pet is a Border Collie Mix who paints to raise money for charity
Chloethis pet can't use a brush, but her owner is an artist who creates stencils for her to walk through – if you're searching for a unique piece of art, one created out of puppy paw prints will definitely take center stage in your home
Daggerthis cool canine is known as DogVinci – he is a Labrador cross whose owner is an artist – he has created some amazing art for charity – it's said that he only will paint when wearing his red scarf and beret – too adorable for words
DogVinciDagger the painting dog's nickname
Halliethis little Dachshund has been blind for 4 years but still continues to paint – she can even paint Christmas ornaments – what an honor to have one of those on your tree
Hunterthis Shiba Inu puppy is 8 years old and his masterpieces are an honor to own – they get orders from all over the world for one of his creations
Ivythis canine is an Australian Shepherd whose artistic creations are sold via her Instagram
Jumpythis puppy does a bit of everything, from acting to free style painting and can even follow her trainers cues to paint certain things – doesn't that sound incredible?
KaneShore Service Dogs rescues shelter dogs and trains them – painting is part of their training and the doggie artwork gets sold to fund the training program – Kane is one of the canine artists
Kermitthis funny puppy is famous on Youtube and loves to fingerpaint [or should we say paw paint]
MajorShore Service Dogs rescues shelter dogs and trains them – painting is part of their training and the doggie artwork gets sold to fund their training program – Major is one of their pup artists
NetopThis puppy is so creative that his work is displayed in galleries – what a fun pet he must be!
NyahShore Service Dogs rescues shelter dogs and trains them – painting is part of their training and their doggie art gets sold to fund the training program – Nyah is one of the pup artists
Oksanaif you're searching for some Pollock-esque style paintings, you can pick up an Oksana original for a couple hundred dollars
RoganThis amazing pet paints pictures that have been sold all over the world. One of his artworks were auctioned off to support dogs with cancer – too incredible for words
SammyShore Service Dogs rescues shelter dogs and trains them – painting is part of their training and the doggie art gets sold to fund their training program – Sammy is one of the dogs trained to create artwork
SecretThis puppy is an Australian Shepherd and can do a bit of everything – from laundry to yoga, she can also sing and dance and also can paint better than most of us. This clever canine can paint a beautiful sunflower – who says pets can't be creative too?
Tillamookhe was a Jack Russell who had his own ideas when it came to creating his masterpieces – he clawed and scratched the canvas to produce a pattern of lines that buyers paid 1000's of dollars to own

🖼️ Creative Names For Dogs Inspired By Famous Paintings

These dog names were all inspired by some of the most famous paintings that have ever been created. We can’t settle on our favorite because they are all great arty names.

Baby“Newborn Baby in a Crib” is a famous painting by Lavinia Fontana
Blossom“Almond Blossoms” by Vincent Van Gogh
Camille“Camille with a Small Dog” was a painting by Claude Monet
Clippera dog painting by Picasso
Delight“The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch
Feoa dog painting by Picasso
Frida“The Two Frida's” is arguably the most famous painting by Frida Kahlo
Ginevra“Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci” is a portrait of a lady by Leonardo da Vinci
Ginger“Ginger Cat” is one of Louis Wain's most famous pieces
Gothic“American Gothic” by Grant Wood
Gypsy“The Sleeping Gypsy” by Henri Rousseau
Iris“Irises” by Vincent Van Gogh
Kanagawa“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Hokusai
Kiss“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt
Lady Godiva“Lady Godiva” by John Collier
Liberty“Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacroix
Lily“Water Lilies” by Claude Monet
Madonna“The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael
Man“Vitruvian Man” is a sketch drawn by Da Vinci in one of his many notebooks that shows the perfect human proportions – “The Man” is a creative dog name for your canine companion
Memory“The Persistence of Memory” is the most famous artwork by Salvador Dali – it is a picture of melting watches
Mona LisaThe Mona Lisa is a painting of a lady created by Leonardo da Vinci and is one of the world’s most recognizable artworks
Nighthawk“Nighthawks” is by Edward Hopper
Noel“Noel in the Kitchen” is a painting of a child in the kitchen with his puppies – it is painted by Joan Brown
Pearl“The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer
Perrothis was a Dalmatian that Pablo Picasso used for artistic inspiration in a number of painted works
Rain“The Avenue in the Rain” by Childe Hassam
Rosie“Rosie the Riveter” is by Norman Rockwell
Starry“The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh
Storm“The Storm on the Sea of Galilee” by Rembrandt
Sunflower“Sunflowers” is by Van Gogh
The Screamthis is Edvard Munch's most well known painting – a funny name if your new dog howls all night
Tiger“Tiger in a Tropical Storm” is a well known piece  in the ‘animals' genre – it is an oil painting by artist Henri Rousseau
Venus“The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli
Wanderer“Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich
Whistlejacketthis is a well known piece in the ‘animals' genre – it is an oil painting of a horse by George Stubbs

🌍 Creative Dog Names Derived From Popular Art Museums and Locations

If you are lucky in life, you will get to visit some of these galleries and museums where you can see all the most fabulous artwork with your own eyes. We love the dog names “Tate” and “Reina”.

BelvedereThe Austrian Gallery Belvedere is a museum – Mr. Belvedere used to be a TV show too
ChicagoThe Art Institute of Chicago is the home to many famous artworks
DelleDa Vinci's “The Last Supper” is at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery in Milan
Florencethis is where the Uffizi Gallery is
GettyThe Getty is a museum in Los Angeles
LondonThe National Gallery of London houses many incredible artworks
Louvrethe Louvre is a famous museum in Paris – this is the perfect name for French pets
MariaDa Vinci's “The Last Supper” is at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery in Milan
Milanthe location of the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery – “The Last Supper” can be viewed here
Momathis is the acronym for The Museum of Modern Art in New York where Van Gogh's “The Starry night” can be viewed
Oslothe National Gallery in Oslo is where you can appreciate “The Scream” by Edvard Munch
ParisParis, France is one location known to be a creative place
PergamonThe Pergamon Museum is in Berlin
PradoMuseo Nacional del Prado is a museum in Spain
ReinaMuseo Reina Sofia is in Madrid – here you can view Guernica by Pablo Picasso
SofiaMuseo Reina Sofia is in Madrid – here you can view Guernica by Pablo Picasso
SolomonSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum is in New York
TateThe Tate Gallery is in London
UffiziUffizi Gallery in Florence is the home of many famous works

👩🏻 Art Names For Dogs Inspired By Artists Muses

What is an artist without their muse? These people have inspired some of the greatest artworks of our time. Pablo Picasso did seem to need a LOT of inspiration though!

AdaAda Del Moro Katz is the wife of Alex Katz and appears in a lot of his pieces
DoraDora Maar was the creative muse for Pablo Picasso
EdieEdie Sedgwick was the creative muse of Andy Warhol
ElizabethElizabeth Siddal influenced the ideas of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood's views of female beauty
EmmaEmma Hamilton was the muse of George Romney
FernandeFernande Olivier was the first muse of Pablo Picasso
FrancoiseFrancoise Gilot was one of Picasso's muses
GalaGala Dali inspired a number of Salvador Dali's works
GeorgeGeorge Dyer was the muse of Francis Bacon
HelgaHelga Testorf is the subject of 240 drawings by Andrew Wyeth
JeanneJeanne Hebuterne was the muse of Amedeo Modigliani
JulietJuliet Man Ray became the wife and muse of artist Man Ray
KikiKiki De Montparnasse was a muse for many surrealist painters, in particular Man Ray
LeighLeigh Bowery was the muse of Lucian Freud
LydiaLydia Corbett was the subject of a series of artworks and a sculpture by Pablo Picasso – she is known as “the girl with the ponytail”
MarcelleMarcelle Lender was Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec’s muse
MarieMarie-Therese Walter was one of Pablo Picasso's muses
OlgaOlga Khokhlova was the wife of Picasso and the mother of his son Paul – she was one of Picasso's early muses
SaskiaSaskia van Uylenburgh was Rembrandt's wife and muse
VictorineVictorine Meurent was the muse for 3 artists Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Alfred Stevens

🎥 Art Dog Names Inspired By Fictional Artist Characters in Pop Culture

Our favorite fictional artist has to be Jack Dawson, from the movie Titanic. There have been a lot of art films made over the years and here are our top picks for dog names from them. We love the names “Dobie” and “Junebug”.

AdeleAdele Lack is an artist in the film Synecdoche, New York
ChelseaChelsea Deardon is an artist in the movie Legal Eagles
DavidDavid Wark is an artist in the film Junebug
DawsonJack Dawson from the movie Titanic was an artist
DobieLionel Dobie from New York Stories – Nick Nolte portrayed this artist character
EdouardEdouard Frenhofer is an aging artist in the film La Belle Noiseuse
ElenaMaria Elena is Juan's ex wife and is a painter in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona
HomerHomer Simpson has a piece of art shown in The Louvre
IsaacIsaac Mendez from the TV Show Heroes had the ability to paint the future
JackJack Dawson from the movie Titanic was an artist
JohanJohan Borg is a tortured artist in the film Hour of the Wolf
JuanJuan Antonio Gonzalo is an artist in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona
JunebugJunebug is an art film and a really cool dog's name
LilaLila Tournay in the TV show Dexter is an artist
LionelLionel Dobie from New York Stories – Nick Nolte portrayed this artist character
MargeMarge Simpson takes classes and then wins a local art competition
Marianneshe is Edouard's muse who helps to reignite his career in the film La Belle Noiseuse
MaudeMaude Lebowski played by Julianne Moore is an artist in the film The Big Lebowski
NinaNina West is an artist in the show Seinfeld
NormNorm Gunderson from Fargo was an artist in the show
ToddTodd Cleary from the movie Wedding Crashers is an artist

🤩 Name Your Creative Dog After Famous Sculptors

Art is not just done with a brush and canvas – a very popular way to create art is by sculpting something out of various materials. Here are some of the most important sculptors that have left their mark in the world of art. We like the dog names “Yayoi” and “Henry”.

AlbertoAlberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor
AlexanderAlexander Calder was an American sculptor
AnishAnish Kapoor is a British Indian sculptor
AntonioAntonio Canova was a neoclassical sculptor
AugusteAuguste Rodin was a French sculptor
BerniniGian Lorenzo Bernini was an Italian sculptor
Donatellohe was an Italian sculptor from the Renaissance – this would be a unique name for a new dog
EdgarEdgar Degas, while known for his oil paintings and work with pastels, he also was a sculptor who produced sculptures made of bronze
HenryHenry Moore was a sculptor who used to make semi abstract bronze creations
JeffJeff Koons was a stockbroker before joining the art world as a sculptor
LouiseLouise Bourgeois is a French American sculptor
LyndaLynda Benglis is an American sculptor
Michaelangelohe was an Italian sculptor and painter – his most famous artwork was the statue of “David” – this is a great name for a boy dog
YayoiYayoi Kusama is primarily a Japanese sculptor, although she dabbles in other mediums too

🤡 Art Names For Dogs Inspired By Cartoonists

Art does not only have to be serious to be awesome, these cartoonists have made incredible contributions to pop culture through their fun drawings. We love the dog names “Sparky” and “Quino”, but really, you can't beat a pup named “Dr. Seuss”!

AustinAustin English is a cartoonist
BellMarc Bell is a cartoonist
BillBill Watterson is the creator of Calvin and Hobbes
DavisJim Davis is the cartoonist who gave us Garfield
Dr. Seusshe authored and illustrated his own books
GaryGary Larson created the comic The Far Side
HildaHilda Terry was an American cartoonist who drew the comic Teena
JimJim Davis is the cartoonist who gave us Garfield
LynnLynn Johnston was the first woman to win the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award
Manjulhe is a political cartoonist from India
MarcMarc Bell is a cartoonist
MattMatt Groening is hailed as one of the most influential cartoonists ever
MiltMilt Gross was an American cartoonist
Quinohe is a cartoonist from Argentina
RozRoz Chast is an American cartoonist
SparkyCharles Monroe “Sparky” Schulz is the creator of the ever-popular comic Peanuts
TerryHilda Terry was an American cartoonist who drew the comic Teena
TexTex Avery was an American cartoonist
Zapirothe nickname of South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro

😍 Art Terms as Dog Names That Arty Pet Parents Will Love

Artists have some very specific terminology tied to their craft. If you’re looking for a more avant garde dog name, this is the list for you. We adore the name “Hue” for a dog.

AllaAlla Prima is when the artist paints a picture all in one go
Brushthis is used to apply the paint to the canvas – “Brusher” is a fun name for a dog
Brushstrokethe way you use the brush to apply the color to the canvas to make a picture
Canvasthe thing you paint on
Chiaroscurowhen there is a strong contrast between light and dark in a picture
Easelthe support to rest your canvas on while you paint
Huea fancy way to say color
Motifwhen a design element is used repeatedly
Musean artist's inspiration to create a masterpiece
Palettethis is where you mix your colors to make new shades
PleinPlein Air is when you paint outside instead of in a studio
PrimaAlla Prima is when the artist paints a picture all in one go
Sfumatothis means that there is a soft transition between colors
TrompeTrompe L'oeil is creating an optical illusion in your art
Wheelfor the color wheel – “Wheeler” is a cute name for a dog

🎨 Art Dog Names Inspired By Artistic Mediums and Techniques

The thing we love most about art is its subjectivity – if you’re creative enough anything can be used to make a masterpiece. These are some of the popular techniques and mediums used by artists. We love the dog names “Sketcher” and “Charcoal”.

Chalkchalk pastels are used for drawing – “Chalky” is a creative name for a dog
CharcoalCharcoal is used for drawing
Frescothis medium allows you to create murals on walls and ceilings
Glazeadding a glaze is adding a transparent layer over your artwork – “Glazer” might be a good dog name
Gongbithis is a technique of realism used by the Chinese
Gouachethis is a type of water-based paint
Graphitegraphite pencils are used to draw
Grattagethis means using a blade to scratch fresh paint
Grisaillethis refers to a painting done entirely in shades of gray
Impastothis involves putting paint onto the canvas thickly so you can see the brush strokes
Inkink is a popular medium for sketching or doing things like calligraphy – “Inky” is a creative name for a dog
Mosaicthis means creating a picture out of small pieces of glass or stone
Nerikomithis is a Japanese technique for pottery
Painta popular medium of creating artwork – “Painter” is a creative dog name
Pastelthese are oil or chalk based crayons for drawing
Scratchittithis is a type of graffiti that etches or scratches art into the surface rather than using spray paint or other mediums
Sculpturethis involves creating 3 dimensional art like a statue or a model of something
Shadingyou use the technique of shading to add shadows on your picture – “Shadow is an amazing name for your new dog
Sketcherdrawing is a popular art medium
Stipplingthis involves using small dots to shade in areas – “Stipple” or “Stippler” are great name ideas
Tarashikomithis is a Japanese technique
Temperathis is a type of paint
Verdaillethis means using only shades of green in your work

🖌️ Name Your Creative Dog After Art Movements

Now, admittedly these dog names are a little out there, but we still love them for their originality. We absolutely would have a dog called “Neo”, how about you? 

Abstractfor abstract expressionism
Baroquefor the baroque movement
Cubefor cubism
Dadathis is an avant garde movement in Europe in the early 20th century
De Stijlthis is Dutch and means “the style” and consisted of both artists as well as architects
Decofor art deco
Expressfor expressionism
Fauvesfor fauvism
Futurefor futurism
Minifor minimalism
Neofor neoclassicism
Nouveaufor art nouveau
Pointyfor pointillism
Popfor pop art
Realistthe realist movement saw a rise in art that showed depictions of reality and ordinary life
Rococothis is also known as Late Baroque
Romanfor romanticism
Supremefor suprematism
Surrealfor surrealism
Symbolfor symbolism

Last Thoughts

We hope you are feeling inspired with a fresh rush of creativity. Tell us in the comments below which art dog names are your favorites.

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