330+ Dutch Dog Names for Your Charming Hond

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Ah, the Dutch. With their stroopwafels and bicycles, it's easy to see why people from all over the world are enamored with Dutch culture. The Netherlands, where windmills spin and tulips bloom, has abundant inspiration for christening your furry friend. Dutch dog names are more than just a label – they're a reflection of the country's culture, language, and heritage.

From “Hondje” to “Schatje,” Dutchies love to give their dogs names that stand out in the world. Regardless of the breed you have, pet owners are in for a real treat because finding a name that’s the perfect fit for your canine companion is the fun part – and we are here to guide you.  

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the world of Dutch dog names, their origins, meanings, and cultural references. So, whether you're trying to find the perfect name for your Dutch dog or are just curious about the Dutch way of life, grab your “bitterballen” and let's unravel the secrets of Dutch dog names!

Best Dutch Dog Names for Female Dogs

There are so many great Dutch names here for female dogs, for example, “Anneke”, “Hansje” and “Sanne”. We think “Milou” is the perfect fit for a girl pup of any breed – its a Dutch name that makes us go “aww”.

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Aleid (diminutive form of Adelaide)
Anki (Dutch form of Anne)
Catharina (Dutch diminutive form of Katherine)
Maaike (diminutive form of Maria)
Marja (Dutch form of Mary)
Milou (short form of Marie Louise – popular name in Holland)
Tineke (Dutch form of the Latin name Christina)

Dog Name Ideas for Male Dogs

Every good boy deserves a unique moniker and there are some awesome Dutch names here to suit every dog's personality. We love traditional names like “Loek” or “Hendrik” for your four-legged furry male friend. “Jager” is a great option for a modern family and would suit any breed of dog.

Hendrik (Dutch version of Henry)
Jaap (Form of Jacob)
Loek (Dutch form of Lucas/Luke)
Mees (Dutch form of Hebrew name Bartholomew)

Funny Dutch Dog Names Inspired by Dutch Culture for your Pooch

Dutch culture is a great place to look for awesome name ideas for your dog and with one of these fun suggestions, life will never be dull at the dog park. We think “Dutchess” is the perfect name for a girl dog, while “Maatje” tops the list for a male Dutch dog. 

Damemeans “lady”
Dansermeans “dancer”
Dutchlanguage of the Netherlands
Dutchessplay on word “Dutch”
Hollyfor Holland
Jongenmeans “boy”
Knappiemeans “handsome”
KnuffelenMeaning to cuddle
Koningmeans “king”
Koninginmeans “queen”
Lekkermeaning “tasty” – “Lekker Cracker” as a nickname
Leukmeans “nice”
Levenmeans “life”
Liedjemeans “song”
Liefdemeans “love”
Maatjemeaning “buddy”
Meisjemeans “girl”
Mooimeans “beautiful”
Omameans “granny”
Opameans “grandpa”
Schatjemeaning “sweetheart”
Schattigmeans “cute”
Scheetmeans “fart”
Zoonmeans “son”

Dutch Dog Names for your Furry Friend Inspired by Other Animals

grutto bird
The Grutto Bird, national bird of the Netherlands

If you are looking for an unusual Dutch dog name why not look to other creatures for inspiration? We think “Berenjong” is a good name for male dogs. Another superb dog name is “Libelle” for the pretty little missy in your life.

Berenjongbear cub
Distelfinkthistlefinch – symbolizes good luck and happiness
Gruttoblack-tailed godwit – national bird of the Netherlands
Haashares are the most common animal in the Netherlands – “Haasie” as a pet name
Leeuwlion (a big cat) – national symbol of the Netherlands
Libelledragonfly – “Belle” for short

Popular Choices for Cute Dutch Dog Names Inspired by the Geography of the Country

Amsterdam, the most beautiful city in Europe?

One of the top travel tips given to tourists visiting the Netherlands is to rent a bicycle to explore the life of Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city that will fill you with wonder and is also one of the most popular choices for a dog’s name. This country’s geography is so magnificent that it provides plenty of inspiration for dog names. We adore “Texel” for a tough male dog. 

AdriaanWindmill De Adriaan – built in 1776
Amsterdamcapital city
AnneAnne Frank House – museum
Arnhemcity – “Arnie” for short
ArtisThe Natura Artis Magistra Zoo
CubeRotterdam Cube Houses
De Haargiant castle – its huge
Deltawerkendefensive system to protect against high water from the sea – “Delta” for short
DomDom Tower is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands
Erasmusbrugiconic bridge in Rotterdam – “Erasmus” for short
FrankAnne Frank House – museum
GingerGingerbread Houses on Damrak
Het LooHet Loo Palace – “Loo Loo” for short
KeukenhofKeukenhof Gardens – best place to enjoy tulips – “The Hof” for short
Koppelpoortmedieval bridge – one of the most prominent historical monuments
Lelystadcity – “Lely” for short
LisseTown where the Keukenhof Gardens are
NelleVan Nelle factory – UNESCO industrial heritage site
TexelTexel Lighthouse – island located in the North Sea off the coast of Holland
Thornvillage in the Netherlands
Tilburgcity – “Tilly” for short
Van GoghVan Gogh Museum – Dutch art museum (named for Vincent Van Gogh)
Zaanse Schansmost visited village in the Netherlands famous for its windmills

Best Name Ideas for your Dutch Dog Derived from Colors in the Dutch Language

Dog names are often derived from the color of your dog’s coat or eyes and Dutch names are no different. We think “Zwart” is a dashing dog name for dogs with inky black fur. . 


Dutch Dog Names Inspired by Drinks for your Canine Companion

genever dutch drink
Genever, a Dutch gin

There are a lot of Dutch names to be found from the most popular drinks. We love “Jen/Gen” after the juniper flavored national drink of the Netherlands.

AmstelDutch beer
AnijsmelkAnise milk – traditional nightcap – “Ani” for short
Chocomelchocolate milk
Dropshotliquorice flavored shot
Genever/Jeneverjuniper flavored Dutch gin – national drink – “Gen”/”Jen” for short
HeinekenDutch pale lager
Kopstootbeer and genever mixed together – translates to “headbutt”
Schrobbelérherbal liqueur
Stroopwafelcream liqueur

Dutch Dog Names Inspired by Food for your Puppy

A traditional Appeltaart

Dutch names for dogs are abundant amongst the Dutchies’ delightfully named foods. We would love a small fluffy dog called “Poffertjes” after the yummy fluffy pancakes that are a popular Dutch snack food.

Appeltaartapple tart
Frikandeldeep fried skinless sausage of beef, pork and chicken
Hachéebeef and onion stew
Hagelslagchocolate sprinkles on bread or toast
Kroketdeep fried croquet with meat filling
Oliebollenfried donuts covered in icing sugar – “Olie” for short
Pastechipastry with meat, vegetable and cheese filling
Patatthick french fries – street food
Pepernoten“PepperNuts” – spiced cookies
Poffertjesfluffy baby pancakes
Stamppotmashed potatoes and root vegetables with kale or spinach
Tosticlassic ham and cheese toasted sandwich
Worstenbroodjessausage rolls

Dutch Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures and Famous People for your Pup

Dutch history is a rich source of inspiration for finding a Dutch dog name that honors all the wonderful heroes and heroines of the past (and present). “Tiesto” is a fabulous Dutch dog name for all the party animals out there. 

AbelAbel Tasman – seafarer – “Tasmanian Devil” for a nickname
AntonieAntonie van Leeuwenhoek – microbiologist
Beatrixformer Monarch of the Netherlands
BoschHieronymus Bosch – painter
Candycandy Dulfer – saxophonist
CorrieCorrie ten Boom – Christian clockmaker and writer
Escheroptical illusion art by Maurits Cornelis Escher
FamkeFamke Janssen – actress
GarrixMartin Garrix – DJ
HariMata Hari – exotic dancer and spy
KristelSylvia Kristel – actress
LaraLara Stone – fashion model
LizzyLizzy Ansingh – painter
MarkMark Rutte – prime minister
MaximaQueen of the Netherlands
MolAlbert Mol – author
NeelieNeelie Kroes – politician
ObrechtJacob Obrecht – composer
OscarOscar Benton – singer
PietPiet Mondrian – artist
RembrandtRembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn – painter
RosalieRosalie van Breemen – model
RutgerRutger Hauer – actor
SpinozaBaruch Spinoza – philosopher
Van HalenEddie Van Halen – rock star
VermeerJohannes Vermeer – painter
VincentVincent Van Gogh – famous artist

Dutch Names for your Furry Friend from Movies, TV Shows and Books

Looking to your existing interests for inspiration when trying to find a Dutch name for your dog is the perfect place to start – after all if you name your dog after a favorite character, you already know you love the name! Our top picks are “Captain Nova” and “Bumble”.

AntoniaAntonia's Line
AresAres – Dutch Horror drama
BulletjeBulletje en Boonestaak
BumbleOliver B. Bumble comic
Captain NovaCaptain Nova
DriesRiphagen the Untouchable
KeetjeKatie Tippel
KikkerKikker the Frog
LoekieLoekie de Leeuw
MarlyDirty Lines
NijntjeMiffy Books
PandaPanda comic strip
PlopKabouter Plop
Tom PussTom Puss comic strip

Dutch Dog Names Derived from Mythology for your Puppy

Mythology is one of the most common trends to follow when deciding on a name for your pooch. We think the Dutch name “Jecha” is so perfect for a hunting dog who loves running free in the forest.

BoemanDutch boogeyman
Bullebakcreature that scared people at night with loud roaring noises
Hludanagoddess of fishing and the Rhine
Jechagoddess of the forest and the hunt
Kabouterakin to the Irish leprechaun
Nehalenniagoddess of fertility
Witte Wievenspirits of wise women

Sweet Dutch Dog Names from Nature for your Pet

Beautiful nature is a marvellous source of creativity when deciding on a Dutch name for your furry buddy. We love “Zee” for an adventurous pup who loves splashing around in the waves at the beach.

Aardemeans “earth”
Bladmeans “leaf”
Bloemmeans “flower”
Dondermeans “thunder”
Duinenmeans “dunes” – they line the Dutch coastline
Hagelmeans “hail”
Hegmeans “hedge”
Heidemeans “heath” – for the Dutch heathlands
Polderpiece of land reclaimed from the sea – 50% of Holland is polders
Regenmeans “rain”
Sneeuwbalmeans “snowball”
Steenmeans “stone”
Stermeans “star”
Stormsame as in English
Takmeans “branch”
Tuliptulips are the national flower of the Netherlands
Veldmeans “field”
Vorstmeans “frost”
Zaadmeans “seed”
Zeemeans “sea”
Zonmeans “sun”

Sporty Names for your Dutch Dog

Your sporty dog will be honored to bear a Dutch dog name that honors one of these incredible sports stars. We think “Jacco” is a great fit for a dog who loves to chase tennis balls around the garden. 

BabelRyan Babel – soccer
DafneDafne Schippers – track and field athlete
DekkerErik Dekker – cyclist
FrenkieFrenkie de Jong – football
GermaineGermaine de Randamie – mixed martial artist
JaccoJacco Eltingh – tennis
MarcoMarco van Basten – football
MaxMax Verstappen – formula one
PersieRobin van Persie – football
RobbenArjin Robben – football

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Dutch dog names are a lot of fun. So, the next time you're strolling through Rotterdam and you hear someone calling their dog’s name, take a moment to appreciate the linguistic and cultural richness of their moniker. And who knows, maybe you'll even get inspired to give your own dog a Dutch name. 

Tot ziens!

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