160+ Icelandic Dog Names You’ll Love

two icelandic sheepdogs in snow

Have you ever been to Iceland? Even if you haven’t, you’re sure to have seen the photographs of stunning scenery, hot lagoons, and the beautiful northern lights. It’s a country steeped in history and culture and one on many people’s bucket lists. 

We quite often think of the Vikings when we think of Iceland, but technically the first people to step foot in the country weren’t Vikings, because this is only a term used for raiders and there was no one living in Iceland at the time!

Whilst that’s an interesting historical fact, that’s not why you’re here. But, the history and mythicism of the country mean there are some great Icelandic dog names for you to pick for your pooch. Everything from gods and animals to food and colors. They really are beautiful! 

Female Icelandic Dog Names

Here are some of our favorite modern and traditional Icelandic names for your pups. We can’t promise we’ll help with the pronunciation, but we will with the meaning!

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AldaAn Old Norse word to mean rich, wise, and honorable. Today it means wave
ÁsaFemale God and short form for other names beginning with áss
ÁstríðurHow Ástríður is your pup? The answer should be very (it means beautiful)!
AudbjorgA name given to preserve prosperity
BirnaBirna is a popular girl’s name in Iceland and means “bear”. Perfect for a big or small teddy bear pup!
BirtaMeans bright and vibrant – great for a colorful and energetic dog like the Australian Shepherd
BjörkYou might not think it from the famous singer, but Björk actually means “birch tree”!
DagnyAn Old Norse name used for boys and girls and means new day
EddaHow many puppies has your dog had? This could be a perfect one if she’s a great-grandmother!
EirPronounced ‘ey’ this is a great name for cheeky pups. “Ey, Eir – get out the garbage!”
ElfaYou might be able to guess this one… perfect for Christmas pooches
FreyjaQuite literally means “lady” and is the goddess of love. Perfect for an elegant Afghan Hound
FridaMeaning beloved, this is a great name for your furry best friend
GroaMeans “to grow” – perfect for your tiny canine companion
GuðrúnAn Old Norse name to mean “God's secret lore”
HeidrunThis translates to mean “bright secret”. In mythology, it’s a name given to a goat that ate from the tree of life to produce mead! 
HelgaOne for any fans of the series Vikings. Helga literally means “blessed” which, in the series, she definitely wasn’t!
HildurDerived from Old Norse to mean “battle”
HrefnaIcelandic name for raven – a great choice for a black Norwegian Elk Hound
Ingibjorg“Ing” means God of fertility so Ingibjorg means “with help of the god of fertility”. Not exactly catchy in English, but definitely cute!
IngunnLoved by Froy (Old Norse word for lady)
JennýPronounced more “Yenny”, this means fair one – perfect for a beige colored dog
JóhannaOriginally means “God is gracious”
KatlaA pretty name, right? It means helmet
KolbrunIt’s a law in Iceland that all Schnauzers must be called Kolbrun. It literally translates as “black eyebrows”
KristínMeaning “bright” and “noble”, it's the perfect name for a regal pooch
LaraComes from the Latin name for “protection” – a great choice for any guard dog!
LiljaThe Icelandic name for a popular flower
LjotThe Icelandic origin means light
MaejaSimilar to the common name Maria, this beautiful name means splendid
MargrjetAn alternative to Margaret, this word means pearl!
NjálaThis is one of our favorites and means champion – perfect for any winning pooch
OlgaIt might not be the most common dog day, but Olga actually means holy
PálaMeaning small, Pála is a wonderful choice for any toy breed
RagnaNot to be confused with the beautiful Ragnar from the series Vikings, Ragna actually means “advice” or “council”
RakelWho knew after all these years Rachel meant “ewe”. The perfect dog name for a herding pup
RunaAnother beautiful name for a female pooch meaning “hidden”
RutMaybe not the cutest name for a dog but Rut is actually the Icelandic for Ruth
SagaThis is a great one when it comes to names for dogs. It means “seeing one” and is ideal for any alert pups!
SalkaBeautiful name and Icelandic for Sarah
SifNorse for “bride”
SigríðurSigríður means “peaceful champion” and is really giving us Greyhound vibes
SigrúnSigrún was a valkyrie of Norse mythology and literally means “victory rune”
SvanaHow beautiful is that name for your pet? It means “like a swan”, so great for white dogs!
TheodoraIs your pooch a gift from the gods? Then Theodora is the perfect name!
ThordisNot quite as catchy as Thor, but it actually means “Thor’s Goddess” – which is a pretty cool name for any dog
UnnurMeaning “grant love to someone” we think this is perfect (even if it’s not that attractive) for any adoring pup who loves to cuddle
ValdisWhilst a pretty name, it actually means “goddess of the dead”, so you might want to rethink that one
VigdisThis, however, means “war goddess” and is an amazing choice for bold and courageous dogs
YlfaPronounced a little more like “Ilva”, this is the perfect (and beautiful) choice for all wolf-like dogs

Male Icelandic Dog Names

Of course, Thor is amongst them. But there are some other amazing male names inspired by famous Icelandic gods and figures throughout time. Some of them have really interesting translations!

ÁkiÁki the Akita, right?
ÁrmannThe word for “messenger”
ÁrniWhat a great name for boy dogs! Árni means “eagle” – perfect for any hunting dogs
Baldur“Prince” is already quite a common name for pups, so why not switch it up for the Icelandic word?
BirgirMeans “helper”, “savior”, or “protector”
BirkirThere are a couple of trees on this list and this one means “birch”
BjarniWe already know what the female word for “bear” is, and this is the male! 
BjarturPronounced more “Pjartur”, this is a common Icelandic dog name meaning “bright”
BjörnWe’re guessing there are a lot of bears in Iceland! This is another one
DagurNorse word for “day”
DaníelDaniel in English, means “God is my judge” – who knew!
EinarMeans “battle” or “one leader”
ElíasElías is a popular boy’s name from “Elijah” in Hebrew
FreyrWhen it comes to Norse gods, Freyr is kind of a big deal!
FriðrikMeans “peace-keeper”
GuðmundurUnlikely to be the number one for dog names in America but it does mean “under God's protection”
HåkonLooking for a name for your first pup? Meaning “firstborn son”, this could be a good choice!
HaraldurA strong name for a strong dog. Haraldur means “heroic leader”!
HelgiHow cute would that be for an adorable Poodle mix? It means “blessed” – which you would be to have such a beautiful dog!
HjaltiMaybe not the easiest to say, it means “man from Hjaltland”
IngvarMeans “God's warrior”
IsakDo you have a comedy pup that loves attention? Meaning “laughter”, Isak could be a great choice (it’s also one of the easier ones to pronounce)!
JakobWhat doesn’t your pup help you with? Jakob means “support”, and is the ideal name for all those caring pups!
JóhannMeans “God is merciful”
JökullMany people think of glaciers when it comes to Iceland, so what better Icelandic name to call your snowy dogs!
Jón“God is gracious” (there are a couple more religious ones coming up…)
Kristján1) Follower of Christ
Kristofer2) Bearing Christ
Larus3) Crowned with laurel
Leifur4) Heir
Ludvik/LúðvíkFamous warrior (we like Ludvik the Labrador)
Magnús“The greatest” – what good boy doesn’t deserve to be called Magnús?
Matthias5) Gift of God
Njáll“Neil” Son of Thorgeir, the lawspeaker
ÓlafurWho doesn’t love a talking snowman?
ÖlvirAn alternative to Oliver meaning “protection”
OskarLooking for a strong name for your pup? Oskar means “spear of the Gods”
PállA cute name for your furry friend, but you’ll actually be calling them “skin of parchment”. Which is a little odd
PéturWhy do dogs catch rocks in the river? If yours does, you might want to call them the Icelandic name for rock!
RagnarAnother one for any Vikings fans. Meaning “judgment”, we’ve judged and he beats Jon from Game of Thrones any day
RúnarRúnar the Rottweiler?
SigurðurA common name in Iceland meaning “guardian of victory”
SnorriA very cute name for a Pug, but let’s hope they don’t mistake their name for a command. Snorri means “attack”!
StefánMeans “crown” or “wreath” in Icelandic
SteinnThe Icelandic word for “cliff” or “rock”
TomasThey say dogs look like their owners. Is your pup your “twin”? Tomas could be a good name!
TryggviNot the easiest word to call your doggo, but it does mean “trustworthy” and who can’t depend on their pooch?
ÚlfurAnother great one if you’ve got a Husky or a wolf-like pup
VíðirIcelandic word for “willow tree”
ÞórrThe God Thor (for those Chris Hemsworth lovers). We can definitely imagine Thor as the name for a Golden Retriever

Icelandic Dog Names Inspired by Cities and Places

waterfall iceland

Iceland is full of stunning natural parks and incredible views. What better name to call your pooch than a name inspired by a waterfall, lake, or city?

AkureyriNorthern capital and close to the Eyjafjörður Fjord
AsbyrgiA large glacial canyon and forest in the north of the country
DettifossTrue, people might think you’re calling out “dental floss” in the park, but Dettifoss is actually the second most powerful waterfall in Europe!
DynjandiPronounced “din-yan-dee”, it’s another waterfall
FjaðrárgljúfurAre you really going to attempt to call your pup this?
GlymurAnother waterfall for a water-loving doggo
GodafossWhat a great name for a pup! And it’s another waterfall
GrjótagjáAgain, maybe not one you’ll attempt to call but google it. It’s a stunning hot spring cave
GullfossAnother waterfall…
HáifossAnd another
HeimaeyThis is the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago and a perfect name for a beautiful and wild pup
HornstrandirA natural reserve full of wildflowers (when it’s not under ice)
HúsavíkA beautiful, and colorful small town on the north coast
JökulsárlónIf you’re looking for ice this is the name for you. It’s an incredible lagoon full of icebergs
KópavogurThe 2nd largest city in the country
MyvatnA volcanic lake in northern Iceland and the country’s capital of the Northern Lights!
RauðasandurBeaches might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Iceland but there are many beautiful ones! Perfect for doggos that like sandy paws
ReykjanesNo, not the capital. A large and beautiful peninsula in Iceland
ReykjavíkThis is the capital
ReynisfjaraAgain, maybe a bit of a mouthful but this is a great name for black dogs as it’s a black beach in the south of the country
SeljalandsfossAnother waterfall
SkaftafellA beautiful national park full of glaciers, waterfalls, and impressive rock formations
SkógafossWe like this for a Saluki
SnæfellsnesA peninsula in the west of Iceland with dramatic landscapes and stunning views
SogA personal favorite. Sog the dog
ThingvellirA national park in Iceland. Just don’t shorten your dog’s name to “thing”
VatnajokullAnother national park but this is actually the largest ice cap in the country!
VikVik usually means a bay (and yes, it is part of the word Viking because they lived in bays). It’s also a specific village in the south of Iceland
WestfjordsA big peninsula full of untouched nature and amazing cliffs

Icelandic Dog Names Inspired by Colors

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from your pooch’s coat color and a different language. True, there aren’t that many purple dogs – but it’s just such a great word!


Cool Words in Icelandic

ice iceland

Because why not!

BjórNot to be confused with Bjórn, that’s “bear”. This is Bjór, which means “beer”
DögunIcelandic word for “dawn”
EldiMeaning “fire”, it’s a great name for fiery pups such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback or the Irish Setter 
FjallFjall means “mountain” and is such a good name for a St Bernard (or a pup that looks like a St Bernard)!
HiminnSky is a popular name for pups, so why not go for the Icelandic version?
HundurThere are some owners that just call their dog “dog”. You could also go for the Icelandic word…
Ís“Ice”. A good name if you’re looking for a real name inspired by the land of Ice
NóttThis is the perfect name for a jet-black pup (or a puppy that likes to stay up all night)!
SnjórAnother personal favorite – it just rolls off the tongue and means “snow”!
VatnVatn means “water”, so a great name for dogs that love jumping in and out of small and large puddles!
SólIdeal for any sunny colored doggos (like the Golden Retriever and Labrador)
TunglIsn’t that a great name for the moon? Tungl the Terrier has a certain ring to it!

Things You Should Consider Before Giving Your Dog an Icelandic Name

As you can tell from Fjólublár, Tryggvi, and Snæfellsnes, Icelandic pronunciation can be a little tricky. You need to remember that you’ll be saying the name many times a day, calling it in the street, and talking about your dog with your friends. So, it needs to be something you can say well (and it will help if they can too).

You can also think about your pup’s personality and even their breed. Are they a water-loving dog breed? Then maybe one of the (many) waterfalls? Or what about if they’re a protective guard dog? Then maybe a warrior or god name? There are so many to choose from!

The most important thing, however, is that you like the name and it suits your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did The Vikings Name Their Dogs?

Historians can’t be 100% sure what Vikings actually called their dogs, but they do know they kept them as pets. In all likelihood, they had dogs for protection, hunting, and traveling.

The Icelandic word for dog is hundur, and it’s quite possible that some dogs were simply called this. Other ideas are Geri and Freki who are God Odin’s two loyal pets. In many Icelandic sagas, it even says that dogs accompanied their Viking warrior owners to Valhalla!

What Dogs Are Native to Iceland?

More like ‘dog’ because there’s only one – the Icelandic Sheepdog. These charming small to medium-sized dogs are friendly, loyal, and dedicated to their job. They were certainly born to herd sheep.

Icelandic Sheepdogs are considered to be spitz-dogs and their thick fur is recognized in 10 colors by the AKC. They often have the iconic spitz tail, pointy ears, bushy coat, and fox-like face.

These dogs get on well with humans and like to have canine friends to play with. They don’t like being left alone for long periods and need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They’ll love it if you give them a job to do and will enjoy doggy classes too.

And there you are! More than 160 Icelandic dog names for you to call your beloved pet. Which one can you imagine calling your pooch?

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