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harry potter dog names

Dogs are magical creatures that unfortunately do not receive letters from Hogwarts. However, nothing prevents you from giving your dog a name inspired by the Harry Potter universe!

Spells, characters from the saga, puns, objects, plants; discover more than 150 Harry Potter dog names in this article!

Dogs in the Harry Potter universe

CrupA type of dog that looks a lot like a Jack Russell Terrier
FangRubeus Hagrid's huge dog
FluffyThe huge three-headed dog in the first book
GrimA black and spectral dog that was an omen of death
PadfootOne of Sirius Black's nicknames (especially when he's a black dog)
RipperMarjorie Dursley's bulldog
SnufflesOne of Sirius Black's nicknames (especially when he's a black dog)

Male dog names inspired by Harry Potter

AberforthAberforth Dumbledore was Albus' brother
AlbusAs Albus Dumbledore
ArgusAs Argus Filch, Hogwarts' caretaker
BartyBartemius Crouch Jr, one of Voldemort's death eaters
CormacAs Cormac McLaggen, a student that loved Hermione
CrouchInspired by the Crouch family
DiggoryAs Cedric Diggory
DobbyMalfoy's family elf and Harry Potter's friend
DracoHarry Potter's enemy
DudleyHarry Potter's cousin
DumbledoreAs the Dumbledore family
FenrirFenrir Greyback was a werewolf known for his savagery
FredRon's brother
FudgeAs Cornelius Fudge, one of the Ministers of Magic
GeorgeRon's brother
GilderoyFamous wizard and first Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts of the saga
GrindelwaldOne of the most powerful and darkest wizards in history
HagridHalf-giant wizard and Harry Potter's friend
HarryThe Boy who Lived, The Chosen One, Underisable No. 1. You know him!
HoraceAs Horace Slughorn, potions master and head of Slytherin
JamesAs James Potter, Harry Potter's father
KingsleyAs Kingsley Shacklebolt, a powerful wizard that belonged to the Order of the Phoenix
KreacherBlack family's grumpy elf
KrumBulgarian wizard player of the Bulgarian national Quidditch team and Hermione's first love story
LongbottomAs the Longbottom family
LuciusThe name of Draco Malfoy's father
MoodyAlastor “Mad-Eye” Moody's surname
Mad-EyeNickname of Harry Potter's professor in the fourth film with a slightly crazy eye
NevilleHarry Potter's clumsy friend
OllivanderAs Mr.Ollivander, from the wand shop in Diagon Alley
PettigrewSurname of Peter, former friend of James Potter and follower of Voldemort
PotterWho doesn't know this last name?
ProngsJames Potter's nickname
RemusName of Lupin, James Potter's friend and Harry's teacher in the third film
RiddleVoldemort's last name (his full name is Tom Riddle)
RonHarry Potter's best friend
RufusAs Rufus Scrimgeour, one of the Ministers of Magic
SalazarAs Salazar Slytherin, one of Hogwart's founders
SeamusSeamus Finnigan is one of Harry Potter's friends
SeverusSnape's name, the potions professor and Harry's enemy
SiriusJames Potter's friend and Harry's godfather, also known as “prisoner of Azkaban”
SlughornHorace Slughorn's last name
SnapeSeverus Snape's last name
TrevorNeville's toad
VoldemortYou-Know-Who it is…
YaxleyCorban Yaxley was one of Voldermort's Death Eater

Dog names inspired by females from the Harry Potter saga

ArabellaAs Arabella Figg, the squib living in front of Harry Potter's house
ArianaAriana Dumbledore is Albus' sister
BellatrixAs Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the most dangerous of Voldemort's followers
ChoAs Cho Chang, a witch from Ravenclaw and Harry Potter's first lover
DoloresAs Dolores Umbridge, the cruel professor from the fifth book
FleurAs Fleur Delacour, a French witch that competes in the Triwizard Tournament
GinnyAs Ginny Weasley, Ron's sister
HelgaAs Helga Hufflepuff, one of Hogwart's founders
HermioneOne of the best witches of her generation and Harry Potter's best friend
LetaLeta Lestrange is a witch from the Lestrange family. She appears in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies.
LunaAs Luna Lovegood, a witch from Ravenclaw and Harry Potter's friend
Minerva McGonagallA Hogwart's Teacher and member of the Order of the Phoenix
MollyAs Molly Weasley, the mother of the family
NaginiYou-Know-Who's snake
NarcissaAs Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother
NymphadoraAs Nymphadora Tonks, a Metamorphmagus witch
PetuniaHarry Potter's aunt
Rita SkeeterThe mean journalist
SybilAs Sybil Trelawney, Hogwart's professor of Divination

The best Harry Potter puns for a dog name

Hairy Pawter

Spell names … Confundog!

AccioUsed to bring objects towards you
AguamentiProduces water from your wand
AlohomoraUsed to unlock doors and objects
AscendioLifts you high into the air
AvadaFirst word of the deadliest spell in the Harry Potter's universe
ConfundoUsed to confuse the victim
DeprimoCreates a hole in the ground
DepulsoSends the target away from you
DiffindoCuts objects
Expecto PatronumSummons your patronus, a white animal that helps defends you from Dementors
ExpelliarmusDisarms the target
ImmobulusFreezes and immobilises the target
ImperioAllows the caster to control the victim. It's one of the “Unforgivable Curses”.
IncendioSets fire
KedavraSecond word of the deadliest spell in the Harry Potter's universe
LumosLights your wand
NoxCounter-spell of Lumos
OrbisThe target is sucked into the ground
ProtegoCreates and invisible shield
SectumsempraHurts the target as if a sword slashes them
StupefyStuns the target

Dog names inspired by magical creatures and other Harry Potter living beings

AnimagusWizard or witch who can transform into an animal
BasiliskThe giant serpent
BoggartThe non-existent creature that becomes your worst fear
BuckbeakA male hippogriff saved by Harry Potter and his friends
CentaurMagical creature with a human intelligence living in Hogwart's woods
CrookshanksHermione's cat
DementorAzkaban's guardians
DoxySmall magical creatures that look like little fairies
ElfMagical beings with pointy ears that must obey their master
ErrolAn owl that belonged to the Weasley family
FawkesAlbus Dumbledore's phoenix
GoblinVery smart magical creatures that controlled the Gringotts Wizarding Bank
GrindylowWater creature living in lakes
HedwigeHarry Potter's best friend!
HippogriffMagical beast with legs and wings
MuggleThey aren't really creatures, but they aren't really wizards. They're just normal humans, like us.
NorbertRubeus Hagrid's small dragon. She was a female.
OwlBirds used in postal services and as pets
PatronusEnergy force used to protect the caster against Dementors
PhoenixLarge red and gold magical bird
RonanA centaur that lives in the Forbidden Forest
SquibThey aren't creatures, but they are people born without any magic in a wizarding family
WitherwingsAnother name for Buckbeak

Name your dog like a Hogwarts House!

GryffindorHogwarts House for courageous, brave, and daring people
HufflepuffHogwarts House for hard-working, patient and fair people
RavenclawHogwarts House for wise, smart and creative people
SlytherinHogwarts House for proud, ambitious, and resourceful people

Plant names from this magical universe

Devil's SnareA plant that strangles anything that surrounds it
DittanyMagical plant used to heal and make potions
GillyweedA plant used by Harry Potter during the Triwizard Tournament to breathe underwater
MandrakesPlants that cry very loud
Whomping WillowThe huge tree in Hogwarts

Names of places from the Harry Potter universe

BeauxbatonsA wizarding school located in France
DartmoorPlace in southern England where the Quidditch World Cup was held
Diagon AlleyAlley in London where all the wizarding shopping is made
GodricAs “Godric's Hollow”, the village where Dumbledore's and Harry Potter's families lived
HogsmeadeThe wizarding town close to Hogwarts
HogwartsThe very famous wizarding school
NurmengardAs Nurmengard Castle, a prison built by Grindelwald

Objects from the Harry Potter universe

BludgerA black ball used in Quidditch games
HorcruxAn object where a fragment of soul is hidden
MarauderAs the Marauder's map and the Marauders, the name of James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Petter Pettigrew's group
NimbusAs the famous broomsticks
PhilosopherAs the philosopher's stone, a legendary object that makes you immortal
PortkeyA magical object that brings anyone to a location when touched
QuaffleOne of the balls used in Quidditch games
SnitchThe Golden Snitch, as small ball that ends a Quidditch game when caught
Time-TurnerMagical device used for time travel
WandAn object used to cast spells

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