200+ Energetic Dog Names For Your Pup With The Zoomies!

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Energetic dogs are so much fun – if you can keep up with them, that is! There is no better feeling in the world than going for a run with your pup by your side or playing a lively game of fetch at the dog park.

Energetic dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from the pint-sized Jack Russell Terrier to the massive working snow dogs like the Alaskan Malamute. So if you are an active human and are looking for a lively buddy to join you on all your adventurous pursuits, there are a number of great energetic dog breeds to choose from.

Once you have your pooch picked out, all that remains is to choose the best dog name for him or her. And that’s where we come in with the ultimate list of dog names to suit the dynamic personality of your new best friend.

So grab yourself a red bull and prepare your wings to fly through all the best energetic dog names we could find.

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😍 Cute Energetic Dog Names For Your Active Pup

Cute dog names are always our favorite lists to compile – just look at these adorable names for your energetic dog. We love the dog name “Rascal” for a male and we adore “Lindy Hop” for a bouncy little girl. 

Boogie Woogiea playful and fun dance for couples done in a medium to fast tempo
Boomerboom is the sound of something exploding – an explosion is usually the result of a reaction that causes energy to be released very fast
Bouncyfor a pup with an unstoppable spirit
Bright Lightthe perfect name for a pup with an upbeat personality that cannot be dimmed
Bubbleswhen you boil something you heat it quickly and the substance often bubbles
Chaosdogs with lots of energy often cause much trouble in your life
Chipper“Chip” for short – someone who is chipper is extra happy
Dashif you dash off somewhere it means you go in a rush or you are in a hurry
Friskya frisky pup is full of energy
Havocdogs with lots of energy often cause much trouble in your life
Jitterbugan energetic and playful style of dance
Joyjoy is greater than happiness – it is utter elation and excitement
Lindy Hopan energetic and fun style of dance
Moxierefers to someone with a force of character
Peppymeans lively and high-spirited
Perky Pantsa perky person has seemingly endless amounts of positive energy
Rascala troublemaker thats extra cute – causing trouble requires energy
Rocketa rocket blasts off into space with high energy acceleration
Rushif the pup in your life likes to dash about then “Rush” or “Rusher” is a great name
Scootera scooter allows you to move faster than walking and it's a classic dog's name
Speedya cute name for a fast dog
Spiritone who has a spirited nature is often animated and lively
Yahoothe sound you make when you are super excited
Yippeethe sound you make when you are super excited

😁 Funny Names For Energetic Dogs

If you have a playful personality and humorous side that you would like reflected in your dog name, then this is the place to be. We love the energetic dog names “Zoomer” and “Whizzy”, especially for a pair of crazy dogs.

Ammoshort for ammunition which is another word for bullet
Bashthe kind of boisterous party where anything goes – think dancing on tables, drinking games and spontaneous karaoke
Briomeans enthusiatic vigor
Bulleta bullet is fired out of a gun at great speed
Ceethe speed of light is universally represented by the letter ‘c' – “Cece” is a great name for girl dogs
Chithe energy that flows through all living things – “Chi Chi” is a sweet name for female dogs
Daredevilfor the pup in your life that loves a good adventure
Dartto move from one place to another quickly
Dynamoan extremely energetic person
Ecstasyan overwhelming feeling of extreme happiness – a good name for a pup with joyful exuberance
Electroreally fast music
Gangbusterif someone comes on like gangbusters they behave very energetically
Jeta jet moves very fast
Jiffymeans quick as a flash – doing something instantaneously
Jollya jolly person has a bubbly personality
Nitroa name associated with having an explosive personality
Rageran epic party with lots of people that of course gets crazy
Ripto move forcefully and rapidly
Shindigthe word for a party that is wild and crazy
Skippyhaving an upbeat rhythm
Spunkysomeone with a spunky personality usually has a high energy spirit and is courageous and determined
Toddfor toddler – if you know, you know!
Trancereally fast music
Triggerpulling a trigger causes a bullet to shoot out of the gun at speed
Whizzywhiz is the sound fast things make as they shoot off
Zippydescribes a pup who zips about
ZoomerZoom is the sound fast things make

🍽️ Energetic Dog Names Inspired by Food and Drinks For Your Furry Friend

Whether you are a health nut who loves eating foods that add vigor, or you’re a bit less healthy and take your energy fix in a can of Red Bull, there is a great name here for your dog. Our top pick is “Rockstar” – it is perfect for the furry legend in your life.

Avocadothey contain healthy fats and so are a good source of energy
Berryberries are superfoods that increase energy levels naturally
Cayennea hot and spicy pepper – spicy food can release endorphins and dopamine and simulate a runners high
Chiagives a natural energy boost
Cinnamoncinnamon gives you a burst of energy
Coffeeis full of caffeine which hypes you up
Espressoa concentrate form of coffee served in small potent shots that give you a sudden burst of energy
Javacoffee that comes from the island of Java
JitterCoffee is also known as jitter juice because too much caffeine can give you the shakes
Joltan energy drink
Macfor macadamia nuts – a great energy source
Mochaa blend of cappucino and hot chocolate
Monsteran energy drink – Monster Energy
NanaBananas are a great source of energy
OatyOats are a high energy food – “Otis” is a good name to consider for a pup
Peppermintpeppermint tea is effective at giving you a boost when you feel sluggish
Red Bullan energy drink that gives you wings
Rockstaran energy drink
Spicyspicy food (for example, a hot pepper) contains capsaicin which is a stimulant – eating spicy foods releases endorphins and dopamine which creates euphoria similar to a “runners high”
Sweet Spudfor sweet potatoes, a high energy food
Turboan energy drink

🎥 Energetic Dog Names For Your Puppy Inspired by Movies, TV Shows and Books

Pop culture is a popular dog naming trend that we really love. There are characters to suit every dog breed and personality and accordingly, there are a lots dog names for your energetic dog to be found in these popular shows.

We love the male dog names “Buzz” and “Tigger” and if you have female energetic dog, we think “Dory” is perfect.

AlvinAlvin and the Chipmunks
Bam BamBam Bam Rubble from the Flintstones was known for wreaking havoc
Beep BeepRoad Runner from Looney Tunes always said “Beep Beep” as he ran off
BillyThe Thundermans – he has super speed powers
BuzzBuzz Lightyear from Toy Story
Cat BoyPJ Masks – he has super Cat Boy speed
ChasePaw Patrol
DasherThe Christmas Chronicles
DizzyBob the Builder – she's very energetic
DonaldDonald Duck has energetic tantrums
DoryFinding Nemo – she's a very excitable character
DustyPlanes – he becomes the racing champion
FlashThe Flash
GenieAladdin – the genie is very energetic zooming all over the place
GonzalesSpeedy Gonzales from Looney Tunes
Lightning McQueenCars
MinionMinions – theyre really energetic little beings
QuicksilverMarvel Comics – he moves at superhuman speeds
RowdyRowdy was the stuffed dog on scrubs – to be rowdy is to be noisy and riotous – this requires energy
Scrappy DooScooby Doo – Scrappy Doo was small and highly energetic
SebastianShadowhunters – his demon blood gave him super speed
SimonAlvin and the Chipmunks
SpencerThomas and Friends – Spencer is a bullet train who moves very fast
SpongebobSpongebob Squarepants
TheodoreAlvin and the Chipmunks
ThomasThomas and Friends – he wants to be a really useful engine and so is always dashing off to help which usually leads to trouble
TiggerWinnie the Pooh – he has super hyper bouncy energy
TimonThe Lion King – he's known for his energetic dance moves

🐰 Name Your Energetic Dogs After Other Speedy Animals

As animal lovers we have to say we adore the trend of naming your dog after other creatures in the Animal Kingdom. There are some fabulous dog names on this list in honor of all the fast and speedy critters out there but our very best dog name is “Delphi” for a water-loving pooch.

Cheetahthe fastest land animal – if you have ever watched a cheetah hunt, you will know that it moves quickly
Delphithe Delphinus Delphis (common dolphin) is the fastest marine mammal
Falconthe peregrine falcon moves quickly and is the fastest bird and the fastest member of the animal kingdom – it has the ability to reach speeds of more than 300 km/hour (186 miles/hour)
Gazellecan run for hundreds of meters at speeds of around 80 kph
GibbonGibbons are really quick and agile apes
Greythe grey Fox is very fast
Honeybeefast little bee's
Hummingbirdthe hummingbird beats its wings 10 to 15 times per second
Hunterthe hunting dog breeds are the ones with the highest energy levels
Jackthe jackrabbit is the ultimat speedster bunny
Larkthere's a saying “happy as a lark” which means you are extremely joyful
Lionwatching a lion hunt in the wild is a rush of excitement because they pounce on their prey very fast
Makothe Shortfin Mako Shark is the fastest shark
Mambathe black mamba is the fastest-moving snake in the world
Marlinone of the fastest fish on Earth is the Black Marlin
Mauthe Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat – often refered to as the feline Greyhound
Prongsthe Pronghorn (American antelope) is the fastest long-distance runner of the animal kingdom
Russellthe Jack Russell Terrier is a really fast runner
Siberan ideal name for a Siberian Husky – an extremely energetic working dog breed that needs lots of play to be stimulated enough
Squirrelreally energetic animals
Tigerthe Australian Tiger Beetle is the fastest running insect in the world

🌷 Energetic Dog Names For Your Pup Inspired by Extremely Energetic Things in Nature

Nature is full of energetic phenomena that provide excellent inspiration for dog names. We love the female dog names “Sunny” and “Nova” and our top pick for a boy dog is “Derecho”.

Blazea blaze is a very big fire that burns fiercely
Cascadethe water cascades over the edge of a waterfall
Derechoa widespread and long lived wind storm
Galea very strong wind
Gushersynonym for a geyser which shoots hot water and steam into the air when it heats up
Gusta sudden strong rush of wind
Infernoa wild fire that is dangerously out of control
Lavathe substance that bursts out of a volcano that has erupted
Mercurythe fastest moving planet in our solar system
Monsoona wind pattern that causes drenching summer rains
Novarefers to exploding stars – the energy released from such an event is epic
RapidRapids are fast-flowing water
Rockyrock climbing is an energetic adventure, not for the faint hearted!
Stara high mass star burns hotter and brighter because they produce more energy – they are often a blue white color or even a pale violet
Stormany type of storm (wind, snow or rain) is usually a hectic weather event
Sunnythe sun produces energy through nuclear fusion
Tornadoa type of wind storm
Torrenta torrential downpour is a sudden intense rainstorm – “Torre” is a good name for an energetic dog
Tsunamia giant fast-moving wave that causes destruction
Twistera wind storm

🗼 Energetic Dog Names in Other Languages For Your Puppy That Can’t Stand Still

There are some amazing dog names in other languages that are perfect for a lively and energetic pup. We adore the name “Idris” and really think “Chorro” is perfect for a Spanish Greyhound.

AllegraItalian name meaning “lively”
Arizan Arabic name that means “active” or “energetic”
Bellatrixa Latin name meaning “female warrior” – warriors need plenty energy to go off into battle – also one of the most hated characters in the Harry Potter series
ChorroSpanish for jet – great name for a Spanish dog breed
FelicidadSpanish for happiness – it's a good name for very happy female dogs
FenhuaChinese name that means “youthful” or “energetic”
Genkia Japanese name meaning “energy” or “spirit”
Idrisa Welsh name that means “enthusuastic Lord”
Joie de VivreFrench term for exuberant enjoyment of life – “Joie” is a cute name for girl dogs
KaliIn Africa this name means “energetic” although the meaning differs in other places
KeilahIrish name meaning “lively”
PocahontasNative American name meaning “playful one” or “ill-behaved child” – this implies a child/dog with energy
Sparkean Old Norse name meaning “energetic”

🧚‍♀️ Energetic Dog Names Based on Super Speedy Mythological Beings For Your Puppy

Who doesn’t love a good mythological legend? These stories are often packed with drama, intrigue and action (not to mention the inappropriate love triangles). We think “Loki” is the best dog name for an active and mischievous puppy, although it is gaining in popularity in recent years. If you prefer something less obvious, how about “Raijin” for the Japanese God of thunder, lightning and storms – a sure conversation starter at the dog park. 

Achillesa warrior who possessed strength and speed
Archangelmove at superhuman speeds – appearing and disappearing faster than the blink of an eye
Atlantathe Greek Goddess of running
Bansheeaccording to myths a banshee glides quicker than feet can walk
Fairyfairies move quickly and with very little effort
HermesMessenger God and therefore fast
HermodHermod the Swift was a Norse messenger God
IdatenJapanese God known for his great speed
IrisMessenger God and therefore fast
Jormungandra massive serpent that can move at superhuman speeds
Lokithe God of Mischief – mischievous people are often full of energy
Mermaidmermaids glide aerodynamically through the water and could probably move as fast as a dolphin
NikeGreek Goddess of victory strength and speed
RaijinJapanese God of thunder, lightning and storms – all great forces of nature
SavitrHindu God of motion
SleipnirOdin's horse that was said to be the fastest of them all – a mighty horse with 8 legs that moves so fast he appears to slide on the wind
TempestasRoman Goddess of storms and sudden weather
Thunderbirdcreates thunder and lightning by flashing its eyes
VampireVampires are often depicted as having incredible speed

🏈 Sporty Names For Your Energetic Pup

If your puppy has the super energetic stamina of a sports star and can’t stand in one place for a minute, then you might want to consider one of these awesome sporty names. There is no better name than “Shakey Jakey” for a dog – totes adorbs and utterly fitting!

Ballyregan Bobthe greatest greyhound racing dog of all time holding the record for the most wins
CalebCaleb Dressel – the fastest recorded swimmer
ConnorConnor McDavid – record holder for the fastest ice hockey skating speed
Ferrarione of the fastest F1 cars
FlorenceFlorence Griffith Joyner – fastest woman runner
IndyIndy Car Racing has some of the highest top speeds recorded
JohnJohn Isner – holds the record for the fastest serve in tennis
KatieKatie Ledecky – fastest female swimmer
KyleKyle Berkshire – hit the fastest golf drive ever recorded
PhilPhil Williams – the fastest KO in boxing history – took 10 seconds
Ping Pongsometimes it's hard to keep track of the ball the players move so fast
Racerfor racing cars
SennaAyrton Senna – fastest formula one driver
Shakey Jakeythe fastest greyhound ever recorded – he's from Australia
Skaterspeed skaters move very quickly during a race
Sprintersprinting is the fastest running you can do
SuzanneSuzanne Schulting – fastest female speed skate
UsainUsain Bolt – fastest human in history
ValentinoValentino Rossi – record holder for the most race fastest laps recorded
Winning Brewthe fastest racehorse of all time

🎮 Energetic Dog Names For Your Pup Inspired by Fast Video Game Characters

Superspeed is one of the most desirable traits in a video game character allowing you to zip through levels and dodge obstacles quick as a flash. There are some great names here from all sorts of games, but we have to say as cliche as it is, “Sonic” would be the name we choose for our new dog.

Captain FalconF-Zero franchise
ColeCole MacGrath – Infamous franchise
FaithMirror's Edge
KitanaMortal Kombat
MarioSuper Mario
MilesMiles Morales – Spider Man
OctaneApex Legends
Sam GideonVanquish
SamusSamus Aran – Metroid
ScoutTeam Fortress 2
SonicSonic the Hedgehog
VegaStreet Fighter

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed racing through these fast and furious names with us. Let us know which dog name you chose in the comments below.

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