330+ Alcohol Dog Names for your “Sotally Tober” Pup

alcoholic drink

It’s time to PUP PUP BOOGIE! (We can’t be the only fan of Paw Patrol here)

Calling all pub crawlers, ravers and party animals – It's time to get your groove on and party the next hour away as you read through all our unique ideas for alcohol inspired dog names (hopefully you won’t relive any epic hangovers!)

We have rounded up all the best drinks from around the world and divided them up into popular categories for your reading pleasure. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, scotch lover or crazy shot drinking legend, there is a little something here for every personality.

So grab your favorite cocktail, blast your best party tunes and dance around your living room as you join us on the most epic tour of all things alcohol – if you’re really brave, you could turn this into a lively drinking game with your friends and family.

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🍻 Beer Inspired Dog Names for Your Pet


Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages and is enjoyed by many people. Whether you’re a fan of craft beer or pilsner, dark beer or light, you’re sure to find some awesome beer dog names here. Of course, we think “Bud” is the best dog name for your new best bud, but if you have a regal lady in your life, we think “Nevada” is the perfect name. Which of these beer names are your favorite?

Amstelpilsner style lager
Becksa pilsner beer
Blue MoonBelgian style wheat ale
Bocka strong dark German lager
Bombera classic English ale
BrooklynBrooklyn Lager
Budweiser“Buddy” or “Bud” for short
ChouffeA Belgian beer
Coronaa Mexican beer
Fosteran Australian beer
Heinekena lager style of beer (has a stronger taste)
KonaKona Big Wave Golden Ale
Lord HoboLord Hobo Boomsauce
Magnummade by Budweiser and also refers to an oversized bottle of beer
MillerThey make a number of beer products
ModeloMexican beer
NevadaSierra Nevada Pale Ale
PabstPabst Blue Ribbon
Samuel Adamsa full flavor beer
ShinerShiner Bock
SierraSierra Nevada Pale Ale
SnowChinese beer
StellaStella Artois
Voodoo RangerNew Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

🍷 Wine Names for Dogs


Wine always conjures up fantasies of picturesque French or Italian vineyards, sipping your beverage under a warm setting sun with someone special beside you – doesn’t that sound like heaven? So if you’re looking for inspiration for wine names for dogs, look no further, you’re sure to find the right name on our list.

We love the name “Champers” because who doesn’t love a bottle of bubbly and the best part is that it suits both female and male dogs. “Cristal” and “Josh” are more gender specific wine names for dogs if thats what you prefer.

Baroloa red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes
BollingerA French Champagne House
Bordeauxfamous red wine from France
BrunelloItalian wine – “Brunello” for a girl and “Bruno” for a boy
CabernetCabernet Sauvignon – “Cabby” for short
CavaSpanish sparkling wine
Champfor Champagne 
Champersfor Champagne 
Chardonnaythe world's most popular white wine
Claretan unofficial way to describe Bordeaux red wine
Cristalexpensive champagne
FranziaFranzia is from California
Grigiofor Pinot Grigio
JoshJosh Cellars is a distinguished wine 
KershawRichard Kershaw Wines
Krugan expensive French champagne
MargauxChâteau Margaux is a famous French wine
Merlotred wine
Nebbioloa full bodied red wine
Noirfor Pinot Noir
Pommerya well respected champagne producer
Riojathe majority of Rioja wine is red, but can also be white or pink
Roséa very popular wine
RuinartRuinart is the oldest brand of champagne
Shiraza full bodied red wine
StellarStellar Shiraz is a South African wine
Yellow Tailan Australian wine

🍸 Name Your Puppy After Popular Cocktails

bloody mary

If you like to shake things up then this is the list of alcohol dog names for you. We love the sound of the name “Mai Tai” for a Caribbean Potcake Dog – because we all dream of sipping colorful drinks with umbrellas whilst lying on a tropical beach with our four legged friend. If you’re looking for more traditional dog names, then you probably don’t want to call your dog “Fuzzy Navel” – that’s definitely a name for more adventurous dog owners!

Appletinian apple martini – vodka, apple schnapps and lemon juice
Aqua Velvagin, vodka, blue curacao, and lemon/lime soda
Army & Navygreat for a pair of pups – this is a classic gin cocktail
Bijougin, chartreuse and vermouth
Bloody Maryor just Mary for short – made with vodka, tomato juice and spices
Bramblegin, lemon juice, syrup, and blackberry liqueur over crushed ice
Daiquiria true daiquiri is made with white rum, lime juice and syrup
Dark ‘n Stormydark rum, ginger ale and citrus – great for a pair of dark colored dogs
Fuzzy Navelpeach schnapps and orange juice
Gimletgin, lime juice and sweetener
Gin Fizzgin, lemon, sugar, egg and soda
Godfatherscotch whisky and amaretto
Hanky Pankygin, sweet vermouth and fernet-branca
Harvey Wallbangervodka, galliano and orange juice
Mai TaiThe Mai Tai is made with rum, orange liqueur, lime juice and orgeat (almond syrup)
Martinigin and vermouth garnished with an olive or a lemon twist
Maverickvodka, triple sec, amaretto, herbal liqueur and pineapple juice
Mimosasparkling wine and orange juice
Mojitowhite rum, lime juice, cane sugar, soda and mint
Negronigin, campari and vermouth
Palomatequila and grapefruit soda
Pimmsa Pimm's Cup is made with Pimms and lemonade and various garnishes
Pina Coladawhite rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice
Pink LadyA gin based cocktail
Shirley TempleA non-alcoholic cocktail made famous by the iconic child actress Shirley Temple – the drink was made for her so she could feel fancy when out to dinner with her parents and Hollywood people who were all drinking cocktails
SunriseFor the tequila sunrise, a cocktail made with tequila, grenadine and orange juice
Tom Collinsa gin based cocktail with lemon juice, syrup and club soda
Zombielime, lemon and pineapple juices with 3 types of rum, bitters, brown sugar and passion fruit syrup

🥃 Alcohol Dog Names Inspired by Scotch Whisky For Your New Dog

scotch whisky

Whisky (without the ‘e’) is actually Scotch, because it's only made in Scotland. Whiskey (with the ‘e’) can be made anywhere (although if it’s made in the US it’s often called bourbon) – Yes, liquor can be confusing but whether you’re aware of the subtle geographical nuances or not, you are sure to know that Scotch is a favorite drink enjoyed by many. There are some really great ideas here if whisky is your tipple of choice. We think “Angel” is the right name for a girl dog with a sweet personality and if you have a mischievous boy in your life, then “Scallywag” is the perfect name.

AngelAngel's Nectar single malt 
BaxterBaxter's blended scotch whisky
ChivasChivas Regal
Crabbiesingle malt scotch whisky
DawsonDawson's blended scotch whisky
Glenfiddich“Glen” for short
HarveyHarvey's blended scotch whisky
Hazelburnsingle malt scotch whisky – “Hazel” for short
JohnnieJohnnie Walker
King Williamblended scotch whisky
Loganblended scotch whisky
Macduffsingle malt scotch whisky
Mackintoshblended malt scotch whisky
Noble Rebelblended malt scotch whisky
Queen Anneblended scotch whisky
RegalChivas Regal
Scallywagblended malt scotch whisky
Smokey Joeblended malt scotch whisky
StewartStewart's blended scotch whisky
Taliskerscotch whisky
WalkerJohnnie Walker

😎 Whiskey Dog Names for Your Fun Four Legged Friend

bourbon whiskey

If you’re a whiskey drinker that prefers a more worldwide reach, then here are some cool ideas to help you find the right name for your dog. We think “Jim Beam” is a super distinguished name and would suit a Border Terrier pup. If you’re looking for something a little different to call out at the dog park, how about “Whistler”? Which of these whiskey dog names do you like best?

BallyhooBallyhoo Irish Whiskey
BeamJim Beam
BuffaloBuffalo Trace
DanielJack Daniels
DingleDingle Irish Whiskey
EganEgan's Irish Whiskey
JackJack Daniels
JamesonJameson Whiskey
Jane DoeJane Doe Irish Whiskey
JimJim Beam
McConnell's“Mac” for short
PaddyPaddy Irish Whiskey
SilkieSilkie Irish Whiskey
SlaneSlane Irish Whiskey
WhistlerWhistler Irish Whiskey

🧊 The Ultimate List of Liquor Names to Suit Every Dog’s Personality 

Liquor forms the base of every mixed drink but it comes in a variety of forms. Liquor essentially refers to the hard spirits like tequila, vodka, brandy and the like and is generally mixed with soda or juice. There are some fun liquor dog names here to honor your drink of choice. We adore the alcohol inspired name “Tito” for a big breed dog or how about “Clever Fox ” for a Shibu Inu?

If you’re a bit more hardcore, then there are a number of tequila inspired alcohol dog names here to choose from – you would certainly be a proud mom or dad calling out for “Don Julio” at the dog park.

AdmiralOld Admiral Brandy
CaptainCaptain Morgan Rum
Clever FoxClever Fox Rum
CuervoJose Cuervo Tequila
Don JulioTequila
GordonGordon's Gin
Grey GooseVodka
HavanaHavana Club is a Cuban rum
JoseJose Cuervo Tequila
KrakenKraken Black Spiced Rum
Malibua type of rum – you could call your pup “Malibu Barbie”
MorganCaptain Morgan Rum
Old TomOld Tom Gin (“Tommy” for a pup and “Old Tom” when he grows up)
OlmecaOlmeca Tequila
RémyRémy Martin is a French cognac
RokuRoku Gin
Sailor JerrySailor Jerry Spiced Rum
SkyySkyy vodka
The Green Goddessanother name for absinthe
TitoTito's Handmade Vodka

🥂 Fun Alcohol Dog Names Inspired by Liqueurs For Your New Dog

amaretto drink

If you’re looking for alcohol inspired names, but want something a bit quirkier than your run of the mill beer names, then how about looking to some of these delicious liqueurs for inspiration? “Jager” is the perfect name for any dog and we just adore “Bailey” – in a glass over ice, or covered in fur! Which of these alcohol dog names will inspire your next party?

Amarettonut flavored liqueur
Amarulacream liqueur
BaileyBaileys cream liqueur
Camparidark red liqueur
Frangeliconut flavored liqueur – “Fran” for short
Jagermeistera digestif liqueur – “Jager” is an awesome dogs name
Kahluaa coffee liqueur
Nachtmusika chocolate liqueur
SambucaItalian liqueur
Umeshufruit liqueur

🎉 Name Your Party Puppy After Your Favorite Shots

Move over beer names, it’s time to shake things up – nothing gets the party started quite like a few shots! And we have to say if originality is your thing, shots have some of the best drink names around – we would adore a pooch named “Bazooka Joe” and “Nite Crawler” is the right name for the dog who won’t let you get any sleep.

Baby Guinnesscoffee liqueur layered with Bailey's on top
Bazooka JoeBaileys cream liqueur, banana liqueur and blue curacao
Chuck Norrischerry vodka, grenadine, red bull and hot sauce
Dirty Rascalamaretto and lime cordial
Fireballwhite rum, cinnamon schnapps, cinnamon whisky and tabasco sauce
GingersnapRumChata, vodka, ice and cinnamon to garnish
Gummy Bearcherry vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and lemon-lime soda
Hot Lipstequila rose, peach schnapps, grenadine and lemon-lime soda
Hot ShotBrother's Cinnamon Hot Shots – a fiery shot with a cinnamon aftertaste
Jager Bomba tot of Jagermeister in a glass of Red Bull
Jellofor jello shots
Jolly RancherAmaretto, Melon Liqueur, Grenadine and sprite
KamikazeVodka, Triple Sec and Lime
Mad DogVodka, raspberry syrup and hot sauce
Melon Ballvodka, melon liqueur and pineapple juice
Nite Crawleramaretto, lime, tang sourz and a sour worm sweet
Rumple Minzea peppermint schnapps tot
SoCosome people enjoy Southern Comfort as a neat shot
SpringbokCreme de Menthe with Amarula layered on top
The Green Fairywhen you light the absinthe on fire (this is the opposite of the good idea fairy!)
Tootsie Rollchocolate vodka, amaretto and chocolate syrup

🍺 Alcohol Dog Names Inspired by Mixed Drinks Like Alcopops, Coolers, and Ciders

Pre-mixed drinks take all the fuss out of a party (especially when you’re trying to pour after a few too many). Just pop the top and guzzle it down and don’t forget to dance on the table! There is truly no better alcohol inspired name than “Wee Beastie” – hilarious, original and probably highly suited to a mischief making pooch.

AceAce Cider
Arbor Mistblends wine with delicious fruit flavors
Bartles & Jaymesfor a pair of dogs – after the popular wine coolers
Black Flyvodka based pre-mixed coolers
BreezerBacardi Breezer
Cicifor the California Cooler – an iconic brand
HunterHunter's Dry/Gold
IceSmirnoff Ice
Kopparberga delicious multi-flavored cider
MikeMike's Hard Lemonade
SavannaSouth Africa's most popular cider
SpinSmirnoff Spin – “Spinner” is a great dog name
ThatcherThatcher's Cider
Wee Beastiea vodka based alcopop
WestonWestons Cider

😁 Funny Alcohol Inspired Names for Your Party Bud

If liquor names, beer dog names and alcohol names for dogs are not your thing, but you still want to celebrate your party personality, then these funny names are just for you. There are so many cool names here, it’s hard to pick just one, but we love the name “Moonshine” and all the illicit trouble it encompasses.

Amberthe color of many alcoholic drinks
Barbieanother word for a hangover
Blottomeans very drunk
Bongfor beer bong
Boozeanother word for alcohol – “Boozer” is a cool dog name
Brewskislang for beer
Bubbleschampagne is a popular bubbly drink
Buzzyou get a buzz when you drink
Chasera mild drink consumed after a shot of hard liquor
Chuggerwhen you chug an alcoholic drink (to swallow a drink without stopping)
Corkyfor the cork in wine bottles
Gogglesafter a lot of drinking you might get beer goggles, which means you see everything in a positive way
Hoochrefers to an alcoholic drink, especially illict or inferior whisky – also an alcoholic lemon brew from the 90's
Hopshelps to keep beer fresher for longer
Jiggera tool for measuring and pouring alcohol
Kega beer keg
Merryyou often get merry when you drink alcohol
Mixersomething you dilute hard spirits with to make them more palatable
Moonshineillegal homemade high-proof liquor – distributing it is called bootlegging as its often sold without a license
Nattyslang abbreviation for “natural” – often used when refering to natural light beer
Popyou pop the top off a bottle of champagne
Puncha mixture of several juices and alcohols in a big bowl – “Punchy” is a cool dog name
Shooteranother word for a tot of alcohol
Shotguna way to drink a beer very quickly. You punch a hole in the bottom, put your mouth over it and then pull the tab open
Tipplerefers to an alcoholic beverage especially one that is consumed regularly
Tipsyslightly drunk
Toastyou often make a toast before drinking
Totanother word for a shot of alcohol

🎥 Dog Name Ideas Inspired by Signature Movie Drinks

The movies are a great place to look for alcohol names for dogs. The most iconic movie drink ever would have to be the James Bond Vesper Martini, shaken, not stirred! There are also a number of lesser known signature drinks in movies that make awesome dog names. Being huge fans of Sex and the City, we would name our pooch “Cosmo”.

AbsintheMoulin Rouge
ButterButterBeer from Harry Potter
ChiantiSilence of the Lambs
CosmoCosmopolitan is the drink of choice in Sex and the City
FireFire Whiskey from Harry Potter
FrenchThe French 75 from Casablanca
GibsonThe Gibson Martini from The Queen's Gambit
GlenGlen McKenna from How I met Your Mother
Julepthe Mint Julep from The Great Gatsby
ManhattanSome like it Hot
MargaritaPractical Magic – “Marg” or “Rita” for short
MaryBloody Mary from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
McKennaGlen McKenna from How I met Your Mother
Red Eyefrom Tom Cruise's Cocktail
RumThe Pirates of the Caribbean – “Rumbo” is a nice play on words for a dog name
Russianthe White Russian from the Big Lebowski
ScrewdriverJackie Brown – “Screwie” is a fun dog name
SidecarBonfire of the Vanities
VermouthGroundhog Day – sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist (every day)
VesperVesper Martini is James Bond's signature drink
WhipOrange Whip from The Blues Brothers

🌍 Alcohol Names for Dogs Derived from National Drinks Around the World

It’s a dog’s life jetting from destination to destination, but someone has to do it. We would love to taste all these delicious sounding national drinks from around the globe. Our top picks are “Caesar” for a boy and “Mama Juana” for a girl. What’s your favorite alcohol inspired name from this list?

AkvavitDenmark – its distilled from grain or potatoes and flavored with various herbs
AquavitSweden – its a spirit distilled from grain or potatoes – “Aqua” is a great dog name
BourbonAmerica's national spirit since 1964
BrennivinIceland – made from fermented potato mash and flavored with caraway seeds
CaesarCanada – its made of vodka, clam juice, tomato juice, spices and worcestershire sauce
Dawathe Dawa cocktail comes from Kenya – its made with vodka, honey, lime, sugar and ice
HorilkaUkraine – a spirit usually distilled from wheat or rye
Jeneverthe national spirit of the Netherlands – its juniper flavored liquor
LotokoThe Congo – it's home distilled alcohol (basically moonshine)
Mama JuanaDominican Republic – it is a native spiced rum
OuzoGreece – its an anise flavored aperitif
Pastissimilar to Absinthe, Pastis is the national drink of France along with Champagne and Cognac
Piscothe Pisco Sour Cocktail comes from Chile – its a tangy treat made from grape brandy
RakiAlbania – an anise flavored liqueur made from fermented grapes or plums
Rakijaa fruit brandy from Croatia
RigaRiga Black Balsam comes from Latvia
SherrySpanish Sherry Wine is from Spain
SwizzleRum Swizzle is the national drink of Bermuda – made from rum, fruit juice and grenadine

🥂 Ways to Say “Cheers” In Foreign Languages That Also Make Great Dog Names

Alcohol dog names don’t just have to refer to drinks, but the customs undertaken when out with friends. Here are all the ways people say “Cheers” in other countries. We think the Maori say it best with “Kia Ora” – what a fab dog’s name. We also adore the name “Kia” after the Maori traditional cheers of Kia Ora.

Chok DeeThai
Cin CinItalian – pronounced “chin chin”
Gon BuiCantonese
Kia OraMaori
Maisha MarefuSwahili
SkålSwedish and Danish
Sto LatPolish

🍹 Unique Names for Dogs Inspired by Animal Cocktails

If you’re looking for animal inspired alcohol dog names, then here is a great selection of really funny ideas. We think “Caribou Lou” is a really cute name for a Tibetan Mastiff and “Monkey” is always a great name for a dog.

Bee's Kneesa prohibition-era classic made from gin, honey and lemon juice
Brave Bulla cocktail made with 2 parts of tequila and one part kahlua coffee liqueur
Caribou Lourum and pineapple cocktail
Colorado Bulldogmade with vodka, kahlua, cream and cola
Flying Goosevodka, pineapple juice and melon liqueur
Grasshoppermade with creme de menthe, creme de cacao and cream
Green Iguanaa cocktail made from tequila, lime juice, syrup and midori (a melon liqueur)
Greyhoundvodka or gin and grapefruit juice over ice
Jessica Rabbitmade from tequila, cointreau, carrot juice, lime juice, orange juice, cilantro syrup, and sliced jalapenos
Jungle Birdthe Jungle Bird cocktail is made with campari, rum and pineapple juice
Lion's Tailbourbon, pimento dram, citrus bitters and syrup
Monkeythe Monkey Gland is a fruity cocktail with a slight liquorice flavor
Moscow Mulea popular vodka cocktail made with gingerbeer, citrus and a base spirit (usually vodka)
Pink Poodlemade with vanilla vodka, lemon-lime soda and a splash of grenadine
Pink Squirrelthis cocktail is made with creme de noyaux, creme de cacao, and heavy cream
Rattlesnakethe rattlesnake cocktail is made with whiskey, absinthe, lemon juice, syrup, one egg white and bitters – its claimed this drink will either cure a rattlesnake bite, kill a rattlesnake or make you see rattlesnakes
Salty Dogmade with gin or vodka, grapefruit juice and a salted rim of the glass
Snakebitebeer cocktail made with equal parts lager and apple cider
The Falconmade from vodka, pomegranate liqueur, lime juice, agave syrup and ginger beer
White Dragonmade from tequila, cointreau, lemon juice and egg white

🍾 Alcohol Dog Names Inspired by Celebrity Liquor Brands For Your New Dog

Alcohol is big money business and some of the most famous celebrities have their own alcohol brands or they endorse them. Here are our top picks of alcohol inspired names for dogs from some of our favorite celebrities. Sorry boys, it’s “Delola” and “Betty” for the win here.

AviationAviation Gin by Ryan Reynolds – “Avi” for short
BettyBetty Booze by Blake Lively
BlackenedBlackened American Whiskey by Metallica – “Blacky” for short
Bransona luxury spirits brand owned by 50 Cent
BrotherBrother's Bond Bourbon by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
Cali19 Crimes Cali by Snoop is a wine brand
CîrocP. Diddy is the face of this Diageo owned brand
CrystalCrystal Head Vodka by Dan Aykroyd
DelolaJ-Lo's cocktail brand
HaigHaig Club – Single grain Scotch Whisky partnered with David Beckham
HeavenHeaven's Door Whiskey by Bob Dylan
King St.King St. Vodka by Kate Hudson
KylieKylie Minogue Prosecco
MeiliMeili Vodka by Jason Momoa
MiravelChâteau Miravel Rosé by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
PoguesThe Pogues Whiskey from the Irish band The Pogues
RenaisRenais Gin by Emma Watson and her brother Alex
SauzaSauza 901 tequila by Justin Timberlake
SelvaReySelvaRey Rum by Bruno Mars
TeremanaTeremana Tequila by The Rock
VirginiaDrake is a collaborator behind the luxury whiskey brand Virginia Black

🥳 Top Names for Dogs Inspired by Popular Bars & Clubs

We would love to play the ultimate game of pub golf hopping around all these clubs and pubs. These are the best partying and drinking destinations in some of the most incredible countries. We love the names “Coa” and “Copper”, but the quirky side of us would really like a dog named “Papaya”.

AquariusAquarius is in Croatia
ArgoArgo is in Hong Kong
AttaboyAttaboy is in New York
BerghainBerghain is in Berlin
BootshausBootshaus is in Germany – “Boots” is a great dog name
CoaCoa is in Hong Kong
CopperCopper Face Jacks is in Dublin
DanteDante is in New York
EpicEpic Club is in Czech Republic
GalaxyGalaxy Bar is in Dubai
HimkokHimkok is in Oslo
Katanathe Katana Kitten is in New York
KumikoKumiko is in Chicago
LarocLaroc Club is in Brazil
OmniaOmnia is in Las Vegas
PachaPacha is in Ibiza
PapayaPapaya Club is in Croatia
SammyMaybe Sammy is in Sydney
SirenaSirena is in Brazil
SwiftSwift is in London
TempleTemple Bar is in Dublin
YaltaYalta is in Bulgaria
ZoukZouk is in Singapore
ZumaZuma is in Dubai

Last Thoughts

Liquor names for dogs can be really entertaining, but as with drinking, naming your dog should be undertaken responsibly – remember your dog will have this name for life and you will need to introduce him or her by the name you choose forever.

Having said this, there are some truly awesome alcohol names for dogs on this list that any dog would be proud to sport. So have fun giving your pooch one of these liquor dog names and let us know which name you picked in the comments below.

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