250+ Surfer Dog Names for Beach Loving Pups

dog in front of waves on a beach

If you are a dog owner who wants to turn their new puppy into a surf dog, then you are in the right place. We have compiled the ultimate list of all the best surf dog names we could find so you could choose the perfect beach dog name for your sunshine lovin’ puppy.

👧 Female Dog Names Inspired by Famous Surfers

Your girl surf dog would be a legend with any of the dog names on this list. All these female surfers will forever be in the annals of surfing history due to their incredible surfing talents. We love the idea of a surf dog called “Beachley” but if you are looking for something a little less “punny”, how about “Malia” – a truly beautiful name for a lady dog’s personality.

BeachleyLayne Beachley
BethanyBethany Hamilton
CaitlynCaitlyn Simmers
CarissaCarissa Moore
CarolineCaroline Marks
CourtneyCourtney Conlogue
GilmoreStepanie Gilmore – famous surfer
JohanneJohanne Defay
KealaKeala Kennelly
KeelyKeely Andrew
LakeyLakey Peterson
LauraLaura Enever
LayneLayne Beachley
LisaLisa Anderson
LucyLucy Campbell
MaliaMalia Manuel
MargoMargo Oberg
MayaMaya Gabeira
MollyMolly Picklum
NikkiNikki van Dijk
PaigePaige Alms
RellRell Sunn
SallySally Fitzgibbons
SilvanaSilvana Lima
StephanieStepanie Gilmore – famous surfer
TatianaTatiana Weston-Webb
TiarahTiarah Blanco
TylerTyler Wright
WendyWendy Botha
ZambaFrieda Zamba

👦 Male Dog Names Inspired by Famous Surfers

There are so many famous male surfers to inspire some great surf dog names – many of these guys are well-known the world over even by people who don’t follow surfing as a sport. Kelly Slater is a legend and is considered the greatest male surfer of all time, so naming your surf dog after him would require no explanations. We also adore the name “Griffin” for a Portuguese Water Dog.

AndyAndy Irons
AsherAsher Pacey
DaneDane Reynolds
Docafter Doc Paskowitz – a pioneer of modern surf culture
DoraMiki Dora
DukeDuke Paoa Kahanamoku – the father of modern surfing credited with making surfing famous
EthanEthan Ewing
FilipeFilipe Toledo
GabrielGabriel Medina
GerryGerry Lopez
GriffinGriffin Colapinto
HamiltonLaird Hamilton
JackJack Robinson
JoaoJoao Chianca
JoelJoel Parkinson
John JohnJohn John Florence
JordyJordy Smith
KellyKelly Slater – famous surfer
MarkMark Richards
MickMick Fanning
MikalaMikala Jones
MikiMiki Dora
NatNat Young
PaceyAsher Pacey
RobRob Machado
ScoobyPedro Scooby
ShaunShaun Tomson
SlaterKelly Slater – famous surfer
SunnySunny Garcia
TomTom Curren
WayneWayne Bartholomew

🐶 Names For Dogs Inspired by Real Life Dogs That Surf

This list shows you that while there are some dog’s who known as “water-loving”, your dog’s breed doesn’t really matter when you are doing something fun with your pup!

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There are so many cute and amazing videos showing each of these dog’s in action, you could lose hours of your day watching them (we certainly did!) It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but once you have seen a Whippet surfing, there’s really no competition – “Beans” is our top surf dog!

Abbie Girlholds the Guiness World Record for longest wave surfed by a dog (she's an Australian Kelpie)
Antonioa Spaniel Mix – has won medals in 4 major surfing competitions
AvaThis dog came 2nd in the large dog category at the World Dog Surfing Championships
Beansis believed to be the only Whippet who surfs
Betsyis an English Bulldog who fights to stay in the water
Bonohis owner and him are the first human dog tandem team to hold the record for the longest stand up paddleboard ride on a river
Carsonis a Terrier who tied for first in the 2023 solo surfing division for small dogs
Charliea surfing Labrador Retriever
Cherieis a French Bulldog who won the 2023 solo surfing division for medium sized dogs
DelilahThis dog tied for first place in the 2023 solo surfing division for small dogs
Derbya Goldendoodle with a bold blue mohawk is a surfing legend and celebrity
Dozeran English Bulldog is a famous dog surfer with 11 awards
Faithis a Pit Bull who won the 2023 solo surfing division for big dogs at the World Dog Surfing Championships
Haolea yellow Labrador that has won several surfing awards
Izaa French Bulldog came 3rd in the medium division at the World Dog Surfing Championships
Kalaniis a really accomplished surfer dog
Konaa German Shepherd mix is often the dog to beat at competitions
Kona Kaiis a Labradoodle who has won a number of surfing awards
Lil Manis an Aussiedoodle who competed in his first surfing competition this year and came in 2nd place
Rangercame 3rd in the large dog category at the World Dog Surfing Championships
Ricochetthe most famous dog surfer (she's a Golden Retriever)
Rosiea surfing Labrador Retriever
RustyRusty the Surfing Min Pin
Samsoncame second in the World Dog Surfing Championship in the small dog category – he's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Sugarshe's a rescue dog who likes to ride a 5 foot shortboard
Teddya surfing Goldendoodle

🏖️ Beach Dog Names Inspired by Famous Surf Spots and Beaches Around the World

There are some out of this world places to go catch waves – if you’ve got the skill. If you’re like us, you’ll be content on a hot beach watching the action from afar so long as you have your loyal beach dog by your side. We love the surf dog names “Maverick” and “Noosa”.

Baliisland famous for surfing
BondiAustralia's most popular surf beach
CliftonClifton Beach in Cape Town is a great surf spot
CopacabanaCopacabana is a famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
DiegoSan Diego has a few great surfing beaches
GlenGlen Beach in Cape Town is for seasoned surfers
GraceGrace Beach is in Turks & Caicos
Hossegorthe favorite beach for surfing in Europe (it's in France)
JeffreyJeffrey's Bay Beach in South Africa is a famous surfing spot – incidentally it is also a place of indescribable beauty where surfers and non-surfers like to spend time
Kirrafamous beach for surfing on the Gold Coast in Australia
La JollaLa Jolla means “the jewel” – advanced surf spot in San Diego
LidoLido beach has reliable surf for most of the year.
Mauione of the most famous islands for surfing
Mavericka famous surfing spot in California known for big waves
MuckrosMuckros Bay Beach in Donegal is known for it's challenging surf
Noosafamous beach for surfing in Australia
NorthNorth Beach – the beach famous for hosting the Gunston 500
Nosaraone of the world's famous beach spots for surfing
NungwiNungwi beach in Zanzibar has fairly consistent surf conditions. Nungwi beach is a place of indescribable beauty
Oahua favorite beach for surfing in Hawaii (Sunset Beach on the North Shore is a popular big wave surf spot)
Popoyoone of the world's famous surfing beach spots
Rarotongaa famous surfing spot – Aroa Beach is in South Western Rarotonga
Rinconfamous surfing place in Puerto Rico
Tahitiisland famous for surfing
Uluwatuin Bali – a famous surfing beach

😁 Best Surf Dog Names That Are Funny

Surfing gives no shortage of laugh-out-loud options if you’re a dog owner with a sense of humor. If your dog’s personality is a little bit goofy, you should consider “Cowabarka” – sure to have all the surfers at the beach LOL-ing.

We also think “Dreadlock” is a great name for a surf dog that's a Newfie – trying to get sand and salt water out of that coat, you would be better off embracing this Caribbean hairstyle!

Beach Buma beach lover – someone who spends a lot of time loafing around on the beach
Big Kahunanickname of the Father of Surfing Duke Kahanamoku
Blackbearda famous pirate
Blondiesurfer's commonly have blonde hair because the sun's rays bleach their hair – a perfect name for a blonde dog
Chopperwhen the sea is rough (choppy)
Cowabarkaplay on the popular surfing phrase Cowabunga
Cowabunga“Cowabunga Dude” is a yell of exhilaration used by surfers and a really hilarious name for a dog
Dawnthe best time of the day to surf
Dreadlockyour hair gets very matted from sand and salt water when surfing – this is the extreme version
Dudebecause surfers often call each other “Dude”
Finleybecause sharks have fins
Lolain the song by Barry Manilow about Copacabana beach
NaluHawaiian word for waves
Nauticalif it can go into the deep blue water of the sea, it's nautical
Paddleyou have to paddle out to the off shore break to catch a wave
Paddlepupa perfect gender neutral dog name for a Golden Retriever who loves to spend time in the water
Potcakerefers to a mixed breed dog from the Caribbean islands
Puddlesperfect for all breeds of surf dogs
Racerwhen you surf, you're basically racing against the wave trying not to get knocked down
Ricoin the song by Barry Manilow about Copacabana beach
Riderfor riding the waves
Riptidea type of current that pulls you away from the shore
Sailorawesome name for male dogs
Saltyfor the saltwater in the sea
Sea Biscuitfor a dog who loves the sea
Shadesfor the sunglasses some surfing dogs wear
Shakaa traditional Hawaiian greeting common amongst surfers (a fist from which the pinky and thumb are extended)
Splashgreat name for a beach loving pup
Stripesfor the stripes of colored suncream surfers wear under their eyes and across their nose
Surfer Boygreat dog name for male pups
Surfer Girlgreat dog name for female pups
Tannersurfers are known to have funny wetsuit tans
Turtlesurfers paddling on their boards look like turtles if viewed from underneath
Vakasmall shallow boat from Polynesia – similar to a canoe (in the movie Moana, they surfed the waves in one)
Waxerfor surfboard wax
Wipeoutwhen you fall off your board
Zinkathe neon sunscreen brand that was popular in the 90s

🏄‍♀️ Name Your Furry Friend After Surf Brands and Competitions

Wow! Surf brands really know how to choose business names that turn into great surf dog names – you’re spoiled for choice here. “Bear”, “Gunston”, “Hurley”, and “Roxy” are such fun names for your surf dog, but we just adore “Wrecker” – it’s so unusual!

Beara surfboard brand
Billabonga surf brand
Dakinea surf brand
GunstonThe Gunston 500 is a famous surfing competition in South Africa
Hang Tena surf brand
Hurleya surf brand
McTavisha surfboard brand
MokuMoku Surf is a surf shop near Lido beach
NazaréTudor Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge
O'Neilla surf brand
Pyzela surfboard brand
Quicksilvera surf brand
Rip Curla surf brand
Roxya famous surfing brand
ThunderboltSkindog Thunderbolt Ova is a surfboard
Tikia famous surfing brand in the UK
TudorTudor Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge
VansThe company Vans hosts a number of different surfing contests
Voucha surfboard brand
WreckerRed Bull Foam Wreckers competition

😎 Badass Surf Dog Names for Your New Pup

You can’t deny surfing is a badass sport. Looking at tiny people surfing enormous barrels is enough to make the stomach drop out of most of us, but surfers live to ride those waves – some of them even go out surfing in massive storms because of the gigantic waves. We think these badass surf dog names would suit a tough dog breed like a German Shepherd – these dogs are also natural swimmers. We love “Nymph” for a girl and “Sharky” for a boy.

Aquariusthe star sign represented by a water bearer
Atlantasthe lost city of Atlantas that is under the sea
Calypsoan island nymph in Greek mythology
Cycloneusually forms over tropical seas – will result in huge waves but it would be dangerous to try surf them
Hurricanea hurricane makes huge waves but you probably shouldn't try to surf them
Krakena massive sea monster
Neptunethe Roman God of the Sea
Nymphbeautiful women from greek mythology that lived in the ocean
OceanusTitan of the Sea and Water
Piratepirates sail the deep seas looking for treasure
Piscesthe star sign represented by a fish
Poseidonthe Greek God of the sea
Sharkyyou don't want to meet a shark when out surfing
Sirenin Greek and Roman mythology, siren's were dangerous sea creatures who used their beautiful voices and songs to enchant and control sailors
Stormtruly badass surfers will go out in a storm to take advantage of the bigger than normal waves
Tempesta violent storm
Tsunamiyou definitely do NOT want to surf one of these!
Typhoona violent storm that forms out to sea – don't surf in one of these!
Vortexthe proper term for a whirlpool and a good name for a dog
Whirlpoolyou definitely wouldn't want to get caught in a whirlpool on your surfboard

🏄‍♂️ Name Your Furry Friend After Surf Culture Terms and Slang

If you’re after some quirky surf dog names, then this is the list where it’s all going down! We think calling a Chihuahua “Ankle Biter” is hilarious – we know these aren’t typical water dogs but the name is too fitting not to mention. And as always we love the idea of a Poodle called “Noodle” – these dogs were originally bred to be water retrievers and have webbed feet and a water resistant coat that means they do well in the water despite their sophisticated reputation.

Alley Oopan advanced surfing move (a backward aerial rotation inspired by skateboarding)
Ankle Biterwaves to small to surf – great name for a tiny dog
Barneya rookie surfer
Barrela barrel wave creates a hollow when they break – surfing inside a barreling wave is something most surfers want to achieve in their career
Bennya person who is not a local
Bomba massive heavy wave that is bigger than the rest of the waves in a set
Bommiea bombora wave is an off shore break in deep water – its an indigenous Australian term and Bommie is the slang
Chundertotally unsurfable waves
Double Upwhen two large waves combine
Ducka duck dive is a technique for getting under the breaking waves when paddling out
Goofyriding the waves with your right foot forward
Grommeta young surfer (typically under 16)
Guna big wave surfboard
Hodada person who hangs around the beach but does not surf
Jakea surfer who is inadvertently in the way of more experienced surfers
Kookan inexperienced surfer who does not know proper surf etiquette yet
Leecha beach leech is a needy surfer who doesn't bring their own gear and borrows everyone else’s – a perfect name is you have a needy surfer dog
Mackinghuge waves breaking – when its really fun and powerful surf – “Mack” is a great surf dog name
Mushburgera weak and powerless wave – these waves cannot be surfed
Mystowaves breaking on a faraway reef
Noaha shark
Noodleif you have noodle arms, your arms are tired
Nuga good wave
Paddlepusssomeone who plays in the whitewater and is afraid to stray too far from the beach
Quimbya surfer who is a beginner that irritates the other surfers
Quivera surfer's collection of surfboards
Racya fast surfable wave
Ragdollwhen you wipe out and spin and tumble under the water
Rockera curve under the surfboard
Settwo large waves (or more) that come along in a group
Shubiea person who buys surf clothes and a surfboard but does not surf
Thrustera board with 3 fins
Wahinea female surfer

🌴 Tropical Dog Names for Your Beach Loving Pup

If your surfing dog is more of a beach bum, then here is a list of tropical inspired names that keep with the beach theme. We love the name “Flippers” for a Newfoundland – these massive gentle giants have huge webbed paws for paddling about.

Aquafor the tropical blue green water
AroaAroa Beach is famous for it's scenic backdrops – while not a surfing spot, it is part of the Cook Islands which are famous islands for surfing
Azurefor the tropical blue green water
Bluefor the deep blue water of the tropics
Captainfor the Captain of the ship sailing on the sea
Cocofor coconuts on palm trees on the beach
Conchfor the big shells
Coralfor coral reefs
Cruiseryou can go on a seas cruise and you can also cruise around the beach
Dunefor the sandy dunes on beaches
Flippersfor dogs who love to swim
Foamiethe foam on waves
Indigothe deep sea can be this color
KaiHawaiian boy name meaning “ocean” – if you also have a girl dog you could name her Moana (means ocean too)
Kalindathis name means “sun” in Hindi language
Leithe necklace of flowers you get in Hawaii
MokupuniHawaiian word meaning island
Pearla pearl inside a oyster is synonymous with tropical scenic backdrops – finding a pearl inside an oyster is extremely rare
Pebblesthe tiny stones on the beach
Reeffor coral reefs
Sandyfor the sandy beaches
Shellsfor seashells
Skipperanother word for the captain
Solangeone possible meaning of this name is “sun's angel”. This name has various meanings around the world
Summersummer is the best time to go to the beach
YamHebrew word that means “sea”

🎥 Best Surf Dog Names From Movies, TV Shows and Books 

Pop culture never disappoints with it’s vast array of options for surfer dog names. You could go classic with names from popular movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo or you could look at some of the lesser known movies that nevertheless give some great names.

Our top pick is “Gidget” – she’s a legend just like your pooch will grow to be!

Anne Mariefrom the movie Blue Crush
ArielThe Little Mermaid (an aerial maneuver is also a surfing term for when the board leaves the surface of the wave)
Bodhifrom the movie Point Break
Cody Maverickfrom the movie Surf's Up
Crushthe surfing turtle from Finding Nemo (a Disney movie)
Deedlesfrom the movie Meet the Deedles
Edenfrom the movie Blue Crush
FlounderThe Little Mermaid
Frankiefrom the North Shore TV series
Garvey GullDonald Duck Comics
Geekfrom the movie Surf's Up
GidgetGidget was a small female surfer from California. The original surfer girl who rode the waves when it was still excusively a guy sport. Her story has been made into a movie
Jack SparrowPirates of the Caribbean
Jawsfrom the movie Jaws
Johnnyfrom the movie Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Utahfrom the movie Point Break
Lani Aliikaifrom the movie Surf's Up
Mikeyfrom the movie Surf's Up
MoanaMoana means ocean and it's a popular Disney movie
Ottofrom the animated TV series Rocket Power
Pennyfrom the movie Blue Crush
Rocketfrom the animated TV series Rocket Power
ScuttleThe Little Mermaid
Sullyfrom the movie The Shallows
Tankfrom the movie Surf's Up
Tessafrom the North Shore TV Series
The Rhinofrom the animated TV series Rocket Power
Titofrom the animated TV series Rocket Power
Warchildfrom the movie Point Break
WilsonWilson is the volleyball that becomes Tom Hanks' best friend in the movie Castaway
ZumaPaw Patrol – he's the water pup (who is scared of swimming)

Last Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed surfing this list with us and have chosen your favorite surf dog name. Let us know which one you chose in the comments below.

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