110+ Black and White Dog Names (With Meanings!)

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There are so many amazing dog coat colors and combinations. Two of the most popular pup colors are black and white. So of course, black and white dogs are family favorites. They can be mainly one color with tiny patches of the other, striped, spotted… there really are so many to choose from!

When you’ve chosen the right breed for you, you’ll need to start thinking about a possible name. But with so many amazing black and white dog names around, how do you know which is best for your pup?

We’ve put together a list of more than 100 names for you to go through. We’ve described each one so you know exactly what it means and whether that unique name will suit your pooch.

Black and White Dog Names

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How To Choose the Best Name for a Black and White Dog?

Before you choose a name for your dog, you need to make sure you’ve got the best black and white dog breed for your family, experience, and situation.

Once you’ve done that, you can start thinking about a name. For most dog owners, the most important thing is that you like it. You’re going to be saying their name a lot every day (and thinking about it too), so it’s important you really like it.

You also need to consider whether it suits your dog. Think about their breed and whether they like water, hunting, chasing, playing, etc. Your dog’s personality (or their breed standard if you’re getting them as a puppy) can have a positive influence on their name. 

You need to make sure you can pronounce their name as well. This is more important with Italian dog names or another foreign language name, but it still applies to black and white dog  names. You’ll be shouting it a lot in the park – so make sure you can pronounce it!

Male Black and White Dog Names

Some owners like to choose strong male or female names for their black and white dogs. Here are some of our favorites for boy pups!

CharlieA very cute name for almost any adorable doggo!
ChesterFor a regal dog that’s also a little cheeky
DominoPerfect for a black and white puppy!
DroopyJust like the cartoon – amazing for a Basset Hound
FelixA great name for loyal pups that love playing too
MaxAccording to the American Kennel Club, Max is the most popular dog name
MerleWhilst it may be a little obvious, this could be such a great name for a merle dog breed!
MiloAnother wonderful canine name for your furry best friend
SnoopyThe loveable cartoon written by Charles M. Schulz – perfect for a breed with a white body and black ears
TuxedoIdeal for the classic gentlemen of the canine world, the Boston Terrier!

Female Black and White Dog Names

Here are some of the best female black and white dog names for breeds of all sizes and personalities.

BellatrixOne of our favorite Harry Potter dog names, Bellatrix may not be a goody – but she’s certainly iconic!
BootsPerfect if your white dog has little black booties or socks
LunaAnother really popular female dog name (and another favorite character from Harry Potter)
MaggieAn adorable name for little pups
MillieHow great would this be for a Border Collie?
MittensWe love this adorable name for any puppy
PeppaThe most famous Peppa may be pink rather than black and white, but we still love it for your new dog
StarBecause that’s what your dog is, right?
StellaStar again, but with a bit of an Italian twist

Food-Inspired Black and White Dog Names

Black and white food may be an odd choice when it comes to dog name ideas, but there are actually so many great ones to choose from. Some may be quite a surprise!

BeansFor excitable dogs that are full of them!
CakeCombine your favorite food with your favorite fluffy friend
ChipOk, you’d probably send back a chip that was black and white, but it’s still a cute name for your four-legged friend
CookieHow sweet is that?
CupcakeAnother popular food name for dogs. We love this for Cockapoochi!
DonutPerfect for a seriously intelligent black and white breed
FrostingIdeal for all dogs but particularly good for snow dogs like Huskies and Malamutes
MacaronHow can you not love this for a sweet-natured, small pup?
MilkshakeIdeal for a primarily white dog with little black spots (which could be chocolate chips)!
MuffinAn adorable and yummy name
OreoPerfect for dogs with black dots or a primarily black coat with a line of white fur
PepperMaybe for a salt and pepper dog (or those with a bit of ticking)?
SprinklesWe love this for a Spaniel
TrufflesPossibly the cutest name on the list. Did you know that Miniature Poodles are able to search for Truffles?

Cute Black and White Dog Names

If you’d rather stay away from food names for your black and white dog, why not choose a generally cute one? Here are some of our favorites. 

DiceWe would say you should call your pup the singular version of “die”, but that’s not a great name to shout in the park
DominoOne of the most popular black and white dog names
DoodlesWhat a wonderful name for any Poodle mix
GalaxyA strong and cute name for either large or small pups
KeysPerhaps not the most popular name ever, but your dog would certainly be unique!
MoonA great one for black dogs with large white, circular patches
PatchesVery cute. We also love Patch – and it’s a great Disney dog name
PenguinPenguin the dog. We love it!
PianoPossible for a more vocal dog breed?
PuffinPuffins are adorable black and white water birds, so could be a good name for a water retrieving breed
SlateA simple yet strong name for black and white dogs (and gray ones)
SpaceA cute possibility for large breeds
StormyThis is another we love for ticked dogs or merle pups. Black and white dogs look particularly impressive when the colors combine
Yin-YangA cute name for pups with opposite colors

Funny Black and White Dog Names

Many puppy parents love to go for more unique and funny names for their dogs. There are plenty of great black and white ones for you to choose from!

AstronautImagine calling your incredibly cute dog Astronaut?
ChanelFor the fashionista pooch that loves an LBD
ChessPerfect for one of the oldest dog breeds in the world
CoalFor all those naughty boys and girls
CrosswordIt’s certainly unique!
ElvisFor some reason, we love this for a Chinese Crested Dog
MakiSeriously cute name for a tiny breed
MonkA strong name for a quiet and calm pup
Pepé Le PewThe classic cartoon character from the Looney Tunes. He might be a French skunk but we love the name for dogs too!
PirateThe ultimate name for a pup with an eye patch
PlayboyA risky name – but no judgment here!
SmokeIdeal for a Greyhound or another fast dog breed
SoccerFor dogs that love to chase after balls
SushiHow adorable is that for your black and white dog? Even better if they’ve got a bit of orange on them too!
ZorroParticularly good if your dog looks like they have a mask

Animal-Inspired Names for Black and White Dogs

As well as dogs, there are a lot of other animals that are black and white and which make great names. These are some of the most famous ones. 

BadgerOne of the best names for a strong and stocky black and white dog
BunnyFor excitable and very cute, tiny dogs
CowIt’s unusual. But could work for the ideal breed (such as a black Great Dane with white patches)
FlyAnother great name for a fast dog breed
LemurLemur the Labrador – it’s a cute option!
OrcaDefinitely sounds nicer than Killer Whale
PandaIdeal for a black and white Border Collie
RaccoonFor cheeky little dogs that love to get under your feet!
RavenA strong name for anyone looking for a Game of Thrones-inspired dog name
SkunkIf Pepé Le Pew is too much of a mouthful
TapirFor any pups with a pronounced nose
TigerEspecially good for snowy dogs
ZebraIt would certainly stand out if you call your Dalmatian “Zebra”

Black and White Dog Names Inspired by Disney Characters

As well as Patch, there are a lot of other Disney characters that are black and white and have great names.

GoofyThe iconic dog and one of Mickey’s best friends
MaxGoofy’s very cute son (great for a puppy)
MickeyNo explanation needed
MinnieNor for her
PerditaThe mum in 101 Dalmatians and a popular name for the breed
PongoThe dad in 101 Dalmatians

Black and White Names Inspired by Other Languages

Other languages are another great source of inspiration for black and white dog names.

LuaMoon in Portuguese
SaikoroDie in Japanese (again, maybe the plural is better)
ScacchiChess in Italian (pronounced SKÁKI)
Tsuki (月)Moon in Japanese
Yuèliàng (月亮)Moon in Chinese

Black and White Dog Names Inspired by Patterns

As is the case with dog coats, there are lots of beautiful patterns that are usually black and white. 

CheckersAn iconic black and white pattern (and a great game)
ChevronZig zags which give a 3D effect
DotWe love this for a pup with just a single splodge of either black or white on a fully colored coat
FrecklesAdorable for a ticked or very spotty pup, especially if the spots are on their face
GinghamThe famous tablecloth pattern
GrayscaleA totally unusual name, but great for dogs that have a mixed black and white coat that almost looks gray
HarlequinA diamond pattern, and also the name for one of the Great Dane coat colors
HoundstoothHow great is that for a dog name? It’s characterized by a sort of broken checked pattern
MarbleIsn’t that such a cute name for a dog!
MonochromeIn terms of coat color. Not personality, of course
PatchFor a pup with random patches of color
PinstripeA good but unusual choice for a primarily black dog with faint white markings
SpotA classic
StripesA good name for a brindle-coated dog
Zig ZagCould even be a good name for two black and white dogs!

Black and White Pokemon Names

There are so many amazing Pokemon dog names. Many of our favorites are especially good for black and white dogs. For any Pokemon fans, these could all be a really good choice!

BlitzleA very cute, zebra kind of dog with black and white markings 
DuskullA ghost-style Pokemon, as the name would suggest!
GengarAnother ghost and poison-style Pokemon
HoundoomPerhaps the ultimate Pokemon dog name. This dog-like Pokemon also has horns like a ram. Perfect for a strong pup like the Doberman
OnyxThe iconic rock dragon
PanchamThe cutest little panda Pokemon
ReshiramThe mascot for Pokemon black, Reshiram is a beautiful dragon Pokemon
ShelgonAnother super cute Pokemon with a large shell and beautiful yellow eyes
UnownOne of the oddest looking Pokemon
ZekromA black dragon-style Pokemon

Black and White Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for black and white dog names, it’s probably because you have or are looking for a black and white dog breed. You can find 25 black and white breeds here, but these are some of the most famous ones.

Conclusion: Black and White Dog Names

There are so many black and white dog breeds (and we haven’t even covered the mixed breeds)! So it’s a good job that there are so many fantastic black and white dog names to choose from too. Everything from funny ones to classic names. 

We’d love to hear if you choose one of these names for your cute pooch. Let us know which one!

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