+600 Unique Girl Dog Names For The Queen of Your House

female puppy walking in field

There is no greater path to happiness than a girl dog in your life! 

This article celebrates everything girl –  from pop culture to fun cultural references to all the most popular girl’s names across the globe. No more searching for the perfect name for your female dog, because it’s all here in one place for you.

Research shows one of the best ways to get your dog’s attention is to choose a name with hard consonants. Hard consonants are sounds like “D”, “K” and “P”. While this is great advice for ensuring that training your new dog goes smoothly, it does limit you in the names you can choose. Here are some great dog naming tips that allow for a bit more creativity to decide on the best name for your girl dog’s personality.

So snuggle up with your cute fluffy girl and prepare to be inspired on your dog naming journey – hopefully you will find the perfect name that suits your dog’s personality and breed.

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🥰 Popular Girl Dog Names for Your Adorable Female Friend

Here is our comprehensive selection of all the best girl dog names from all over the world. These names are popular for a reason – they are some of the most well-known and loved names for both humans and female dogs. 

“Lola” is one of our favorite girl dog names ever – sweet, sassy and adorable. “Bella” consistently tops the list for both human and furry babies and it’s easy to see why these two names are so loved.

Which of these female dog names do you love best?

Anna (a common Hebrew name)
Ava (a name with Latin origins)
Bella (one of the most popular female dog names and also the main girl character in the Twilight franchise)
Bess (an awesome girl dog’s name)
Camila (a name with Latin origins that is also a common Spanish name)
Dixie (one of the finest girl dog names)
Felicity (name of English origin that means “happiness” – it is derived from the Latin word “felicitas” which means luck or good fortune)
Fifi (an extremely popular girl dog’s name)
Gigi (a fabulous choice for a girl dog’s name)
Giulia (the Italian version of Julia)
Hannah (a Hebrew name)
Hope (Hope is a lovely girl dog name)
Kaia (a popular Hawaiian name)
Leilani (a popular Hawaiian name)
Libby (a great dog name)
Lola (Lola is one of the most popular girl dog names/ Lola Bunny is also a Looney Tunes character)
Lucia (Lucia, an Italian name, is derived from “Lux”, the Latin word for light)
Lucy (Lucy is one of the most popular female dog names)
Lulu (a common girl dog’s name)
Mackenzie (“Kenzie” for short)
Mariam (a popular Arabic girl’s name)
Maya (a common Hebrew name – this is also a common Spanish name)
Molly (a common girl dog’s name)
Naomi (a common Hebrew name)
Nessa (a Hebrew name meaning “wonder” or “miracle”)
Rosie (a common girl dog’s name)
Sadie (a great name for a female dog)
Sasha (one of the most common girl dog names)
Sophie (one of the most common girl dog names)
Stella (a name with Latin origins)
Tess (can use “Tessa” and “Tessie” too)
Valentina (means “strong and healthy” in Latin and in Spanish it means “brave”)
Veronica (in Latin this name means “she who brings victory”)
Zahra (a popular Arabic girl’s name)

😍 Cute Girl Dog Names For Your New Pet

If you are looking for the most adorable cute girl dog names, you are in the right place. All of these names sound amazing so you would need to see which one suits your dog’s personality best. If you had a Bichon for example, “Cuddlebug” or “Huggy Bear” are great female dog names.

We think “Dimples” is the perfect idea for a smiley Golden Retriever. But our best female dog name on this list would have to be “Sugarplum Bum” – just imagine yelling that out at the dog park!

Bambina (Italian for baby – feminine form)
Cotton Tail
Cutie Patootie
Huggy Bear
Hunny Bunny
Lollipup (play on lollipop – also “Lollie” is a nickname for the girls name Lorraine)
Pom Pom
Schnookie (a term of endearment – means someone is cuddly, warm, cute and loveable)
Sugarplum Bum

😁 Funny Female Dog Names For Your New Puppy

You might not ever end up calling your dogs any of these names, but they sure are good inspiration for a  laugh. These are all the very best funny girl dog names we could think of. “Diva” suits most girl dogs and we love the sound of “Wiggles” for a high energy Husky.

However, we think the most perfect name on this list is “Miss Chief” – its one of the most unique female dog names you’ll find and speaks not only to the fact that your cute girl dog will undoubtedly be the chief boss lady, but also the chief “mischief” maker. 

Charm (is your pup your lucky charm?)
Flygirl (a woman who has made a commitment to progress)
Jazzy (or “Jazz” – for the popular music)
Katy Pawry (a funny name if you’re a fan of Katy Perry) 
Minx (a flirtatious and playful woman who often causes trouble)
Miss Chief (“Mischief” – get it?)
Miss Sassypants
Miss Wags
Pup Tart (a funny play on Pop Tarts)
Puppacino (a play on cappuccino – also a starbucks drink for your dog)
Rascal (a mischievous or cheeky person)
Sass Queen
Scallywag (a mischievous person, a rascal)
Toots (calling a woman “Toots” is the same as saying babe or sweetie)
Vera Fang (if you have a designer pooch – Vera Wang is a famous designer)
Yappers (if you have a small yappy puppy)

😎 Cool Girl Dog Names For Your New Family Member

When we think of cool, we automatically think of the German Shepherd breed. Originally a herding dog, this breed has evolved into the go-to choice for police dogs because they are so smart and easy to train.

Their regal stature coupled with determined protectiveness means all of these unique female dog names would be a great choice, but we especially love the dog name “Moxie”.

If you have a pair of dogs like a black Newfoundland and a white Samoyed, then “Ebony” and “Ivory” are the best girl dog names you could ever choose. 

Amoremeans love in Italian
Ariesfor the zodiac sign
Axellethe female variant of Axl – bothe super cool names
BijouFrench word for jewel
Calicoa heavy, plain-woven textile
Chanelafter the fashion company
Coquettea flirtatious woman
Denima type of fabric
Doyennea woman who is prominent in a particular field
Duennarefers to a female guardian
DutchessA member of nobility
Ebonyreally cool for black dogs
Funkyfor funky music
Geminifor the zodiac sign
Glittergirls love glittery things that sparkle
Harleyfor the cool bikes
Havenbecause your pup is your safe haven and you are hers
Hip Hopfor the musical genre
Indigoa deep purple/blue color – “Indy” for short
Ivoryreally cool for white dogs
Karmado good to have good karma in life
Kodaa Native American name that means “friend”
LadyFor a sophisticated personality
Lady Marmaladesong from Moulin Rouge
Lyricafor song lyrics
Maybellinea cool makeup brand
Mercedesfor the car brand
Moxiemeans you have force of character, determination and nerve
Reginarefers to the reigning Queen – of Latin origin
ScarlettA bright red color and awesome girl dog name
Sparklesgirls love sparkly things
Tiffanythe most famous jewellery brand
TroubleMost girls are trouble!
Trueyour pup is a true blessing
Twinklesjewels twinkle in the sunlight
Velveta type of fabric

🦹‍♀️ Girl Dog Names Inspired by Badass Women in History For Your New Pet

Do you have a dog with a sassy personality? A little more bite than bark? Then you want a name that suits your dog’s rebellious nature. We love all of these badass female dog names, but would truly love a girl puppy called “Calamity Jane”.

Are you inspired by any of the exploits of these badass women? Would you name your girl dog after any of them? “Bonnie” of the notorious Bonnie and Clyde would be a great choice.

AgrippinaAgrippina the Younger – one of the most powerful women in Roman history
AnnieAnnie Oakley – American sharpshooter who advocated for women to fight in combat
ArlyneArlyne Brickman – part of New Yorks Italian Mafia
BarkerMa Barker – headed her sons criminal pursuits
BelleBelle Starr – bootlegger and thief
BessieBessie Starkman – prohibition organized crime figure
BonnieBonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde infamy
Calamity Janebadass American cowgirl
DaggerA badass weapon
EttaEtta Place – Butch Cassidy's girlfriend and wife of the Sundance Kid
FrechetteEvelyn “Billie” Frechette – Dillingers girlfriend
GraceGrace O'Malley – Irish pirate Queen
GriseldaGriselda Blanco – Columbian cocaine trafficker
JoanJoan of Arc – one of the most famous female warriors in the world
JulieJulie Lucas – wife of Frank Lucas (American drug lord)
MaggieHell-Cat Maggie – American outlaw
MaiMai Bhago – Sikh warrior
MarieMarie Baker – the pretty pants bandit
NannieNannie Doss – American serial killer
OpalOpal Long – member of the Dillinger gang
PearlPearl Hart – outlaw
QueenieStephanie St. Clair – one of the most formiddable mobsters of the 20th century
RebelA rule breaker
RoseRose Dunn – outlaw
SallySally Scull – on her gravestone it reads “woman rancher, horse trader and champion cusser”
TerrorFor a dog who runs while and causes chaos
Tiny TyrantFor the alpha personality
TomoeTomoe Gozen – an onna-musha (female Japanese warrior)
VeraVera Renczi – Romanian serial killer
VirginiaVirginia Hill – girlfriend of Bugsy Siegal
VixenA flirtatious woman (often a troublemaker)
Zenobiashe was the warrior Queen of Syria

🌷 Cute Female Dog Names Inspired by Nature For the Girl Dog in Your Heart

autumn landscape

Are you searching for a name that honors the nature-loving girl dog in your life? Then look no further than this article for all the inspiration you’ll ever need. Flowers, trees and weather phenomena – it’s all here in this awesome list of girl dog names inspired by all the beauty the great outdoors has to offer. We think “Skye” is the best female dog name on this list, but we also love “Willow”, “Poppy” and “Gemma” for a girl dog.

Ash (short for Ashley – also a tree)
Astro (of the stars)
Aurora (Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights/in Latin, Aurora name means “dawn” – it is also the name of Sleeping Beauty)
Belladonna (a deadly plant)
Calla (a lily variety)
Fleur (French word for flower)
Gem (“Gemma” is a cool dog’s name)
Luna (of the moon – this is Italian, Latin and Spanish name)
Nova (a nova star is a star that burns brightly rapidly before dimming)
Shells (for seashells)
Skye (for the sky – adding an ‘e’ makes it a Scottish name)
Star (if your dog’s personality shines bright like a star)
Sunny (if your dog’s personality is sunny and bright)
Tanzanite (“Tanzy” is a great dog’s name)

🐞 Name Your Furry Friend After Other Adorable Animals


If you are not just a dog lover but a lover of all animals then you might find you’re inspired by this list of unique female dog names. We love the sound of the girl dog name “Baiji” – it’s so unusual!

We also adore the name “Flutter” as a girl dog name, but our favorite name on this list would be “Wagtail” for the quintessential happy dog, the Labrador Retriever.

Angeline (a female wolverine)
Baiji (a freshwater dolphin)
Chirpy (for the sounds birds make)
Doe (a female deer)
Fawn (a baby deer)
Flutter (all wings flutter)
Foxxy (for foxes)
Goldie (for goldfish)
Jenny (a female donkey)
Jill (a female opossum)
Kitty (a cat – also a girls nickname for Kathleen or Katherine)
Magpie (a bird)
Mare (a female horse)
Moo Moo (for cows)
Mother Hen
Puffin (a bird)
Quackers (ducks go quack)
Queen (a she-cat)
Ragamuffin (a breed of cat)
Ragdoll (a breed of cat)
Robin (a bird)
Silkie (a breed of fluffy chicken)
Tawny (for the owl)
Vaquita (a small porpoise)
Wagtail (a bird – also an ironic name for a dog who likes to wag her tail)
Wren (a bird)

🌏 Unique Female Dog Names Inspired by Geography For Your New Dog

Is your girl dog an avid traveller, enjoying to galavant rather than stay at home? Or perhaps you are inspired by your own travel adventures to choose a dog’s name based on your favorite destination?

Whatever your reason, there are some really fun girl dog names on this list to consider.

Our top girl dog names on this list are “Nevada”, and “Erie” and we love “Delta” for an Irish Water Spaniel.

Arizonaa US state
Berlinthe German capital
ChicagoAn urban area in the US
DakotaNorth and South Dakota are US states
Deltaan area of low flat land shaped like a triangle where a river splits and spreads out into several branches before entering the sea
Denalithe highest mountain peak in North America
DeviNanda Devi is the 2nd highest mountain in India
Eriea lake on the border of the US and Canada
Everesta mountain (also a girl paw patrol pup)
Georgiaa country between East Europe and West Asia
Indiaa country
IrelandA European country that's an island
Kameta mountain in India
Londoncapital of England and the United Kingdom
Makaluthe 5th highest mountain in the world
Montanaa US state
Nevadaa US state
ParisFrench city of love
Saharaa desert
Savannahthe Savannah grasslands

🤩 Name Your Girl Dog After Famous Celebrities and Historical Figures

There are so many great celebrities, past and present that provide incredible inspiration for girl dog names. When trying to settle on a name you could choose someone who has inspired you through their music, acting or other creative pursuits. Or you could just simply choose your favorite celebrity and name your girl dog after them.

There are so many amazing women who have shaped our world and so many current trailblazers who are paving the way to a better future for us all – let us know which of these females have inspired you the most.

AdaAda Lovelace – first computer programmer
AmeliaAmelia Earheart – American Aviator
AngelinaAngelina Jolie – actress and human rights activist
ArianaAriana Grande – Singer
AudreyAudrey Hepburn – actress
AvrilAvril Lavigne – Singer
AzzyAzzyland -youtuber
BlakeBlake Lively – Actress
BritneyBritney Spears – Singer
CalistaCalista Flockhart – actress – this name has Greek origins
CatherinePrincess of Wales
ChristinaChristina Aguilera – song writer
ClaudiaClaudia Schiffer – German model
Cleopatralast pharaoh of Egypt
CourtneyCourtney Cox – Actress
CressidaCressida Bonas dated Prince Harry, a British Royal family member – this name also has Greek origins
DemiDemi Moore – actress – this name has Greek origins
DollyDolly Parton – singer
DuaDua Lipa – Singer
ElizabethThe former Queen of England
EmmelineEmmeline Pankhurst – instrumental in getting women the vote in the UK
FlorenceFlorence Nightingale – pioneer of modern nursing
GagaLady Gaga – Singer
HeidiHeidi Klum – German model
JaneJane Austen – author
JenniferJennifer Garner – Actress
KendallKendall Jenner – model
Kubabafirst recorded female ruler in history – Queen of Sumer (now Iraq)
LanaLana Del Rey – singer
LouisaLouisa May Alcott – author of Little Women
MaliaBarack Obama's daughter – Malia is a Hawaiian name
MargaretMargaret Thatcher – Former Prime Minister of the UK
MarilynMarilyn Monroe – Actress
MaryThe Virgin Mary
MichelleMichelle Obama – Former presidents wife
MilaMila Kunis – actress
OliviaOlivia Newton John – actress (this name has Latin origins)
OprahOprah Winfrey – talk show host
ReeseReese Witherspoon – Actress
SaoirseSaoirse Ronan – Irish actress
SelenaSelena Gomez – actress and singer
ShilohShiloh Jolie Pitt – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are her parents
SiennaSienna Miller – actress
TaylorTaylor Swift – Singer
VictoriaVictoria Beckham – Fashion Designer and member of everyone's favorite band from the 90's The Spice Girls

🍩 Cute Female Dog Names Inspired by Food For Your Sweet Pooch

chocolate donut

Girl dog names inspired by food? Well you just know this is going to be a great list! We cannot guarantee that you wont break your diet by succumbing to a horrific bout of cravings so read on with caution!

There are so many fabulous girl dog names that deserve an honorable mention here, so let’s get started.

We love the sweet and adorable name “Honey” – she is sure to sweeten every moment of your day.

“Dumpling” is the cutest name for an English Bulldog, “Marshmallow” could not be more suitable for a Clumber Spaniel and we adore “Pepper” for a girl Dalmatian.

Our favorite funny name for any girl dog breed is “Pickles” – supercute!

Regardless of which of these yummy girl dog names you choose, just make sure saying it multiple times a day doesn’t spiral you into a sugar/feeding frenzy!

Biscuit (one of the most popular dog’s names)
Bon Bon  (a type of sweet)
Brie (cheese)
Brioche (a sweet bread)
Chicklet (chewing gum)
Clementine (a citrus fruit)
Cream Puff
Ginger (one of the most common girl dog names)
Gyro (a Greek food)
Hazel (for the nuts)
Honey (Honey is delicious drizzled over almost anything – YUM!)
Jelly Bean
Kimchi (fermented vegetables)
Nori (the seaweed that wraps sushi)
Pork Chop
Rosemary (a herb)
Saffron (a spice)
Sausage (a popular German food)
Schnitzel (a popular German food)
Tootsie (for the tootsie roll candy)

🍹 Female Dog Names Inspired by Drinks For Your New Family Member

margarita cocktail

We have found all the most exciting girl dog names that will make you raise a glass and make a toast to our brilliance! We love the girl dog names “Mojito” and “Bubbles” and “Mocha”. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a pair of girl dogs, then how about naming them “Tia” and “Maria” – sure to make your friends laugh and it might become your drink of choice on nights out.

Baileyfor Baileys Irish Cream
Brandya hard liquor
Bubblesfor the bubbles in soda and champagne
Champersfor Champagne
Cocoaa hot sweet drink
Fizzyfor fizzy soda drinks
Javacoffee that comes from the island of Java
Margaritaa tequila, triple sec and lime cocktail
Merryyou get quite merry after a few alcoholic beverages
Mochaa blend of cappuccino and hot chocolate
Mojitoa fun cocktail
Palomaa cocktail made with tequila, lime and grapefruit soda
SherryA type of wine
Shirleyfor the Shirley Temple cocktail
Tia MariaTia Maria is a rum based coffee liqueur

🎥 Girl Dog Names Inspired by Movies, TV Shows and Books

Pay homage to your favorite characters in pop culture by choosing one of these awesome girl dog names. Some of the most famous names in modern pop culture are included on this list, the only question is which is your favorite fantasy universe and who are you going to honor when naming your girl dog?

We love the name “Scootaloo” for a zippy little Springer Spaniel. As huge Potterheads, it would be remiss not to mention that there is literally nothing more adorable than a girl  Shar Pei called “Molly Wobbles”. 

AliceAlice in Wonderland
AlineAline Penhallow – minor character in the  Shadowhunters books
ArielThe Little Mermaid
AryaArya Stark – Game of Thrones
BarbieBarbie and Skipper Movie
BayouTiana's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
Betty BoopBetty Boop Cartoons
BibbidyCinderella's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
BlondieRapunzel's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
BuffyBuffy The Vampire Slayer
CarrieSex and the City character
CerseiCersei Lannister – Game of Thrones
CharlotteSex and the City (Princess Charlotte is also the daughter of Wills and Kate and a British royal family member)
Cheer BearThe Care Bears
ClaryClary Fray – main character in the Shadowhunters
CloveHunger Games
Cranky Doodle DonkeyMy Little Pony
DaenerysDaenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones
Daring DoMy Little Pony
DorothyThe Wizard of Oz
DoryFinding Nemo
DreamyAurora's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
EffieEffie Trinket – Hunger Games
ElektraMarvel Comics (also a Greek name that means “shining bright”
ElevenStranger Things
EllariaEllaria Sand – Game of Thrones
ElleElle Woods – Legally Blonde
EsmeEsme Cullen – Twilight Movies
FionaPrincess Fiona – Shrek
FluttershyMy Little Pony
Funshine BearThe Care Bears
GillyGame of Thrones
GinnyGinny Weasley – Harry Potter
GlimmerHunger Games character
Harley QuinnDC Comics
HermioneHermione Granger – Harry Potter
IridessaDisney Fairies character
IrinaIrina Derevko – Alias
JessieToy Story
KatnissKatniss Everdeen
LapisJasmine's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
LaraLara Croft – Tomb Raider
LeiaStar Wars
LyannaLyanna Stark – Game of Thrones
LycheeMulan's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
MaiaCharacter in the Shadowhunters books
MinnieMinnie Mouse
MirandaSex and the City
Miss BiancaThe Rescuers
Miss PiggyThe Muppets
MissandeiGame of Thrones
Molly WobblesMr. Weasley's pet name for Mrs. Weasley – Harry Potter
MonicaMonica Geller – Friends
NalaThe Lion King
NuzzlesAurora's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
NymeriaArya Stark's Dire Wolf in Game of Thrones
PeriwinkleSecret of the Wings – Disney Fairies character
Pinkie PieMy Little Pony
PoppinsMary Poppins
Pygmy PuffHarry Potter
RachelRachel Green – Friends
Rainbow DashMy Little Pony
ReyStar Wars
RosGame of Thrones
RosalieRosalie Cullen – Twilight Movies
RougeBelle's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
RueHunger Games
SamanthaSex and the City
SansaSansa Stark – Game of Thrones
SarabiThe Lion King
ScootalooMy Little Pony
SilvermistDisney Fairies character
SkipperBarbie and Skipper Movie
Snow WhiteSnow White
SnowpawsMulan's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
SophiaPrincess Sophia (this is a popular Spanish name)
StarfireDC Comics
Sweetie BelleMy Little Pony
SydneySydney Bristow – Alias
Tenderheart BearThe Care Bears
Thelma & LouiseThelma & Louise – this is so great for a pair of girl dogs
TianaThe Princess and the Frog
TinkerbellPeter Pan
TreasureAriel's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
Trueheart BearThe Care Bears
TrufflesRapunzel's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
Twilight SparkleMy Little Pony
VidiaDisney Fairies character
VivianVivian Ward – Pretty Woman
WednesdayThe Addams Family
WendyPeter Pan
XenaXena the Warrior Princess
YaraYara Greyjoy – Game of Thrones
YgritteGame of Thrones
ZarinaThe Pirate Fairy

🧜‍♀️ Mythological Inspiration For Naming Your Female Furry Friend

Does your girl dog have that air of mystery and intrigue about her? Then be inspired by these amazing mythological women. From the great and all powerful “Gaia” to the tiny little “Pixie”, we have some great options to choose from here. Our favorite dog name is “Juno” after the Roman Goddess of Love (because that’s exactly what your lady is going to be).

Aoifeshe was a great warrior princess
AphroditeGoddess of Love and Beauty in Greek mythology
AthenaGreek Goddess of War
BellonaRoman Goddess of War
DianaGoddess of the Hunt
Elfa small supernatural being with human form and pointy ears
EosGoddess and personification of the dawn – Greek Mythology
ErisGreek Goddess of chaos
FairyA small winged being
FreyjaNorse Goddess of love and fertility
GaiaMother of all Life
JunoRoman Goddess of love, fertility and marriage – the Roman people considered her as the Queen of the Heavens
Kalia major Hindu Goddess
Mermaidhalf fish half human being
MinervaRoman Goddess of wisdom, justice, law, crafts and medicine
Nessiefor the Scottish legend of the Loch Ness Monster
Nixieshapeshifting water spirits
Nyxthe personification of night in Greek mythology
Phoebea Greek Titan
Phoenixa fire bird
Pixiea small supernatural being with human form and pointy ears
Seeliethe term for fairies in Scottish folklore
SeleneGoddess and personification of the moon in Greek mythology
Selkiehalf fish (seal) half human being (Irish mermaids)

🎾 Sporty Girl Dog Names For Your Energetic Lady Friend

Girl pups can be utter balls of energy just as their male counterparts, so if you have yourself a little furry whirlwind like a Beagle, then you might want to consider a sporty name.

We would love a girl dog called “Billie Jean” or “Flo-Jo”.

AllysonAllyson Felix – track and field
Billie JeanBillie Jean King – tennis
DanicaDanica Patrick – Indy car driver
DaraDara Torres – swimmer
EvgeniaEvgenia Medvedeva – figure skater
Flo-JoFlorence Griffith Joyner – the fastest woman of all time – for all those energetic girl pups
JackieJackie Joyner Kersee – track and field
LindseyLindsey Vonn – alpine skier
MariaMaria Sharapova – tennis (while she comes from Russia, Maria is a very common Spanish name too)
MikaelaMikaela Shiffrin – alpine skier
PaigePaige VanZant – mixed martial artist
RondaRonda Rousey – wrestling
SaniaSania Mirza – tennis
SerenaSerena Williams – tennis
SimoneSimone Biles – gymnastics
WilmaWilma Rudolph – sprinter

🎮 Female Dog Names Inspired by Video Games For Your New Dog

Girl gamers are ultra-cool, don’t you think? And girl characters that kick ass are even cooler! Here are some of the toughest and most exciting video game characters to inspire your naming process. We love the name “Zeena” and we think “Snooty” is perfectly suited to an Afghan Hound.

AlexMinecraft (also Lucy Liu's character in Charlie's Angels)
AstridAnimal Crossing
BerthaAnimal Crossing
CreamSonic the Hedgehog
FeliciaFamily Farm Seaside
IsabelleAnimal Crossing
JuneAnimal Crossing
KassandraAssassin's Creed
KasumiDead or Alive
RayneBlood Rayne
SnootyAnimal Crossing
ToadetteSuper Mario franchise
YunaFinal Fantasy Series
ZeenaSonic the Hedgehog
ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article all about girl dog names and that you have found the most pawfect name for your pretty princess.

Let us know what you decided to call your new family member in the comments below.

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