120+ Smart Dog Names For Your Brainy Pooch

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Dogs are incredibly amazing creatures, but you already knew that, right? Not only are they loyal companions, devoted friends and great snuggle buddies, but they also have an astounding capacity to learn. 

Whether you teach them the basics of “sit” and “stay”, train them up to perform tricks or whether you have an A+ pup who can learn to read and count, we have no doubt that your new dog will amaze you in how well they can understand and communicate back to you.

This list has gathered together all the best smart dog names to honor your furry Einstein. So grab your poochie and settle in to read him or her this great list – we know they will understand it!

♀️ Smart Dog Names For Girl Dogs

Your wise and all-knowing lady friend would suit any one of these awesome girl names that all have meanings related to intelligence. We simply adore the female dog names “Cassidy” and “Tomo”.

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Athenathe Greek Goddess of wisdom
Cassidyan Irish name that means “clever” or “curly-haired”
Fahimaan Arabic name meaning “quick-witted”
Farzanaa Persian name that means “wise; intelligent”
Kynaa Gaelic name that means “intelligent”
Labeebathis Muslim name means “wise and intelligent”
Mindathe Native American meaning of this name is “knowledge and wisdom”
Minervathe Roman Goddess of wisdom and justice
Pearlfor pearls of wisdom
Pragyathis Sanskrit name means “intelligence, wisdom, insight, prowess”
Prijathe Thai meaning of this name is “intelligence”
Sagaan Old Norse Goddess who was associated with prophecy and wisdom
Sanaan Arabic name meaning “brilliant” and “praise”
Seshatthe Egyptian Goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing
Shannonan Irish name that means “wise river”
Sofiaa name of Greek origin that means “wisdom”
Tomoa Japanese name that means “friend; wisdom”
Tomokoa Japanese name that means “intelligent”

♂️ Smart Dog Names For Boy Dogs

Who’s a clever boy? Of course your boy dog is! Then give him one of these great names to highlight his intelligence. Our top picks are “Enki”, “Hugo” and “Zeki”.

Alfredan English name that means “sage” and “wise”
Alvisan Old Norse name meaning “all-knowing”
Bertrandone of the meanings of this French name is “intelligent”
Coeusthe Titan God of the inquisitive mind in Greek mythology
Einsteinuniversally held as one of the cleverest people ever
Enkithe Sumerian God of wisdom, intelligence, mischief, healing, creation, art, and fertility
Fitanthis name means “brilliant, intelligence and wisdom”
FrodeOld Norse name that means “wise”
Haziqa Muslim name meaning “skillful, intelligent”
Hugothis name has many origins and means “mind” and “intellect”
Kenjia Japanese name that means “intelligent; second son; strong”
Nabua Mesopotamian God of literacy and wisdom
Nibodhan Indian name that means “intelligence, knowledge, understanding and awareness”
Olanderthis Swedish name means “the one who is having a quick and penetrating intelligence”
Praketan Indian name that means “intelligence”
Tenjinthe Japanese deity of academics, learning, intelligence and scholarship
Usothis Italian name means “intelligent”
Viveka Sanskrit name meaning “wisdom”
Zekia Turkish name that means “clever, intelligent”

🐶 Name Your Dog After These Real-Life Clever Pooches

These dogs are simply incredible. If you can, we highly recommend looking up the videos on Youtube of these dogs performing their amazing feats. Mia from Britain’s Got Talent can read numbers and bark them out correctly, completely unprompted – she can count to 20! But all these dogs are amazing in their own right – Google rabbit hole coming up – you have been warned! 

Akiraa dog that can recognise numbers and do sums
Baileya Yorkshire Terrier who can understand spoken words
ChaserThe world's smartest dog – she could identify more than 1000 nouns
Gaiaa dog from Brazil who took part in the Genius Dog Challenge
Maxa dog from Hungary who took part in the Genius Dog Challenge
MiaMia can count and read
Nalania dog from the Netherlands who suffers epileptic seizures yet still was able to participate in the Genius Dog Challenge
Ricoa German Border Collie that could figure out the names of things as fast as a 3 year old human
Squallknows the names of more than 55 toys
Tillyshe can bark out numbers
Vicky Ninashe is a Yorkie who can learn new words after only hearing them 4 times
Whiskya Norwegian Border Collie shows exceptional talent in learning new words
WillowWillow the Wonder Pooch can count to 10, identify shapes and spell her own name

🦧 Dog Names Inspired By The Smartest Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

It’s not only dogs who are smart, other animals can do incredible things that point to a higher level of intelligence than I think most people give them credit for. We love the dog names “Squirrel” and “Pig”, but would also totally have a girl dog named “Ellie” – especially if she always manages to remember where you hide the pup treats!

BeeThere is evidence to suggest that bees can feel emotions in response to positive and negative stimuli. There are bees in a colony who learn tasks faster than others and they have been observed teaching the rest of the colony
Chimpthe chimpanzee is a socially complex creature, that work cooperatively in a group and have even been shown to develop cultures that vary between groups
Colliethe Border Collie is one of the smartest breeds of dogs and excel at obedience training because they understand commands really quickly and follow them most of the time
Croccrocodiles have sophisticated hunting strategies and appear to coordinate their actions according to individual abilities within the group
Crowcrows have different dialects according to region, they can remember the face of a human for years and even sometimes use tools
Dolphin“Dolly” for short – dolphins have long held the title of smartest animals on earth – they can recognise themselves in the mirror, solve problems, recognise language and there is evidence that they have memories
Elephant“Ellie” is a great nickname – elephants are known to have exceptional memories
ParrotAfrican Gray parrots are able to mimic sounds and words and have been shown that they can make inferences through various scientific experiments
Octopusoctopuses can solve puzzles and can use tools
Orangutanthese primates can use language to communicate, have cultural behaviors unique to each group and can use tools
Orcathey have been observed to have different behavior patterns from pod to pod – hunting strategy also appears to be passed down from older members of the family to younger ones
Pigpigs are extremely intelligent and social creatures and have even been trained to play videogames
Pigeonpigeons have been shown to be able to learn differences between styles of paintings and apply what they’ve learned to pieces of art they've never seen before
Ratrats brains are apparently quite similar to humans only smaller – there are many experiments that show rats can problem solve and utilize what they have learned quite quickly
Ravenravens are clever birds on par with many primate species – they even performed comparably to human toddlers when given the same tasks in a research setting
Squirrelwhen they think they're being watched, they use deception to pretend to bury their nuts when in fact they're hiding them under their arms
Wolfwolves work in cooperation for the survival of the pack

🎬 Dog Names Inspired By Smart Characters From Movies, TV Shows and Books

Pop culture is full of super clever characters who not only get themselves into trouble, but also manage to get themselves out of it. If we had to assume fictional roles in world domination, you know you would be “Pinky” and your pooch would be “The Brain”. We like the boy dog names “Dexter” and “Fletcher” and the girl dog names “Princess Leia” and “Miss Marple”.

AmyThe Big Bang Theory – she is a neuroscientist
BatmanBatman Comics and Movies
BelleBeauty and the Beast – she is highly intelligent
BernadetteThe Big Bang Theory – she is a microbiologist
DexterFrom the TV Show Dexter (psychopathic but smart nonetheless)
ElizabethElizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice – book and movie
ElleElle Woods from the Legally Blonde movie franchise
EnolaEnola Holmes (she is the sister of Sherlock Holmes)
FletcherJessica Fletcher from Murder she Wrote
HannibalHannibal Lector from the movie Silence of the Lambs
HerculeHercule Poirot is from Agatha Christie novels
HermioneHarry Potter Books and Movies
HowardThe Big Bang Theory TV Show – he is an engineer
JerryTom and Jerry – this little mouse always outwits the cat
Jimmy Neutronfrom the TV Show Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
LeonardThe Big Bang Theory TV Show – he is a physicist
LisaLisa Simpson from the TV Show The Simpsons
Macgyverfrom the Macgyver TV Show – he can make anything out of nothing!
McDreamyDerek Shepherd's nickname – he was a brain surgeon
MeridethMerideth Grey from Grey's Anatomy
MichaelMichael Schofield from Prison Break TV Show
Miss MarpleMiss Marple is from Agatha Christie novels
Mr. PeabodyThe Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show – he is a highly intelligent and witty anthropomorphic dog
Mulanfrom the movie Mulan – she outwits the enemy
Princess Leiashe is the brains of the operation in Star Wars
RafikiThe Lion King – he is the sage, wise advisor to the King
RajThe Big Bang Theory TV Show – he is an astrophysicist
SheldonThe Big Bang Theory TV Show – he is a physicist
SherlockSherlock Holmes Books and Movies
SpockStar Trek franchise
Tony StarkAvengers franchise
UrkelSteve Urkel from Family Matters TV Show
WalterWalter White from Breaking Bad

😜 Quirky and Unusual Smart Dog Names

These names wouldn’t be the mainstream choice, but are certain to get tongues and tails wagging. We love the name “Ace”, but if you want something a little more quirky, how about “Whiz-Kid” or “Smarty Pants”?

Aceif you ace a test it means you have done really well
Brainythis is another way to say a person is clever
Catothis gender neutral name has Latin origins
Daraa gender-neutral name of mixed origin that means “pearl of wisdom”
Geniusan exceptionally clever person
IQthis is the acronym for Intelligence Quotient
Mensaan exclusive club of smart people
Prodigysomeone who has achieved exceptional mastery at a young age
Savvymeans you are clever and shrewd
Smarty Pantswhat a clever person is often called
Whiz-Kidif you're a whiz at something it means you are very bright

😎 Dog Names Inspired By The Word “Smart” In Other Languages

Other languages are always a rich source of inspiration for dog names that nobody else will have. Our favorite foreign word here is “Wajanja” – it’s a super cool name for a pup!

Akillithe Turkish word for “smart”
Cerdasthe Indonesian word for “smart”
Fiksuthe Finnish word for “smart”
KavalEstonian word for “clever”
Matalinothe Filipino (Tagalog) word for “clever”
Okosthe Hungarian word for “clever”
Pandaithe Malay word for “clever”
Pintarthe indonesian word for “clever”
Slimthe Afrikaans word for “clever”
TarkEstonian word for “smart”
Wajanjathe Swahili word for “clever”
Wayothe Hausa word for clever – Hausa is spoken in West Africa

Last Thoughts

We had so much fun researching all these clever pups and we hope you had fun reading all about them. Let us know your favorite smart dog name in the comments below.

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