50+ The Lion King names for your dog

lion king dog names

The Lion King is an iconic movie that many people grew up with. With all the characters in the saga, The Lion King is the perfect inspiration for finding a name for your dog.

Let's discover more than 50 dog names inspired by the Lion King universe!

Male names

AhadiMufasa and Taka's father
BaashoA hyena who's also Banagi's assistant
BanagiThe leader of the hyenas
BanzaiOne of the three hyenas who are loyal to Scar
BasiA male hippopotamus who lives in the Pride Lands
BeshteA male hippopotamus and member of the Night Pride
BomaA buffalo from the spin-off book A Tale of Two Brothers
BungaA honey badger and member of the Lion Guard
CheetataOne of the cheetah's twin brothers
CheetatoOne of the cheetah's twin brothers
DembeA beetle from the 2019 remake
EdOne of the three hyenas who are loyal to Scar
FredA meerkat and Timon's friend
GrowlerA small warthog from Pumba's New Friends
HayaAn aardwolf member of Mjomba's pack
Iron JoeA meerkat from the movie The Lion King 1½
IrwinThe clumsy penguin
JanjaA male hyena member of Jasiri's clan
JokaA snake from the spin-off book A Snake in the Grass
KiburiA crocodile who appears in The Lion Guard
KionSimba and Nala's youngest son
KopaSimba and Nala's son
KovuZira's youngest son and Scar's chosen heir
MjombaAn aardwolf
MoleA mole who appears in The Lion King and Timon & Pumbaa
MufasaSimba's father
MzingoThe leader of the vultures
NneA hyena member of Jasiri's clan
NobiA tiny mouse who appears in the original movie and Timon and Pumbaa
NukaZira's eldest child and one of the antagonist in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
OnoA male egret and member of The Lion Guard
PumbaaA warthog and one of the major characters in The Lion King
QuintA human and Pumbaa and Timon's archenemy
RafikiAn eccentric mandrill who's also a shaman
ScarThe Lion King's main antagonist and Mufasa's brother
ShenziOne of the three hyenas who are loyal to Scar
SimbaThe Lion King's main character
SpeedyA snail and Pumbaa and Timon's friend
TimonA meerkat and Pumbaa's best friend
Uncle MaxTimon's uncle who appears in The Lion King 1½
ZazuThe hornbill

Female names

FuliA cheetah member of the Lion Guard
JasiriA female hyena and queen of the Outlands
KiaraThe protagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
KijanaA female jackal member of Reirei's pack
KulaA female lion member of Scar's pride
Ma TemboThe leader of the elephants in the Pride Lands
MbuniA female ostrich who appears in the series The Lion Guard
NalaSimba's lifelong friend and wife
RaniA lioness in The Lion Guard
SarabiQueen of the Pride Lands and Simba's mother
SarafinaNala's mother
SharlaA female warthog and leader
TatianaA female meerkat and princess of the Duke Meerkat's colony
TiifuA female lion and Kiara's friend
UruMufasa's mother
VitaniZira's daughter and one of the antagonists in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
ZiraThe main antagonist in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
ZuzuZazu's mother

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