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spot and tango reviews

If your dog seems happy with the food you’ve fed them all their life, you might wonder why you should change to a fresh dog food diet. Well, Spot and Tango would argue that regular kibble and canned dog food just isn’t giving your pup all the nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life. They believe that by feeding your pets fresh, whole ingredients, you can increase their energy levels, reduce skin and digestive problems, and have an overall happier dog.

But is Spot and Tango worth the extra costs? What do dogs think? Here’s our review.

What is Spot and Tango?

Spot and Tango is an online fresh dog food subscription company, founded by Russell Breuer. After the 2007 dog food recall, Russel started feeding his dog Jack homemade, fresh food. After noticing the benefits Jack experienced, he decided to set up Spot and Tango, to help pups across America.

In 2020, Spot and tango was the first fresh dog food company to offer dried as well as wet food. Their Unkibble and wet food use high-quality ingredients, lean proteins, fruit and veggies, and carbohydrates which can all be bought at the local farmer’s market. Their food is cooked slowly in small batches to retain all the nutrients and flavor and all the recipes are designed by animal nutritionists.

They also understand that dogs at different life stages need different amounts of food and specific vitamins and minerals. A labrador puppy with a lot of energy isn’t going to have the same dietary requirements as an older, sleepier greyhound. Their custom meal plans make sure you’re giving your pups exactly what they need every mealtime.

How does Spot and Tango work?

spot and tango how does it work

It’s pretty similar to other fresh pet food delivery services out there. You simply fill out a questionnaire about your pup, including their age, sex, breed, whether their neutered/spayed, and what their energy levels are. You can also tell them if your pup has any specific dietary requirements or if they’re allergic to anything.

After completing the questionnaire, they’ll recommend a dietary plan unique to your dog and you can choose the flavors you think they’d like. All the fresh dog food recipes are made from human-grade ingredients, prepared in USDA/FDA inspected kitchens in New York.

Delivery Day!

In a market that seems to be getting more competitive every day, fresh pet food delivery services need to make themselves unique. As well as having dried dog food options, Spot and Tango also makes sure that all their food is delivered in sustainable and recyclable packaging.

The tasty food is prepared just days before arriving at your door with dry ice and insulation bars to keep it as fresh as possible. The cardboard boxes can be recycled, the dry ice will simply dissolve on its own, and the insulation is made out of biodegradable cornstarch which you can dissolve with water in the sink.

Spot and Tango’s fresh food recipes

You can choose from three kibbles and three wet food recipes. There’s a good mixture of grain and grain-free meals to suit most dogs’ dietary requirements. All the ingredients are non-GMO and all (except Beef and Barley) are gluten-free. They’re so proud of the unique ingredients in their food that they list them all on the front of the packets!


  • Duck and Salmon. Ingredients include flax, tapioca, sweet potatoes, carrots, and chia seeds.
  • Beef and Barley. Ingredients include green beans, beef liver, beets, cranberries, and rosemary.
  • Chicken and Brown Rice. Ingredients include sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, chicken liver, and sunflower seeds.

Wet food

  • Turkey and Red Quinoa. Ingredients include spinach, carrots, peas, apples, and eggs.
  • Beef and Millet. Ingredients include spinach, carrots peas, cranberries, and eggs.
  • Lamb and Brown Rice. Ingredients include spinach, peas, blueberries, eggs, and parsley.

Pros and cons of Spot and Tango


  • Selection of products. They offer Unkibble (dry dog food) and wet food – so there should be something for even the pickiest of pups. The Unkibble can also be stored outside of the fridge or freezer.
  • Honesty. Spot and Tango are really open about exactly where they get their ingredients from and how they prepare them. You can be sure you’re getting top-quality food from local farms.
  • Environmentally friendly. Food is delivered in sustainable, recyclable packaging.
  • Customized plans. Unkibble comes with your dog’s own scoop to ensure you give them the correct amount of food. Wet food comes in pre-portioned pouches with instructions on how much to feed them.
  • Experts approve. Each recipe is carefully developed by vets and nutritionists and they’re all AAFCO approved.


  • Price. Even for freshly delivered food, Spot and Tango is on the more expensive end of the scale. The quality is very good, and your dog is sure to love it, but it is a premium service (and price).
  • Limited hours. Their office hours and customer support are only open 9 am – 5 pm EST. Customers in other time zones may have to call at unusual times.
  • Limited selection? Although they have six products in total, they only have three of each type. This may be a problem for some customers.

How much does Spot and Tango cost?

Freshly made dog food using quality ingredients comes at a cost. The amount you’ll pay for your pup depends on their size, age, and energy level. Unkibble plans start at around $7 per week and fresh ones at around $15. This, of course, will be more expensive if your dog is bigger. 

For a 30-pound dog, you can expect to pay more than $50 a week. They do, however, often have promotions or discount codes, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them.

Reviews – what are other people saying?


“We have 2 dogs … they absolutely love the food! Both dogs are older and have been losing teeth. Thus, we thought we would give it a try and it has been worth it. The price is a little high but the health benefits outweigh the cost. A healthier dog is less veterinary costs down the road.” Mbee, ConsumerAdvocate.


“It doesn't matter how good their food is. Their customer service is so terrible. You are lucky to get a response from them in days to a week if you get a response at all.” Cory, ConsumerAdvocate.

Overall Thoughts

Spot and Tango is a great option if you’re considering changing your pup over to a fresh food diet. Their ingredients are brilliant and dogs love their food. Both the dried version and wet are ideal for puppies and older dogs. They are a bit more expensive than their competitors, but their packaging is environmentally friendly and their recipes approved by pups all over the country!

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