300+ Historical Dog Names For Your Furry Explorer 

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If you’re an avid history buff then you are not going to want to miss this journey through the ages as we round up all the best historical dog names from the past and present. We love nothing better than getting immersed in a war or imagining what it would have been like to live as a knight or a princess during medieval times. 

History is fascinating and learning about how humans lived in bygone years always leaves us wanting more. It’s so interesting to watch how life has evolved with all the amazing inventions and discoveries. And just think, in 100 years time, people will be looking back at us saying “How did they manage to live so primitively?”

So put on your tinfoil hat and hop in our homemade time machine with us as we prepare to time travel back through all the prominent eras of history to present you with over 300 awesome historical dog names for your lucky pooch.

📖 Inspiration For Historical Dog Names From The Ancient Era For Your Family Pet

It’s hard to even imagine that these times were part of our world, they just seem so long ago – but even in the early years life was anything but boring. From the events of the bible, to the Roman take over to the Pharaohs of Egypt, we have some incredible ancient names here for you. We adore the names “Caesar” and “Nero” for boy dogs and you can't beat “Cleopatra” for a girl.

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Abelin the bible Abel was the son of Adam and Eve
Abrahamin the bible he is considered the father of all nations – “Abe” is a great name for your male pet
AlaricAlaric was the leader of the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410 AD
AlexanderAlexander the Great was one of the ancient Greek King’s
Aristotlehe was an ancient Greek philosopher
Attilathe ruler of the Huns – this is the perfect name for  big tough breed of dogs
AureliusMarcus Aurelius was the Roman emperor from 161 to 180 AD – he was also a philosopher
BoudiccaShe was the wife of the leader of the Iceni tribe who upon her husband's death took over and led a revolt against Roman forces. She is a British heroine
CaesarJulius Caesar is one of the most well-known historical figures of all time – he was a Roman leader known for his military prowess and relationship with Cleopatra
Cainin the bible Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve
CiceroCicero was a Roman philosopher – it is also argued that he was the greatest Roman politician ever
Cleopatrashe was the iconic Queen of ancient Egypt and is known throughout the world all these centuries later – this is a perfect name for female pets
CyrusCyrus the Great was an ancient Persian ruler
Goliatha giant warrior that David faced in the bible and a great name for dogs
HannibalHannibal Barca won many victories over the Romans – he was a great military leader
Homerhe was a Greek poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey – this is a great name for your puppy
Jesusthe bible says Jesus is the son of God
JosephJoseph was the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus in the Bible
JustinianJustinian I was an Emperor of the Byzantine Empire
King Tuthe was a great Egyptian Pharaoh – this is a cool dogs name
Lucretiushe was a Roman poet and philosopher
MarcusMarcus Aurelius was a Roman philosopher who also became emperor from 161 to 180 AD
Moseshe was a notable figure in the bible – he parted the Red Sea to lead the Israelites out of Egypt
Nefertitishe was a famous queen of ancient Egypt
Nerohe was a Roman emperor from AD 54-68
Pharaoha king in ancient Egypt was called a Pharaoh
Platohe was an ancient Greek philosopher
Samsona person from the bible said to have great physical strength
Tiberiushe was a Roman emperor from AD 14-37
Virgilhe was a Roman Poet who composed some of the most renowned poems in Latin literature
Zenobiashe was a queen in Roman Syria in the 3rd century – this is a good name for girl pups

🏰 Naming Your Family Dog After Key Humans From The Middle Ages

We love the medieval era – it seems so romantic. Gallant knights fighting for the hand of the fair maiden and lush and lavish castles and feasts. There are some great dog names from this time of history too. We love “Viking” and “Lionheart” for boy dogs and “Catherine” for your best girl.

AnnaAnna Komnene was a Byzantine princess
BaconRoger Bacon was a philosopher – “Bacon” is an awesome pet name!
BecketThomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury who got murdered
BernardBernard of Clairvaux was a Cistercian monk
CatherineCatherine of Siena was an Italian mystic who influenced papal politics
DanteDante Alighieri was an Italian poet
EdwardEdward III was an English King during the 100 years war
El CidEl Cid was a Spanish warrior
EleanorEleanor of Aquitaine was both a French and English Queen
GiottoGiotto di Bondone was a painter and architect from Florence
GiovanniGiovanni Boccaccio was an Italian poet and writer
GregoryGregory VII was a medieval pope
Heloiseshe was a French nun who got her lover Abelard castrated due to a steamy affair
IsabellaIsabella I was the Queen of Castile on the cusp between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
JinGenghis Khan conquered the powerful Jin dynasty of China after a long and bloody 23 year war
JoanJoan of Arc is a French heroine who, after believing she had received a sign from God, led the French army to victory and halted English attempts to conquer France
Jochihe was the son of Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan
KhanGenghis Khan established the Mongol Empire which became the largest land empire in history – he is probably the most well known Mongolian Emperor in history
LionheartRichard the Lionheart was a King of England from 1189-1199
MargeryMargery Kempe was a mystic and writer who is widely believed to have written the first autobiography in English
MartelCharles Martel was a Frankish ruler who was a heroic leader in medieval Europe
MeisterMeister Eckhart was a German theologian
Saladinhe was a Sultan of Egypt who defeated Christian crusaders to capture Jerusalem in 1187
SienaCatherine of Siena was an Italian mystic who influenced papal politics
TyndaleWilliam Tyndale is best known for translating the bible into English
Vikingthe Vikings were a prominent force during this era – this is a really cool dog name
WallaceWilliam Wallace was a Scottish warrior – he was the inspiration behind the movie Braveheart
WilliamWilliam the Conqueror was the King of England during medieval times

🧑🏻‍🎨 Dog Names From The Renaissance Era Of History For Your Dog 

Enter the time of culture, where art and literature came to the forefront. We adore the dog names “Bruno” and “Hobbes” for male dogs and “Isotta” is an unusual girl name.

AndreaAndrea Mantegna was an Italian Renaissance painter
AndreasAndreas Vesalius is considered as the founder of human anatomy as we know it
BrunoGiordano Bruno was a major figure in the Italian Renaissance as a natural philosopher
CalvinJohn Calvin was a French theologian and key player in the Protestant Reformation
CelliniBenvenuto Cellini was a goldsmith and sculptor
ChristineChristine de Pizan was a poet
CopernicusNicolaus Copernicus was the astronomer who posited that the planets move around the sun
Donatellohe was an Italian Renaissance artist
ErasmusDesiderius Erasmus was most known for his work on the new testament in the bible
FrancescoFrancesco Petrarch was a pioneer of humanism
Galileohe was a famous astronomer who made many important discoveries
HansHans Holbien the Younger painted portraits during the Renaissance
HobbesThomas Hobbes was an English philosopher
IgnatiusIgnatius Loyola was a Spanish priest and theologian – “Iggy” is a great dog's name.
IsottaIsotta Nogarola was a writer
JanJan Van Eyck was a painter
JohnJohn Calvin was a French theologian and key player in the Protestant Reformation
KnoxJohn Knox established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Leonardohe was an Italian Renaissance artist
LorenzoLorenzo de Medici ruled the Florentine Republic
MargueriteMarguerite of Navarre was a French author
MartinMartin Luther was a central figure in the protestant reformation
Michaelangelohe was an Italian Renaissance artist
MiguelMiguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote – he is considered one of the greatest Spanish writers of all time
NiccoloNiccolo Machiavelli wrote the Prince and coined the iconic saying “the end always justifies the means”
Raphaelhe was an Italian Renaissance artist
SandroSandro Botticelli was an Italian early Renaissance painter
ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare is a well-known English playwright
SofonisbaSofonisba Anguissolo was an Italian painter
Tintorettohe was a Renaissance painter
Titianhe was an Italian Renaissance painter

🤩 Name Your Historical Dog After Famous Humans In Modern History 

The modern age is full of noteworthy figures who have made incredible contributions to the world’s development. We think “Thatcher” is one of the best dog names on this list – it can be a girl name if you are honoring Margaret Thatcher, but it also works well for boy dogs.

AnneUnder the reign of Queen Anne the United Kingdom was born
BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven was a German composer – Dog owners with a Saint Bernard breed may consider naming their puppy Beethoven because of the popular movie franchise
BenjaminBenjamin Franklin is one of the most important historical figures in America having drafted the declaration of independence and the American constitution
CamillaCamilla Parker Bowles is married to King Charles, the reigning monarch of England – she loves animals and is a patron of a dog and cat charity
Catherine the Greatshe was the empress of Russia from 1762-1796 – she came to power by overthrowing her husband
ChanelCoco Chanel revolutionized women's fashion
Charleshe is the current reigning monarch of England – he has 2 children, Harry and William
CharlottePrincess Charlotte is the daughter of William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales
CocoCoco Chanel revolutionized women's fashion
DavyDavy Crockett was a frontiersman and brave soldier
DesmondDesmon Tutu played a pivotal role in bringing apartheid to an end in South Africa
ElizabethQueen Elizabeth 2, as the head of the British Royal Family, was the longest reigning monarch up until her death in September 2022
Elvishe was an insanely popular musician and this makes an awesome name for dogs
EmmelineEmmeline Pankhurst was the leader of the British suffragette movement
FrankAnne Frank became a symbol of the holocaust
FranklinFranklin D. Roosevelt was a US President during the Great Depression and WW2
FrederickFrederick the Great was a Prussian King from 1740 until 1772
GandhiMahatma Gandhi led the Indian independence movement
HarryHarry Houdini was an escape artist who performed some incredible stunts that have ensured his name is remembered forever
HenryHenry VIII was the King of England from 1509 until 1547 – he was best known for his 6 marriages and beheading 2 of his wives
KennedyJohn F. Kennedy – one of the most popular US presidents
KingMartin Luther KIng Jr. was an activist in the American Civil Rights Movement – known for for the “I have a dream” speech – “King” is a great name for a male pet
Lady JaneLady Jane Grey was the Nine Days Queen who was part of a plot to prevent Mary Tudor from ascending – she got executed for her trouble along with her husband at the tender age of 16 or 17 – despite this awful history, Lady Jane is a cute name for female pets
LennonJohn Lennon was a founding member of the Beatles and peace activist
Lord Byronhe was a famous English poet
LouisLouis XIV was the French King from 1643 until 1715
MalcolmMalcolm X was a civil rights activist in America
MaoMao Zedong founded the People's Republic of China
Marie Antoinetteshe was the last Queen of France
MarleyBob Marley was a popular Reggae musician and peace activist
MaryMary, Queen of Scots was only 6 days old when her father died and she took the throne
NapoleonNapoleon Bonaparte was a French emperor and one of the world's most notable historical figures due to his unwavering courage and valor on the battlefield
NeilNeil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon
NelsonNelson Mandela is one of the pivotal historical figures in South African history, having fought and won the battle for equality
OprahOprah Winfrey is a television personality known for her philanthropy
PicassoOne of the most well-known artists of all time
Raymondhe is the husband of Rosa Parks and a civil rights activist in his own right
RosaRosa Parks was an inspiration to all when she refused to give up her seat on the bus, a sign of bravery during those times that paved the way for equal rights for all
SigmundSigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis and revolutionized how we understand the human mind
TeresaMother Teresa was a missionary known for helping the poor and the sick
ThatcherMargaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
VictoriaQueen Victoria reigned over Great Britain and Ireland from 1837-1901
Voltairehe is a famous French writer born in 1694
WaltWalt Disney changed the face of animation
WinstonWinston Churchill was the British Prime Minister during WW2
XMalcolm X was a civil rights activist in America – naming your dog “X” is sure to get the conversation started at the dog park
ZimmerHans Zimmer is a modern day German composer who has won many awards

⚔️ Inspiration For Historical Dog Names From Famous Battles For Your Family Pet

Throughout history, battles have been fought, land has been claimed and boundaries redefined, and many brave souls have lost their lives for their countries. Here we honor some of the most epic battles history has ever seen. We really like the dog names “Zama” and “Anzio”.

Antietamthis battle was part of the American Civil War and is the most deadly one day battle ever fought in US history
Anziothe Battle of Anzio occurred when Allied forces invaded Italy in 1943
Borodinothe Battle of Borodino took place when Napoleon invaded Russia – “Dino” would be a good name for a puppy
BritainThe Battle of Britain was mainly fought in the air – you could name your new puppy “Brit” for short
Brodythe battle of Brody was in 1941 and took place in Western Ukraine
Cajamarcathis was the Spanish conquest of Peru in 1532 – “Caja” and “Marca” are both good ideas for dog's names
Coralthe Battle of the Coral Sea was a fierce naval battle – “Coral” is a cute dog's name
Dunkirkthis battle was part of WW2 – dog owners might choose to shorten the name to “Kirk” when naming their pet
Gallipolithe Battle of Gallipoli was fought during WW1
Gettysburgthe Battle of Gettysburg was part of the American Civil War – “Getty” is a creative name for pets of either gender
Hastingsthe Battle of Hastings happened in 1066 – this is a great name if your new pet is a boy
Hiroshimawhile not a battle and more of an annihilation this bombing still changed history forever and deserves a mention
Huai Haithis battle was part of the Chinese Civil War in 1948 – naming your new pet this would be really unique
Iwo Jimathis battle happened in WW2 and is famous because of the now iconic photo showing the US flag being raised – “Jima” is a cool pet name
Luzonthe Battle of Luzon was in 1945 and was a bloody battle between Us forces and Japan
MarneThe Battle of Marne was fought during WW1 when Germany invaded France
Nagasakiwhile not a battle and more of an annihilation this bombing still changed history forever and deserves a mention
Narvathe Battle of Narva occurred during WW2
Normandythe Battle of Normandy was a major Allied operation during WW2 – “Norman” is a great example of a cool nickname for this battle
Okinawathis was the last major battle of WW2
OverlordOperation Overlord was the codename for the Battle of Normandy – this name will ensure your new dog stands out!
PearlPearl Harbor is the battle that drew the US into WW2 and led to the atomic bombings
SommeThe Battle of Somme took place during WW1
Thermopylaethis battle was fought in 480 BC between the Persian Empire and an alliance of Greek states – naming your new furry friend “Pylae” is a cool way to honor this historical event
Verdunthe longest battle during WW1 and was the battle that first began the use of chemical warfare
WaterlooNapoleon was defeated during the Battle of Waterloo – “Loo Loo” is a fun name for your new furry friend
ZamaThe battle of Zama was fought in 202 BC. Zama is actually also a Zulu name which means “to try” and would be the perfect name for an African breed of dog like the Boerboel

⛵ Name Your Animals After Famous Male And Female Explorers

These brave explorers set sail under sometimes awful conditions to explore new lands and are probably responsible for the start of international trade and relationships. We adore the dog name “Kingsley”, because it is suited to both genders.

AlohaAloha Wanderwell was the first female to travel around the world in a car – it took her 5 years
AmeliaAmelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
AmerigoAmerigo Vespucci was from Florence
AnnAnn Bancroft was an explorer of the polar regions
BalboaVasco Nunez de Balboa was a Spanish explorer
BartolomeuBartolomeu Dias was the first European explorer to go around the Southern tip of Africa – “Bart” is a great dog's name
BearBear Grylls is a modern day adventurer and explorer
BirdIsabella Bird was a British explorer in the 19th century
CabotJohn Cabot was an Italian explorer and navigator
ColumbusChristopher Columbus was an explorer from Genoa, Italy
CookJames Cook was an English explorer
DavidDavid Livingston was from Scotland and explored the continent of Africa
DrakeFrancis Drake was a British explorer
ErikErik the Red was a Norse explorer who founded the first settlement in Greenland
FerdinandFerdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer
FrancisFrancis Drake was a British explorer
GamaVasco da Gama was the first European to reach India
GertrudeGertrude Bell explored the world mountaineering
HarrietHarriet Chalmers Adams was an American explorer
HernandoHernando de Soto was from Spain
HudsonHenry Hudson was from England and explored the seas around Canada
IdaIda Pfeiffer was an Austrian explorer who traveled alone around the world
JacquesJacques Cartier was a French explorer
JeanneJeanne Baret was the first female to circumnavigate the globe
JunkoJunko Tabei was the first woman to reach Mount Everest's summit
KingsleyMary Kingsley wrote books about her travels through Western Africa
LeifLeif Erikson was a Norse explorer
MarcoMarco Polo was a Venetian Explorer
NellieNellie Bly was the first person to travel around the world in 72 days
PoloMarco Polo was a Venetian Explorer
RaleighSir Walter Raleigh was a British explorer
RoaldRoald Amundsen was from Norway and went off exploring the polar regions
Sir WalterSir Walter Raleigh was a British explorer
VascoVasco da Gama was the first European to reach India

🔭 Historical Dog Names Inspired By Famous Inventors and Innovators Through The Ages Of History

I think we are all thankful for Alexander Graham Bell since most of us are permanently attached to our phones these days! We love the name “Florence” for a girl dog and we would love a boy dog named “Colt”.

Archimedeshe was a Greek inventor who is known for the Archimedes Screw
BellAlexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
CarverGeorge Washington Carver invented crop rotation
ColtSamuel Colt invented the revolver
Da Vincihis sketches of the flying machine are believed to have led to the development of helicopters
EdwinEdwin Land invented the polaroid camera
EinsteinAlbert Einstein is one of the pivotal historical figures in the scientific community
EliEli Whitney invented cotton gin
EnricoEnrico Fermi invented the first nuclear reactor
FaradayMichael Faraday created the first electric motor
FlorenceFlorence Nightingale has been credited with inventing nursing as we know it by championing for sanitary conditions for soldiers during wartime – this woman is known as “The Lady with the Lamp”
FordHenry Ford changed the auto industry by applying the assembly line manufacturing method to car production. He also invented cars. “Henry” and “Ford” are both really cool male dog names
IsaacIsaac Newton is one of the most important historical figures ever having discovered gravity
JamesJames Watt pioneered the steam engine which helped get the Industrial Revolution underway
JohannesJohannes Gutenberg invented the printing press
JonasJonas Salk invented the first polio vaccine
LogieJohn Logie Baird invented TV
LovelaceAda Lovelace is the first computer programmer
MarieMarie Curie was the first recognized female scientist – she discovered polonium and radium and was responsible for pioneering research into radioactivity
MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell invented color photography
NikolaNikola Tesla invented the AC current for electricity
OrvilleOrville Redenbacher is the man behind popcorn
RobertRobert Fulton invented the steamboat
SamuelSamuel Morse invented morse code
ThomasThomas Edison invented the light bulb
TimTim Berners-Lee created the world wide web
Wrightthe Wright Brothers created the first airplane

😁 Funny Historical Dog Names To Suit Your Quirky Dog’s Personality

Ah now, if you follow us, then you know that no list would be complete without a journey through some corny puns. And these don’t disappoint. Go on, admit it, you’re snort-laughing right along with us…

Al Cabonefor Al Capone who is immortalized in Gangster history
Cleopawtrafor Cleopatra the ancient Egyptian Queen
Droolius Caesarfor Julius Caesar
Furley Templefor the famous child actress Shirley Temple
Hairy Houdinifor Harry Houdini
Jane Pawstenfor Jane Austen the historical fiction author
Joan of Barksfor Joan of Arc
Napawleon Bonapugfor Napoleon Bonaparte
Pawcassofor Picasso the famous artist
Pawgustusfor Augustus the Roman emperor
Pawrisfor Prince Paris of Troy
Pawsephonefor Persephone the daughter of Zeus
Queen Elizabarkfor Queen Elizabeth
Rosa Barksfor Rosa Parks
Salvador Doggifor Salvador Dali, the famous painter from Spain
Winston Furchillfor Winston Churchill
Woofgangfor Wolfgang Mozart the famous composer

🎥 Historical Dog Names For Your Pet From Historical Fiction That All Pet Parents Will Love

We LOVE a historical drama – the outfits, the proper manners and all the unusual social customs – it's riveting! Have we got your favorite historical fiction character on the list?

Baldwina character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Benedictfrom the Bridgerton series
Bessieshe is a character in Jane Eyre
Brimsleyfrom the Bridgerton series
Colinfrom the Bridgerton series
Cressidafrom the Bridgerton series
Daphnefrom the Bridgerton series
DianaDr. Diana Bishop is the main character in the book A Discovery of Witches – a tale of time travel through history to solve a mystery
Edwinafrom the Bridgerton series
Eloisefrom the Bridgerton series
Emmafrom the novel of the same name
Gallowglassa character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Goodya character in the book A Discovery of Witches – owners of this book series will love the character Goody Alsop
Hamisha character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Heathclifffrom Wuthering Heights
HesterHester Prynne was forced to wear a scarlet letter as a sign of shame for adultery in the book by Nathaniel Hawthorne titled “The Scarlet Letter”
Humboldtfrom the Bridgerton series
Hyacinthfrom the Bridgerton series
Janefrom Pride and Prejudice
Jeffriesfrom the Bridgerton series
Juliettea character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Kita character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Lady Whistledownfrom the Bridgerton series
Lucyfrom Sense and Sensibility
Marinafrom the Bridgerton series
Miriama character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Mr. Darcyfrom Pride and Prejudice
Oliverhe is the central character in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Penelopefrom the Bridgerton series
Phoebea character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Piphe is the central character in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Satua character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Simonfrom the Bridgerton series
Sophiea character in the book A Discovery of Witches
Theofrom the Bridgerton series
Violetfrom the Bridgerton series
Ysabeaua character in the book A Discovery of Witches

🐲 Historical Dog Names Inspired By Mythology For All Pets With A Mystical Flair

Now while not technically true, mythology has had an important role to play in history through the ages because of how beliefs in these Gods and Deities have impacted the people’s behavior. There are some firm favorites on this list as well as some lesser known characters. Which dog names do you like best?

AchillesHe was the Greek hero of the Trojan War – there is much debate over whether the events in Troy actually happened. Evidence suggests that Troy did exist in the area of modern day Turkey, but whether there was a large siege and war is still up for debate
Ajaxhe was a hero in the Trojan war
Aphroditein Greek mythology she was the Goddess of love, sex and beauty
Apollohe was famous for being the Greek God music, art, poetry, prophecy, truth, archery, healing, light and more
Aresin Greek mythology he is the God of War
Artemusshe was the Goddess of wild animals and hunting in Greek mythology
Athenathe Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare
Ceresthe Roman Goddess of agriculture, motherly relationships and fertility
Eospersonification of the dawn in Greek mythology
Freyjathe Norse Goddess of love, fertility and beauty
Friggshe was Odin's wife
GuinevereQueen Guinevere fell in love with Sir Lancelot while married to King Arthur
Helthe Norse Goddess of the Underworld and daughter of Loki
HelenHelen of Troy was the face that launched 1000 ships – she was said to be the daughter of Zeus and and Leda, a mortal  – calling the furry lady in your life this name is a creative way to highlight her beauty
Herculeshe is a Greek hero known for his superhuman strength
Hestiathe Greek Goddess of home and hearth
Junoshe was the Roman Goddess of Love and Marriage
Lancelothe is the rogue in the King Arthur legend because he stole Guinevere away from King Arthur
Letothe mother of Apollo and Artemis
Lokihe was the Norse God of Mischief
Mami Wataan African water deity of wealth and luck
Merlinhe is the wizard in the legend of King Arthur from Welsh mythology
MidasMidas was a mythical king who could turn objects to gold
Minervathe Roman Goddess of Wisdom, law and justice
Nyxin Greek mythology she is the personification of night – the perfect name if your new puppy has a black coat
Odinhe was the supreme Norse deity
Orbonashe was the Roman Goddess of Orphans
ParisPrince Paris of Troy kidnapped Helen from her Greek husband and King of Sparta, Menelaus which is the event that led to the start of the Trojan War
Selenethe Greek Goddess of the moon
Sir Galahadhe is a knight in the King Arthur legend – this is a perfect name for a strong and fierce male puppy
Terrashe was the Roman personification of the earth
Thorhe was the Norse God of Thunder
Titanthe Titans were the ruling Gods before the Olympians
Tokoloshean evil mischief causing spirit in African culture – the Zulu's put their beds onto bricks so the tokoloshe can't get them while they sleep as it's a small
Venusthe Roman Goddess of love, beauty and desire
Zeusthe Greek God of the Sky and Thunder – he ruled over all the other Gods and fathered many children both with humans and other Gods

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed time traveling through history with us as we explored all the historical dog names inspired by the most notable figures through the ages. Let us know in the comments below if you chose any of these names for your dogs. 

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