175+ Dog Names For Your Independent Pooch

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Dogs are known to be faithful and loyal companions, but every so often you get one of those pups that likes to march to the beat of their own drum. They are the dogs who do things their own way, breaking the mold of training principles and simply defying the rules of conventional. These pups are often the most fun to own, because really… who wants normal?

This article is to honor all those trailblazer dogs who stand out from the pack because their non-conformity is what makes them simply unforgettable.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these special dogs, then you definitely should pick one of these awesome independent dog names for him or her to perfectly capture their free-spirited nature.

👧 Dog Names Inspired by Independent Women

These women will forever be pioneers in their respective fields, having defied the societal norms of the time forging ahead with adventures or discoveries. These are some of the most iconic women figures in history and your lady friend would be proud to sport any of these names.

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We would love a pup called “Vixen” or “Cleopatra”. If you have a truly mischievous little lady on your hands, then “Bonnie” is particularly well-suited.

AmeliaAmelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean
Bonnieof Bonnie and Clyde fame – a pair of famous outlaws
ChanelCoco Chanel was a French fashion designer who founded the Chanel brand and made casual chic an acceptable female style of dressing
Cleopatraa powerful Egyptian Queen
CocoCoco Chanel was a French fashion designer who founded the Chanel brand and made casual chic an acceptable female style of dressing
ElizabethQueen Elizabeth was a strong, independent woman
FlorenceFlorence Nightingale was the founder of nursing as we know it today
FridaFrida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who has become a cultural icon and symbol of empowerment due to her depiction of the feminine form in her art
IndieIndie music is produced independently from commercial record labels
JanisJanis Joplin was an independent artist
JoanJoan of Arc was a French peasant girl who led the French army to victory against the English in the Hundred Years War and effectively stopped the British from conquering France
Libertythe Statue of Liberty honors the USA's independence – it was a gift from France
Ma Raineywas considered the “Mother of Blues” because she influenced the development of the blues genre
MalalaMalala Yousafzai won a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17
MarieMarie Curie conducted pioneering research into radioactivity and discovered polonium and radium
Nefertitia powerful Egyptian Queen
NightingaleFlorence Nightingale was the founder of nursing as we know it today
Queenan independent ruler
RosaRosa Parks was a pioneer of the civil rights movement in America when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man
Vixena spirited and fierce woman

👦 Male Independent Dog Names

The men on this list shunned safety and braved huge obstacles to go on incredible adventures and expeditions. Their bravery is epic and their discoveries unforgettable.

We think it would be really cute to name a pair of dogs “Marco” and “Polo” – think of the laughs at the dog park! We also really love the name “Bandit” for a boy dog, especially if he has patches around his eyes that make him look a bit like the robbers from the old days. 

Banditan outlaw
Blazeif you blaze a trail, you prepare the path for others to follow
Captainthe leader of a team or person in command of a ship
Champshort for champion
Championthe ultimate winner
Charliemeans “free man”
ChristopherChristopher Columbus was a great explorer
ClarkLewis and Clark were famous explorers
Clydeof Bonnie and Clyde fame – a pair of famous outlaws
ColumbusChristopher Columbus was a great explorer
Davidsonfor the Harley Davidson motorcycle, which is often associated with people who are rebellious
Gunnera gunner is an ambitious person, an overachiever
Kesleran American name that means “independent” and “energetic”
Kingan independent ruler
LewisLewis and Clark were famous explorers
MarcoMarco Polo was an independent explorer
Mavericka person with an independent mind
Moseshe led the Jews out of Egypt
Piratea sea bandit/outlaw
PoloMarco Polo was an independent explorer
Ponce de Leona famous explorer who made his first voyage with Christopher Columbus
Rangerto become a ranger in the army is really hard and only a select few elite can manage it
Sargeshort for sergeant
Scoutsomeone who goes out ahead of the rest to gather information
Sergeanta military leader

🚻 Unisex Ideas for Independent Dog Names

Here are some great ideas if you don’t want to tie your dog’s name to a specific gender. We adore the names “Rebel” and “Boho” for something a little different. If you are a bit of a badass, then how about “Harley” after the super cool motorbikes – extra points if you pull up to the dog park on your Harley Davidson with your pooch in the sidecar!

Adventureradventurers are often free spirits who love to go explore new and exciting things
Bohoboho is short for bohemian which refers to a person who is socially unconventional
Daredevilsomeone who doesn't follow the rules, a risk-taker
Explorerthese are the ultimate adventure seekers who are pioneers of discovery
Freedombeing free is the epitome of independence
Freewheelfreewheeling means a disregard for the rules and following an unconventional path
Harleyfor the badass motorcycles often associated with people who are considered rebels
Hippiehippies traditionally reject societal norms and live lives of freedom
Lawlesssomeone who doesn't follow the law
Leaderthe head of a group
Odysseya long and wandering journey (which you can undertake alone)
Pioneera leader in a particular field
Presidentthe leader of a country
Rebelrefers to someone who doesn't follow the rules and does things their own way
Roamera person who doesn't stay long enough in one place to put down roots
Roguegoing rogue means going off on your own to pursue something outside of the rules
Rolling Stonerefers to a person who doesn't like to stay in one place – they're independent
Soloa person who undertakes things solo is often an independent spirit
Spunkymeans courageous and determined
Trailblazera person who is the first to do something
Vagabonda person who wanders around never settling in a home or job
Wanderera person who doesn't stay long enough in one place to put down roots
Wayfarera person who travels on foot from place to place

🐕 Name Your Puppy After Real Life Dogs Famous for Their Independent and Heroic Feats

These real life incredible dogs are all the proof you’ll ever need that dogs are THE best animals ever. The selfless bravery, complete disregard for their own safety and amazing endurance these pups showed makes them eternal heroes.

We got rather misty eyed compiling this list (thanks brave Gander!) and would love to have met these incredible four-legged souls. We love the name “Cosmo” and have to say “Just Nuisance” is an unforgettable moniker.

Baltowas the dog leading the sled team as it entered Nome with the diptheria serum. Although Togo ran further and through harsher conditions Balto got more glory as he was the dog who entered the town
Bamsea Norwegian St. Bernard who became a symbol of Norwegian freedom during WW2
Banduring a tsunami in Japan, Ban survived 3 weeks at sea before being reunited with her owner
Barrythe most famous rescue dog in the world saved over 40 people who got lost in the mountains
BobbieBobbie the Wonder dog walked 2551 miles alone to return home to his owners after being seperated when his owners took him to visit family
Cairoa navy seal dog who helped to take down Osama Bin Laden
Chipswas the most decorated war dog from WW2 – he took down a machine gun nest and forced its occupants to surrender on his own
Cosmospent 10 days alone in the Australian outback after wandering off
Endalwas a famous service dog – service dogs guide and help people with disabilities to live their lives with some degree of independence
Gandera Newfoundland who saved several soldiers by grabbing a thrown grenade and running with it towards the enemy – he died in the explosion
Judysurvived the sinking of the HMS Grasshopper and was marooned on a desert island with some of the sailors who would have died if she didnt find an underground freshwater spring and save everybody
Just Nuisancethe only dog to ever be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy – he was a Great Dane
Kabangsaved 2 children from what would have been a fatal motorbike crash – she lost her snout in the process
Laikathe Soviet Space dog – she went up into space alone and pioneered modern space travel as we know it – sadly she died a horrific death all alone too
Luccaa military pup trained to sniff out explosives – she was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan – she participated in over 400 missions and had zero human fatalities – good dog!
MaggieMaggie the Boxer survived 8 days in the Australian outback after running off on a family vacation
Nemoa military dog during the Vietnam war who alerted his handler to enemies so they would not be ambushed
Patsy Anna deaf Bull Terrier who somehow knew when ships were arriving before anyone else – she was dubbed the Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska
Ragswas a WW1 dog hero – he led the medics to the wounded soldiers through fog and gunfire
Ricochetthe original pioneer of dog surfing – she now surfs with children with special needs
Rosellea guide dog who led her owner down 78 flights of stairs to safety after the Trade Center attacks
Sallieserved in the American Civil War – she followed the soldiers into battle and stood with them on the front lines barking at the enemy. She nearly made it through the whole war but was killed in action in 1865
Sergeant Stubbywas the first dog to be given rank in the US army and was a decorated war hero
Smokywas a war hero – she was awarded 8 battle stars and went on 12 combat missions, she survived a typhoon and 150 air raids and even parachuted in a specially made device, she helped to run communications wires too, saving hundreds of soldiers and 40 planes – not bad for a tiny Yorkie
Smudgea Springer Spaniel who ran to get help when his owner fell into a freezing river
Togothe lead sled dog hero for the 1925 diptheria serum run to Nome Alaska – he ran over 260 miles to deliver the livesaving serum – he was 12 years old
Wilbura Rhodesian Ridgeback who saved his family from a house fire

🐊 Name Your Dog After Other Independent Animals

The Animal Kingdom is full of examples of animals that prefer to maintain their single status rather than hooking up. This list is a great source of inspiration if you have a pup that prefers their space rather than tolerating your Elmyra-style cuddles. Our top name pick is “Kinkajou” – utterly adorable!

Aardvarka nocturnal and solitary creature
Armadillothese are solitary creatures
BadgerHoney Badgers live alone outside of breeding
Bearbears are solitary animals and do not live in groups other than when a mother is raising her cubs
Birdiebirds are free to fly
Crocsaltwater crocodiles are extremely territorial and prefer to live alone (there are of course some species of crocodiles that do live in groups too)
DevilTasmanian Devils do not form packs
HoneyHoney Badgers live alone outside of breeding
Jaguarare territorial apex predators that only come together during mating season
Kinkajouwhile they sleep together in family units and groom each other they go foraging for food independently
Koalathese are solitary animals that do not live in social groups
Lionfishfiercely defend their territory from unwanted guests
Molemoles are small burrowing mammals that live underground – finding 3 moles together is considered a LOT
Monkthe Hawaiian Monk Seal lives and hunts alone, hence the name Monk
Orangutansare the most solitary of the apes, preferring to stay alone outside of mating season
PandaPandas only come together to mate, preferring to live alone
Platypusthese animals live mostly alone
Polar Bearthey live alone generally with the exception of mother and cub groups
Raccoonraccoons live and travel alone
Rhinothe black rhino is a solitary creature (their calves will stay with their mom for 3 years before seeking their own solitary existance)
Skunktheir powerful stink spray is enough to ward off predators and so don't live in groups
Slothsloths sleep their lives away at the tops of trees and spend most of their time alone
Snow Leopard“Snowy” or “Leo” are great names – snow leopards live and hunt alone and are notoriously elusive – the only time they live in a group is as the mother cares for her cubs until they are independent enough to go off on their own
TasTasmanian Devils do not form packs
Tigertigers are solitary animals except for mothers and cubs
Tiger Sharkis a solitary hunter
Turtlesea turtles have been around for millions of years and have evolved to thrive independently
Wolverinethe ultimate loners – they live a free-roaming and independent lifestyle and are fiercely solitary

🎬 Independent Dog Names Inspired by Characters Who Did Things Their Own Way in Movies, TV Shows and Books

There is no better plot line than one where a character defies all odds, does things their own way and still comes out on top. This list is full of examples of free-spirited characters who didn’t follow the rules but still somehow won the day. We love “Braveheart” for a boy and “Katniss” for a girl.

AragornThe Lord of the Rings – he led the march on the black gate and then embraced his destiny as a king and leader
AryaArya Stark from Game of Thrones survived alone and became a skilled assassin
AtticusAtticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird stood up for justice and morality in a racially divided society
BennetElizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice defied societal norms by refusing to get married
Boltfrom the movie Bolt – Bolt goes on a mission to save his human
BraveheartWilliam Wallce led a rebellion against English oppression in the movie Braveheart
BridgetBridget Jones is an imperfect but independent woman navigating life and love in both the books and the movies of the same name
Captain Jack Sparrowany 3 of those names make great dog names or all 3 combined – he was a free spirited pirate who lives by his own code in the Pirates of the caribbean franchise of movies
DaenerysDaenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones was determined to reclaim her throne
Dharmafrom the TV Show Dharma and Greg – she was a total free spirit
GandalfGandalf refused to be the head of the white council in favor of his independence and most certainly will not let just anybody pass- Lord of the Rings
Han Soloa smuggler and a rogue with a strong sense of individualism from Star Wars
HarryHarry Potter was always independently going off where he shouldn't and getting into trouble
HermioneHermione Granger from Harry Potter was Harry's sidekick but she often independently went off to the library to research things that kept Harry and Ron alive
HondoHondo Ohnaka from Star Wars is described by many fans in 3 words as “Jack Freaking Sparrow” – he is a pirate and pillager who plays by his own rules and takes what he sees
Huckleberry Finnwas a young boy who rebelled against societal norms in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Indiana Jonesa brave adventurer in the Indiana Jones movies
JaneJane Eyre – an orphaned governess who values her independence
JasmineAladdin – she did not want to follow conventions and get married for the sake of it
JoJo March from Little Women challenged gender norms and aspired to be a writer
JockJock of the Bushveld – Jock was a brave hunting dog
KatnissKatniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games – she fought against a dystopian regime and became a symbol of resistance often breaking the rules
Lara Croftan adventurous archaeologist who explores ancient ruins in Tomb Raider
LisbethLisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a brilliant and rebellious hacker
Mad Maxhe survives the wastelands in solitude in the Mad Max series
MatildaMatilda is a book about a brilliant and independent young girl
MeridaMerida from Brave defied tradition and her mother in refusing to get married – she was fiercely independent and a brilliant archer and loved adventure
MulanMulan – she joined the army disguised as a man to protect her family – she was fiercely independent and determined to do things her way
RamboJohn Rambo was a combat veteran who becomes a self-reliant survivalist
ReyStar Wars – she survived as a scavenger and later became a Jedi
Robin Hooda legendary outlaw who robs the rich to give to the poor
RockyRocky Balboa was a fictional boxing champion
RonRon Weasley was Harry's partner in crime
RyderRyder from Paw Patrol has no parents and lives independently with his pack of pups
TianaThe Princess and the Frog – she ran her own business – in fact she is the only Disney princess with a proper job
VaderDarth Vader/Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars was a slave boy destined to become the Jedi's chosen one

😃 Dog Names Inspired by “Independent in Other Languages

Foreign languages are a treasure trove of epic dog names and we have gathered up all the best independent ones for you right here. These names are alluring and mysterious and are sure to be great conversation starters whenever you introduce your dog to someone. We adore the name “Isa” for a girl dog and “Azad” for a boy.

Avasaa name of Indian origin that means “independent”
Azada Muslim boy name that means independent and free
Azadimeans freedom and liberty in Persian
Azatis an Armenian name that means free and loyal
Bebasmeans free in Malay
EdreiEdrei is a Hebrew name that means “woman of great strength” – a great name to give to a free spirited individual
Fainichean Irish name that means “free”
IsaIsa is a name with Arabic and German origins that means “strong-willed”
Lennais a German name that mean's “lion's strength” – Lions are known for their courage and fierceness
Libertadmeans freedom in Spanish
Motuhakethe Maori word for independent
Slobodaa Slavic term that means freedom or liberty
Svatantraself-dependence, independence and self-will in Sanskrit
Swatantrameans autonomous in Hindi – someone who is free and not controlled or limited by rules
Trudya name with German origins that is the pet form of Gertrude and means “universal strength”
Valeriethis name has French and Latin origins and means “strong”, “brave”, “fierce” and “valiant”
Vapausmeans freedom in Finnish

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our free-spirited article on independent dog names. Let us know which name you chose for your pup in the comments below.

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