10 dog breeds that don’t bark

dogs that dont bark

Let’s be honest, dogs can be pretty noisy creatures. They snore, snuffle, growl, and, of course, bark. Whilst we might love the endearing noises they make and even think they’re talking to us, it’s unlikely that Mrs. Simpson next door finds them quite so cute.  Especially at 5 am. 

So, what can you do if you have neighbors close by but are looking to get a dog? Is it a good idea? Will they complain all the time? The good news is that there are dogs that don’t bark – or at least bark less than the notoriously loud ones (I’m thinking yappy Chihuahuas). As well as the breed, it’s important to make sure your pup is exercised enough, entertained, and happy, as barking can be a sign that they’re a bit restless. 

Here is a list of some of our favorites, to keep you and the neighbors happy!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

does the rhodesian ridgeback bark

It might surprise you that this incredibly handsome dog doesn’t bark. Once bred to hunt lions (yes, really lions) these beautiful animals are one of the least barking dogs around. They’re so confident about their size and talent that they don’t feel the need to bark. They’re also not big snorers, so you’re getting a quiet dog with a Rhodesian Ridgeback!

French Bulldogs

small dogs that dont bark

Frenchies are one of the cutest small dogs that don’t bark. They love to play, but even when they’re excited they don’t normally bark a lot. This doesn’t by any means mean they’re a quiet dog. You can expect quite a lot of snoring and snuffling with a French Bulldog!

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog dont bark

These gorgeously fluffy pups were originally bred to work on farms in the Swiss Alps. The Bernese Mountain Dog makes a great family pet and doesn’t really bark unless he needs to. As a breed, they’re pretty chilled and are happy to relax after a long day on the mountains. At heart they’re outdoor dogs, so apartments are not ideal for them. 


basenji dogs that dont bark

Also known as the ‘barkless dog’, Basenjis make great pets for novice dog owners. They’re fun, intelligent, and adapt really well to apartment living. Despite their nickname, they’re not actually silent. When they do make a noise, it sounds something like a yodel which is commonly called a baroo. But don’t worry, this is really rare!


barkless dog

These fluffy, bear-like dogs are cute, impressive, and strong – all at the same time. In Japan, the Akita is called ‘the silent hunter’ which would give you a clue about how much noise he makes. In fact, they’re such quiet dogs, that if they do make a sound you should pay attention as something is probably wrong.


greyhound bark

Greyhounds are incredibly fast racing dogs. However, this wasn’t always the case. They were originally bred to chase silently after prey, stealth being their biggest asset. Of all the dogs that don’t bark, Greyhounds are perhaps the most gentle and the sweetest. They have a very calm temperament and make wonderful family pets. Rescuing these pups from a racetrack is a great way of adopting them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel barkless

These little Spaniels are another example of small dogs that don’t bark. They’re incredibly regal, well-behaved, like to play, and are great with children. Occasionally, King Charles Spaniels can suffer from separation anxiety, which might trigger barking in individual dogs but this can be avoided with positive training. 

Afghan Hound

least barking dogs

How beautiful and unique are Afghan Hounds? Instantly recognizable by their luxurious locks, they’re also a dog that doesn’t bark a lot. Maybe because they’re just too elegant. You might not think it, but they’re actually a hunter at heart, bred to chase over the rocky mountains in Afghanistan. I can’t imagine these pups hunting anything either, but it’s true! They need regular exercise and a good trainer as they do have a bit of a tendency to not come when they’re called.

Great Dane

great dane on grass

For being the biggest breed of dog, they’re also one of the quietest. In daily life, they don’t meet many threats in terms of size, which means they don’t feel they need to assert themselves by barking. Just walking down the street is enough to show the others who’s top dog. Having said that, on the rare occasion a Great Dane does bark, they are really loud. The exact sound you’d expect to come from a dog that size.


These pups are gentle, intelligent, and loving dogs that don’t bark a lot! They’re pretty rare, but if you do find one they make great additions to the family. They’re beautiful dogs that stand out due to their thick, sandy-colored coat and dark facial features. However, they are originally sled-pulling dogs, so they need a lot of physical activity. They can also have pretty individualistic personalities, so an experienced owner is needed.

These breeds are all dogs that bark less than others. Having said that, it’s pretty difficult to ensure the dog you get doesn’t bark based on breed alone. It’s really important to train your pup from early on to stop unwanted behavior like barking. Reducing boredom, separation anxiety, and restlessness will also reduce how much your dog barks– keeping you and the neighbors happy!

What breed of dog do you have? Does it bark a lot? Let us know in the comments below!

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