25 adorable German Shepherd mixes (with pictures!)

german shepherd mix golden

Can you name one working dog that doubles up as an excellent family dog?

If you haven't guessed it already, the German Shepherd is the ideal dog that is good for both.

This stunning medium to large dog is one that's treasured and liked by many across the globe.

But their cuteness does not stop there; if you love this dog, you should check out the German Shepherd mixes!

You need to know about at least 25 of them, most of which carry the best qualities from the German Shepherd and other breeds.

So fellow dog lovers, if you're interested, keep on reading for the most popular dog breeds that fall under the category of the German Shepherd mix!

Are German Shepherd mixes aggressive?

Before we fully highlight information about each mixed breed, we must address a common concern many new and experienced dog owners have about this mix. But to know further, we have to consider the qualities of the German Shepherd. 

For the most part, German Shepherds are well-rounded, family-orientated dogs.

However, because they were bred to be working dogs, sometimes they can be naturally protective of their owners and aggressive around strangers if not socialized.

Given such tendencies, sometimes the German Shepherd mix can inherit this and be slightly aggressive to other animals and humans. Obviously, not as aggressive as dogs like a Pitbull or Rottweiler, but it may display some aggressive instincts, which can be managed through proper socialization from an early age.

The German Shepherd is a beautiful breed, and the crosses it produces are even more stunning. To know what we mean by this, check out our top 25 German Shepherd mixes:

Shug: The German Shepherd and Pug mix

The Shug is a cute mix of the German Shepherd and the Pug. Given the two completely different sizes its parent breeds have, this dog is medium-sized, growing up to 10-16inches/25-41cm and weighing between 10-50lbs/4.5-23kg. They also have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Shug's can be identified by their distinct coat colors: tan, cream, black or brown. Moreover, their coats are short and therefore don't require a lot of grooming, making them a low maintenance breed for first-time dog owners.

Plus, this medium-sized dog is a great cross to own if you live in an apartment, as it does not need that much exercise. The Shug also boasts some lovely personality traits; this mixed breed is intelligent, playful, loyal, and alert.

Golden Shepherd

The German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix is known as a Golden Shepherd. This crossbreed often inherits the best characteristics from both parents.

First, it tends to have a strong loyalty and protective nature, taking after their German Shepherd parent breed.

Similarly, they also inherit the fierceness and gentle touch from the Golden Shepherd. Therefore, combining these two unique characteristics makes it a breed that can be easily approached by friends, family, and even strangers!

This mix is large and tends to grow up to 21-26 inches/53-66cm and weigh between 50-70lbs/23-32kg

Most of the time, the Golden Shepherd has a medium-length coat like its Golden Retriever parent but can have a wiry outer coat. On average, this mixed breed sheds twice a year during spring and fall.

German Shepherd and Pitbull mix

The German Shepherd and Pitbull mix is often called the Sheppet. Its other parent breed is the American Pitbull Terrier.

Usually, this mixed breed is viewed as a velcro dog as it tends to cling to humans a lot. They will likely develop separation anxiety if you're often out of the house. 

In addition to this, they're also a powerful breed and are full of energy as their parent breeds are working dogs. Also, its muscular physique resembles more of the Pitbull than the German Shepherd and has a short and shiny coat

On the contrary, though, the colors in its coat tend to be more similar to a German Shepherd. On average, this German Shepherd mix can weigh up to 40-80lbs/18-37kg and grow up to 18-24 inches/46-61cm in height.

German Ridgeback

The German Ridgeback is a German Shepherd breed that crosses with the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Both the Rhodesian Ridgeback and German Shepherd are working dogs with a protective nature; this is a mixed breed that requires firm obedience training right from when they're a puppy.

If this breed does not have sufficient training, they could become rebellious and dictate the whole house. They're also highly protective, have a strong prey drive, and are independent dogs making them a difficult dog to own if you're looking for a new addition to your family.

When it comes to their coat, the colors and length of fur can be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes you can see this mixed breed in brown or tan color with markings on its back, but you can't always guarantee what they will look like.

All you can guarantee is that this breed is large, can grow up to 26-28inches/66-72cm, and weigh between 70-90lbs/31-41kg.

German Shepherd Beagle mix

The Beagle Shepherd is a friendly and energetic hybrid that loves to play with just about anyone!

Sometimes this cross might be hesitant around strangers, but they love to play and have fun after a few minutes. As they have a hound parent (the Beagle), sometimes they bark or howl, which could make owning them a bit tedious if you have close neighbors nearby.

This breed is perfect for living in any form of accommodation; it's small enough to fit in an apartment and a larger home, as long as they get their daily exercise.

On average, this mix can grow up to 24inches/61cm and weigh between 20-70lbs/9-32kg.

The coat colors for a Beagle Shepherd are vast as both parents are bi-colored, meaning this dog can either come in a white, black, liver, tan, red or blue colored coat.

Sometimes this mixed breed can inherit a medium-length double coat, but it does not shed much regardless of the coat it inherits.

German Shepherd Husky mix

This beautiful large breed is the offspring of the Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. It sometimes is referred to by another name known as the Geberian Shepsky! 

Whatever you wish to call them, this hybrid is stunning as sometimes it tends to inherit the gleaming blue eyes of the husky and the thick double coat from the German Shepherd.

Plus, its large size can bring character to any room; on average, it can grow up to 22-26 inches/56-66cm and weigh between 45-80lbs/21kg-37kg.

Even though it's a large dog, it's still an excellent addition to the family. They have comical characteristics and can be pretty noisy. Similarly, they love to play and exercise but bear in mind they need ample room for their legs, so they're not really suited to apartment dwellers

In addition to this, you need a lot of time on your hands for this Husky German Shepherd breed, as it requires around 90 minutes of thorough exercise each day!

This crossbreed does not do well if left on its own for an extended period of time, as it can easily suffer from separation anxiety and become self-destructive.

This breed has a double coat, which sheds moderately. Even though it sheds moderately, it should be groomed daily to prevent mats in its fur.

German Shepherd Akita Mix

The Akita and German Shepherd mix is also known as a Shepkita. This designer breed tends to be a protective dog that must be socialized from an early age. Plus, if they take after their Akita parent, they will require lifelong obedience training to keep them in line as a household pet. 

Part of this reason is that its parent, the Akita needs a pack leader to follow. If you don't have a stern nature, the German Shepherd Akita mix could develop behavioral problems. Therefore because of this, it's not an ideal hybrid to own for first-time dog owners.

On a different note, this hybrid has a unique curly tail like its Akita parent and a cross between both parents for its coat colors. There is an extensive range of colors the Shepkita can come in: black, sable, gray, red, white, brindle, and silver. Sometimes they also have solid and mix colored coats too.

German Shepherd and Border Collie mix

This German Shepherd mix combines the Border Collie and German Shepherd. Moreover, this hybrid mix often has coat colors similar to what a German Shepherd would have, and they would have a finer coat like the Border Collie.

Most of the time, these mixed breeds have multiple colors on their coat instead of a single one. If you're lucky, this dog might have bright blue eyes taking after the Border Collie.

On average, this breed can grow up to 15-25inches/38-64cm and weigh between 40-90lbs/18-41kg.

This dog also has a very intelligent nature and requires daily mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Therefore this mixed breed is more well suited to an active family who has time to take them outdoors.

Do note; they can be a bit aloof around strangers and other dogs; however, this can be removed if they're socialized from a young age. On the contrary, though, they're very loveable dogs with families and love a good snuggle!

Shepadoodle: German Shepherd and Poodle mix

The Poodle and German Shepherd mix is commonly referred to as the Shepadoodle and has the best features from each parent!

First of all, it typically has a single hypoallergenic coat from the Poodle instead of the German Shepherd's double coat.

Moreover, it also has a curly coat, making it a medium to large breed with a perm. It often inherits the same markings as a German Shepherd has regarding its color. On average, this mix can grow up to 22-28inches/56-72kg and weigh between 50-90lb/23-41kg.

This mixed breed also inherits the energetic nature from both parents and the intelligent personality from the Poodle, therefore needing frequent stimulation.

In addition to their active temperament, they're non-aggressive dogs that love to spend time and shower their family members with affection.

German Shepherd Corgi mix

The Corman Shepherd is a crossbreed that's bound to steal your heart!

This cute little thing often has a mix of both parents' coat colors and comes in black, gold, white, brown, and black. Most of the time, their coat colors have two or more blends, and it's rare they're a single color. 

On average, this breed can grow up to 12-15inches/31-38cm and weigh between 30-60lbs/14-28kg. The personality of a Corgi and German Shepherd mix is equally as great as its looks, meaning it's a bubbly dog that loves to play and bond with many humans

Even though it loves to expel a lot of energy, it can also be calm when required. It's also an excellent family dog and is a great breed to own if you have children

Chow Shepherd

The Chow Shepherd combines two similar dogs, the Chow Chow and the German Shepherd.

Both parents have a similar personality, making it a very predictable crossbreed to own. If you're not familiar with their temperaments, they both have fierce, independent, and guard dog personalities. This crossbreed can also be hesitant with strangers, just like its parents.

Most of the time, their appearance often tends to be the same as a Chow Chow having big dog hair. Don't worry; it does not shed excessively, only moderately during the year. Due to it having a thick coat, though, this is a hybrid more suited to colder environments than hot ones

Their face tends to be similar to a German Shepherd, and they have a brown or tan-colored coat. On average, these guard dogs can grow up to 26 inches/66cm tall and weigh between 60-85lbs/27-39kg.

Bernese Shepherd

The Bernese Shepherd is a cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the German Shepherd.

They tend to be large hybrids growing up to 23-28inches/59-72cm and weigh between 75-100lbs/165-50kg. Due to this hybrid being one of the larger ones, they're not suited to living in small spaces, so you must have a large home with a backyard for it to stretch its legs in!

Moreover, this hybrid requires a lot of time, as it's insanely loyal and does not like its owner getting out of sight! They often get called velcro dogs as they don't like to be on their own, making them fantastic family pets.

Similarly, they often portray a goofy nature like the Bernese mountain dog, making them four-legged friends who provide unlimited entertainment

Saint Shepherd

The Saint Shepherd is a mix between a Saint Bernard and a German Shepherd. Due to the Saint Bernard and German Shepherd being large dogs, this hybrid is big too, growing up to 28inches/72cm and weighing between 85-140lbs/39-64kg

In addition to their size, they often have a coat similar to a German Shepherd with white markings. Due to both breeds having thick coats, this cross can shed a lot and is not ideal for people with allergies.

The personality of this hybrid also tends to be relatively laid back and loyal, making them easygoing dogs to have in your home. They will do anything to protect your family and love from sharing their affection with you.

German Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix typically tends to be a herding dog. This means they are very smart canines that require a lot of brain stimulation if they aren't herding to stop them from going in self-destruct mode. 

Concerning their intelligence, the Australian Shepherd can easily pick up tricks and ques, making them an easy dog to train. Moreover, this dog loves to be the center of attention and therefore well suited to large families, so they can always be given affection.

This German Shepherd mix often has fine, thick hair that sheds moderately. Sometimes it can have coat colors like the German Shepherd being either black or brown and sometimes merle patterns.

This mix is often smaller than the German Shepherd growing up to 21-24inches/54-61cm and weighing between 50-80lbs/23-37kg.

Sheprador: German Shepherd and Labrador mix

The Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix is also known as the Sheprador and is quite the active hybrid.

Due to both parents' energetic nature, a one-hour walk a day won't suffice; instead, they will need an intense run. As both parents were bred to be working dogs and retrieve waterfowl, this breed will likely love water, so make sure they have playtimes in a lake or the sea, if possible.

The appearance of the hybrid tends to be similar to its Labrador Retriever parent, having either golden, black, or brown hues.

Similarly, as both parents tend to be moderate to heavy shedders, this German Shepherd mix is not suitable to own if you suffer from a lot of allergies. Finally, this breed tends to be medium to large, weighing up to 90lbs/41kg and growing up to 26inches/66cm.

German Shepherd Dachshund mix

This German Shepherd and Daschund mix is more suitable for apartment owners.

On average, this Shepherd mix can grow up to 15-22inches/38-56cm and weigh between 25-45lbs/11-21lbs. Many people mention that tkhe Dachshund Shepherd looks like a mini German Shepherd, just with a longer body.

Like its Dachshund parent, it can be prone to health issues due to its short physique. Also, this mix tends to be quite rare.

Because of this, it's difficult to detect what health problems and personality traits it will inherit exactly. It's predicted that this dog will most likely be a lap dog but have some energetic nature of the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Doberman mix

The Doberman Shepherd is an epic mix, as its parents are both powerful dogs originating from Germany. These are very large dogs that can grow up to 100lbs/46kg and therefore will require a backyard to play in and intense long walks to use up their energy.

They also are excellent guard dogs as they love to protect their property with their fierce and brave nature.

Many people might find this guard dog intimidating, but proper training and socialization will help keep their aggression in place. This German Shepherd and Doberman mix can also be an incredibly loyal and affectionate dog when not showing these traits.

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix

This German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix is a new designer breed. Therefore, there is not a great deal of information on it. After its Chihuahua parent, this dog tends to be small to medium in size, weighing up to 8-60lbs/4-28kg and growing up to 7-45inches/18-115cm

This German Shepherd mix will have a brown and black coat similar to a German Shepherd most of the time. In addition to this, they may have short hair, which sheds very little.

Also, don't be deceived by its small size. This German Shepherd mix has aggressive tendencies; therefore, strict training is required early. 

Moreover, it's not an ideal dog to own if you are outside your home a lot of the time; this breed loves humans and self-destructs if left on its own for too long.

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix

The German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix is medium-sized, but the actual dimensions vary greatly.

Compared to other German Shepherd mixed breeds, this dog is unique as it's relatively new and requires a female German Shepherd to be artificially inserted by a male Pomeranian

This dog has larger hair than the German Shepherd and a curled tail most of the time. This German Shepherd mix can also have a variety of coat colors such as black, brown, tan, brindle, sable, brindle, white, merle, and more.

Moreover, because its parent's breeds have completely contrasting temperaments, it's also difficult to predict what this German Shepherd mix might have. However, they share some common traits: loyalty and providing affection to humans of all ages.

German Shepherd Boxer mix

The German Shepherd and Boxer mix is a lucky breed with intelligence and energetic nature.

While their intelligence makes them a German Shepherd mix that's easy to train, they can also get distracted easily from their high energy.

Because of this, this crossbreed is also better suited to experienced dog owners. Sometimes they can also become a bit protective, acting as a guard dog within the household.

This German Shepherd and Boxer mix also tends to have a large, stocky body weighing between 50-85lbs/25-39kg and growing up to 22-25inches/56-64cm. Regarding its coat, though, it can be hard to predict as it can inherit the qualities of either parent.

Alaskan Shepherd mix

The Alaskan Shepherd mix combines the Alaskan Malamute and the German Shepherd. It's a strong and large dog growing up to 22-25inches/56-64cm and weighing between 60-85lbs/28-39kg

Due to their large size, they're well suited for families who require a guard dog. However, due to the Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd's working nature, they may need a lot of training to control their enthusiasm and occasional reckless tendencies. They also do well when they have jobs to follow.

Moreover, this hybrid tends to inherit similar characteristics from both parents, having a distinct muscular wolf-like look. Most of the time, they have pointy and erect ears with either brown, blue, or hazel eyes.

Rottweiler Shepherd

The German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a muscular and strong dog that loves to protect and step in as a guard dog.

While this German Shepherd mix can be a pleasant family dog to own, they're best suited to homes with a large yard to run around in. After all, the German Shepherd mixed breed can weigh up to 75-115lbs/34-53kg and grow up to 22-28inches/56-72cm.

This hybrid can handle cold weather like German Shepherds and Rottweilers due to the double coat inherited. However, the coat color can be difficult to predict as they are known to come in either black, grey, white, tan, sable, red, or cream.

Plus, sometimes, they can have a solid color or a mix of colors.

Wolf Shepherd

Do you have a picture of a Wolf Doberman mix? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Suppose you're looking for a majestic hybrid. In that case, you might be interested in the Wolf Shepherd, a combination of a German Shepherd and a wolf! Like wolves and German Shepherds, this is a large breed weighing up to 120lbs/54kg and growing up to 24inches/60cm.

Most of the time, its appearance takes after the wolf parent by having a thick coat, pointy ears, and a large elongated face. As one parent is a wild animal, the genes this hybrid inherits can be unpredictable, and there can be questions if it's dangerous.

For this reason, it's banned across some US states. Therefore this is not a crossbreed that's suited for first-time dog owners.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd

The parent breeds of this hybrid consist of two large dogs, the German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. Moreover, the temperament of this breed is brave and serious. 

They are a quiet breed that's not known to bark but can be strong and powerful even though they're quiet.

Moreover, they're excellent watchdogs as they're always highly alert and have a protective instinct. They're also great family dogs being ideal companions for kids if socialized from an early age.

As German Shepherds and Great Pyrenees are raised in cold environments, this is a hybrid that's best suited to cold weather.

It's difficult to raise them in hot weather as they have a straight and dense medium coat that sheds. Depending on its inheritance pattern, it can have a wavy or curly coat coming in a fawn, white or black color.

Mastiff Shepherd

This rare hybrid results from two parent breeds: the German Shepherd and the Mastiff. It's a large and powerful dog weighing between 130-190lbs/59-87kg and growing up to 27-30inches/69-77cm.

Due to their large size, they can become overweight quickly if they do not frequently exercise for moderate intensity. These dogs also thrive off being productive, and if they don't have a job to perform, they could quickly become bored.

They're also great family pets; they love to be the center of attention and can be gentle with children. However, they're not dogs that do well left on their own as they can quickly develop separation anxiety.

Just like German Shepherds and Mastiffs, this breed inherits a double thick coat and sheds fur regularly; therefore, they're not ideal if you suffer from a lot of allergies.

Apart from that, you're spoilt for choice with its coat as it comes in either silver, sand, red or black tones.

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