25 incredible Vizsla mixes

vizsla mix

Just like how most people are either cat or dog lovers, some people are more of a fan of small dogs or big dogs. Arguably though, both smaller breeds and larger breeds get a lot of attention online. 

But, one type of dog that is often overlooked is the designer dog. The designer breed is not official, but instead, hybrid dogs are a combination of offspring from two purebred dogs.

The truth is, there are so many mixed breeds that exist in the world that we'd be here for a long time naming them all. Therefore today, we're going to highlight certain mixes in particular, and all of these gods are of a vizsla mix.

But, to truly understand the characteristics of these beautiful designer breeds, you must look at the Vizsla first.

What is a Vizsla?

The pure Vizsla is a medium to large ancient dog breed from Hungary; its history dates back to over 1000 years ago. Back then, the Hungarian Vizsla was specifically bred to be a hunting dog, mainly retrieving birds.

Moreover, this is large to medium sized light breed today that is less aggressive and serves as gentle and affectionate family dogs. They're not the biggest breed nor the smallest. 

This dog breed can grow up to 52-67cm/20-26inches and weigh between 22-30kg/48-66lbs.

In addition to this, they're also quite an intelligent breed but a cheeky one too, as they know how to manipulate situations, hence why positive reinforcement training is needed right from an early age.

Moreover, the Vizsla is not always the best breed to have in your home if you suffer from allergies, as they tend to shed a lot.

25 Top Vizsla mixed breeds

There are many great Vizsla mixes that exist in the dog world, and today we're just going to provide you with 25 amazing Vizsla mixes. Here they are in no particular order:

German Shepherd Vizsla

This canine is a fantastic hybrid family dog. Part of this reason is that the parent breeds of this mix are hardworking and have lots of energy to expel.

Because they have high energy, they're sociable dogs that love to learn new things like tricks and skills, making them easy to train.

On the contrary, this is a large dog breed that requires a lot of exercise, meaning they're not the best suited to small homes with no yards, i.e., apartments. This dog can also have a vizsla coat with their fur being short or like a German Shepherd where it's denser.

Usually, this mixed breed has a distinct appearance easily identified by its muscular body, long limbs, and black and tan coat.

Vizsla Beagle mix

One of the most unique things about this vizsla mix is that a Beagle is small, and the Vizsla is medium-large. However, the vizsla beagle mix falls into the medium-sized and has a brown or red type coat that has a texture like its Vizsla parent.

Due to both its parent's breeds having similar personalities, this mixed breed will likely display an eager to please nature and have high amounts of energy to expel. 

Therefore if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a dog, we'd recommend not to get this mix as they need at least one hour of active exercise per day. Plus, it is also a very intelligent mixed breed and therefore requires a lot of mental stimulation.

Vizsla and Labrador Retriever

This Vizsla Labrador mix is also commonly known as a Labrala.

Moreover, it's also an ideal family dog as they love to cuddle and play with humans of all ages. As both the Labrador Retriever and Vizsla are high energy breeds, you will likely have to dedicate a lot of time to playing and exercising them.

They're best suited to homes with a backyard, and it's always good to have a frisbee on hand. This medium sized Vizsla mix can weigh up to 50-80lbs/22-37kg and grow up to 25 inches/63cm. 

However, their size can range quite slightly depending on which qualities they inherit. The same also applies to their coat; it can range from different shades of brown or golden.

Vizsla Boxer mix

This Vizsla mix is an affectionate designer dog that thrives on quality time with its owners. However, this dog must be trained and socialized to live with children or other animals from an early age. 

As both parent breeds are hunting dogs, the Vizsla and Boxer mix must get lots of energy outside otherwise, they could cause mischief in your home. They also tend to have a short haired coat which means they don't shed much. 

As both parents have a similar height and size, they don't tend to vary in weight ranging from 45-70lbs/20-32kg and growing up to 25 inches/64cm.

German Wirehaired Pointing Vizsla

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a medium sized dog that can grow up to 21-25inches/53-64cm and weigh up to 20-32kg/44-71lbs. The German wirehaired pointer is also a dog breed that has a double coat; their under tends to be short and soft, whereas the outer is wiry and dense. 

Moreover, because the German Wirehaired Point Vizsla has a double coat, it's quite likely they could shed more, so try and have a vacuum on hand. Similarly, the German Wirehaired Pointing Vizsla often has a red or brown coat. 

Regarding the personality of German wirehaired pointing vizsla, they're often loyal, with a sweet nature and hardworking, willing to undergo any task you set them.

Vizsla Dachshund mix

This Vizsla crossed Dachshund is a cute breed to own as it combines the wiener-like body of the Dachshund and pairs it with the stunning red/golden coat from the Vizsla. 

However, as it's a hybrid breed, it's hard to predict the personality of these dogs. Sometimes this can be a sociable dog that thrives off companionship, but they can also be independent and spend a sufficient amount of time on their own.

However, they do have a strong prey instinct, and it's not unusual to find this designer dog running and chasing after animals.

Vizsla Weimaraner mix

The Vizsla Weimaraner mix is an athletic dog that loves to sprint, making them great companions to have on a run. Moreover, they love to spend time with their owners, often a bit too much getting given the name of a velcro dog. 

While they are incredibly loyal dogs, they don't tend to do too well left on their own as they can easily develop separation anxiety.

This healthy dog tends to have a cinnamon brown colored coat. Their weight can also vary between 50-65lbs/23-30kg and grow up to 24inches/61cm.

Rhodesian Ridgeback and Vizsla mix

This Rhodesian Ridgeback designer breed is quite a controversial dog. This is because they constantly display two personality traits on the opposite end of the spectrum.

First of all, the dog is has a sweet nature and loves to be affectionate with those in their home. However, they can be quite aloof and difficult to control when it comes to strangers. Therefore early socialization is essential for this designer breed. 

Grooming isn't that difficult with this crossbreed as it both tends to exhibit a shorter coat like its parent. Most of the time, this hybrid tends to have a brindle colored coat.

Vizsla Staff (Vizsla and American Staffordshire Terrier mix)

The Vizsla staff is a hybrid dog with a Vizsla parent and an American Staffordshire Terrier. This American Staffordshire Terrier mix is very athletic and best suited to a home with lots of space and a backyard. Males of this mixed breed weighs between 50-55lbs/23-24kg and grow up to 21-23inches/53-58cm. 

They're also perfect pets because they're very intelligent and have short coats meaning the American Staffordshire Terrier mix sheds very little.

Transylvizsla (Vizsla and Transylvanian Hound)

The Transylvanian hound and Vizsla mix is a dog with a unique coat compared to other Vizsla mixes. The common coat color this Transylvanian Hound Vizsla mix has is black, and they also have a red nose. However, they are also known for their coat to come in a brown, blue, or fawn color. 

Both parents are hunting dogs, and this dog loves to chase after many animals. To control this wild instinct, you have to be firm and provide a lot of positive reinforcement-based training.

In addition to this, they love to run around up to one hour at a time to expel their energy.

Golden Vizsla

This hybrid dog breed is a combination of the Golden Retriever and Vizsla. Generally, this dog tends to be medium-sized and has medium-length hair.

Due to their size and instinct to hunt, they're not a breed suited to apartment dwellers; they have a lot of energy and need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

Moreover, if you train them well, they are great family dogs to own, but they often have a stubborn streak.

Whippet Vizsla

If you're looking for a hybrid breed that's friendly with all family members from young to old, then you might be interested in this breed.

This dog may inherit characteristics from its whippet parent barking at times, so be careful if you have strict neighbors.

Both of them are sporty breeds, and they love to go out fetching and retrieving objects, so you must provide them with an ample amount of daily exercise.

Vizsla Poodle mix

The Vizsla and Poodle mix is also known as a Vizslapoo. Unlike other mixes, they don't tend to be the most common; however, they're still great to own if you have one. 

Most of the time, if they have a toy Poodle parent, this designer breed will tend to be small to medium in size; however, if they have a Standard Poodle parent, this mix could be medium to large. 

Both parent breeds were initially bred to hunt waterfowl, making this hybrid an intelligent and energetic dog. This means they can easily pick up a skill and are easy to housetrain.

Vizsla Doberman mix

The Vizsla and Doberman mix is an interesting, athletic, and elegant dog to own. As their parents are the ideal hunting companion, this hybrid also has a solid drive to hunt birds and chase after other animals.

Irrespective of their hunting traits, this dog is generally healthy and loves to get close to many family members but can easily be aloof around strangers.

Vizsla Mastiff

Another rare Vizla mix that exists is the Vizsla and Mastiff. Generally, this crossbreed tends to be docile and eagerly awaits any family member.

However, unlike some mixes, they tend to be larger, making it difficult to be around children unsupervised.

Therefore to avoid this, you should ensure they have positive and consistent training from an early age.

Vizsla Chihuahua mix

If you're a fan of smaller breeds, you might wish to get the Vizsla and Chihuahua mix.

Due to their small size, they're perfect to live in different types of houses, including apartments. But don't be deceived too much as they still have a lot of energy to use up. 

Once you do take them for daily exercise, though, there's nothing more that they love than curling up on your lap and cuddling. This small cross tends to be friendly, but they can still be anxious around strangers. Therefore socialization from an early age is vital.

Vizsla Rat Terrier

Do you have pictures of a Vizsla Rat Terrier? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Even though the Vizsla is a sporting breed and the Rat Terrier was bred to hunt, it does not make this hybrid bad for families.

Their unique parents' characteristics make them quite the opposite, allowing them to bond with anyone in the family.

This designer breed is incredibly playful and naturally curious, making them a dog you will never get bored of owning.

Do note, though, when you take them out on a walk, they might display a strong prey drive. But, that can be easily removed with early socialization.

Vizsla Collie

Combine the world's most intelligent Dog, the Border collie, and the Vizsla, and you get this fantastic hybrid. Due to it being a descendent from a highly intelligent Border Collie, this dog can be trained and pick up skills very quickly.

These loyal pups also adore human companionship. As they are intelligent and active dogs, they will require a lot of physical and mental stimulation; therefore, it's a good idea to have toys in your home to entertain them.

Great Vizsla

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Reputable breeders have done well in combining two stunning brown large dogs, the Great Dane and Vizsla. While this big dog may intimate some, the Great Vizsla offers nothing but gentle affection.

Speaking of size, they can grow up to 4 feet! But, their size can be a hindrance if you don't train and show them good manners from an early age, as many of these dogs can easily forget how big they are.

Vizsla Corgi

vizsla corgi mix
Source: Reddit

While the Corgi is a pocket dog and the Vizla is a medium-sized breed, this mix of the two is completely adorable.

Often this dog tends to have a completely light brown coat but is known to have a white front taking after their Corgi parent.

These dogs are also energetic, so you must dedicate time to play with them to get plenty of affection in return.

Vizsla Bloodhound

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The Vizsla Bloodhound is a unique mix. First of all, the Vizsla is a sporting dog and the Bloodhound, a hunting dog heavily dependent on its scent, makes this cross quite hyperactive. 

What we mean by this is that it's naturally curious and loves to venture off; therefore, it needs positive and firm training. This hybrid can be easily identified by its floppy ears and stunning red coat inherited from the Vizsla.

Vizsla Greyhound

This hybrid is an incredibly sporty dog with lots of energy to use up, as its parents are sporting breeds. If you plan to own this Vizsla and Greyhound Mix, you must provide them with enough opportunities to exercise and give it a home with a backyard to run around in. 

Though, as long as their energy needs are met, they can adapt to most environments.

Australian Cattle Vizsla

Do you have pictures of a Australian Cattle Vizsla mix? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

The Australian Cattle and Vizsla mix might suit you if you want to avoid owning a velcro dog. While they love humans, this breed is more likely to be ok being on its own as they have an independent nature. 

This hybrid breed is a dog that is naturally alert and curious due to their Australian Cattle parent's herding instinct. Because of this, they require a lot of mental stimulation and exercise to exhaust their herding skills.

Vizsla Springer Spaniel

springer vizsla mix

If you're looking for a Vizsla mix that lives for human companionship, then you might be interested in owning the Vizsla and Springer Spaniel mix. This charming dog loves to be the center of attention and does not do well when someone is not at home.

Due to them having a Springer Spaniel parent, they have an alert and loyal personality, based on their parent's instinct to hunt. Plus, their loyalty makes them a hybrid that's easy to train.

Vizsla Rottweiler

Don't be deceived by the Vizsla and Rottweiler mix, thinking it's an aggressive hybrid. It's actually quite the opposite! They're loving and loyal dogs that can be the true best friend for anyone. 

Do note, though, they are highly energetic and require a lot of exercise each day. Similarly, they can be reserved around strangers, but that can be prevented if socialized from an early age.

This is a medium to large crossbreed that tends to have more of the Rottweilers black coat and light brown lower legs.

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