200+ Candy Dog Names That Will Give Your Pup A Sugar High


Do you love dogs as much as you love eating candy? Then this list is for you – it’s jam packed full of all the best candy dog names you could ever imagine.

Every new pet parent wants a name that not only stands out from the crowd, but that is representative of something they enjoy – and who doesn’t enjoy candy?

Whether your taste buds prefer the smoothe melt-in-your-mouth decadence of chocolate, or a chewy gummy experience, or even if you like crunching your way through lollipops and hard candy, we have rounded up every candy name we could find and present it here for you in a list of total yumminess.

So, make sure your tummy is full to capacity before you start reading or you will be forced to do a candy run – you have been warned!

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⭐ Dog Names Based on Classic Candy Bars

Whether you prefer a more classic name or like something a bit out of the ordinary, this list has some really cool dog names to choose from. We think “Baby Ruth” is a sweet name for all female dogs and “Curly Wurly” is a cute name for the Curly-Coated Retriever.

Baby Ruthbar made with peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate flavored nougat, then covered in chocolate
Butterfingerthe butterfinger bar is full of peanut buttery yumminess
Caramelloone of the messiest candy bars you can eat!
Caramello Beara bear shaped chocolate with a caramel center
CharlestonThe Charleston Chew is an American candy bar
ClarkClark Bar
Cruncha bar of chocolate filled with crispy rice
Crunchiechocolate and honeycomb bar
Curly Wurlytype of chocolate bar
DeckerDouble Decker bar – could also have a girl name of “DD” pronounced “Didi”
GoldHershey's Gold – “Goldie” or “Goldilocks” as the name
Heathtoffee bar coated in chocolate
Henrythe Oh Henry is an American Candy bar made of peanuts, caramel and fudge coated in chocolate
Joyfor the Almond Joy Candy Bar
Lionit consists of a filled wafer with caramel and cereals covered in milk chocolate
Kit KatThe Kit Kat is officially a chocolate bar rather than a biscuit despite consisting largely of wafer – it is one of the world's favorite candy bars
Milky WayMilky way is a popular candy bar
MoundsA bar made of dark chocolate and coconut
Mr. Goodbara bar of chocolate that makes a really fun dog's name
Musketeerfor the 3 Musketeer bar
ReeseReese's Peanut Butter Cups – a yummy sweet treat
Snickersa popular candy bar made with peanut butter
Take 5the take 5 is one of the only bars to have pretzels inside
Twixcaramel shortbread chocolate bar
Whatchamacallita peanut butter chocolate candy bar
ZabbaAbba Zabba bar – chewy taffy bar with a cremay peanut buttery center
ZeroThe zero bar is made of caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered in white chocolate

🐻 Candy Names Inspired by Gummy Sweets

We would like to put in a request to the Wonka Factory to make a bottomless packet of gummy sweets – there just never seems to be enough in the bag, right?! We think “Teddy” is an adorable name for any fluffy and cuddly dog breed, like the Cavapoo. Our top pick is the name “Squashy” after the squashies sweets for a Chinese Shar-Pei, because of their endless wrinkles.

Bazookaan American brand of bubble gum
Chicletchewing gum
Gumdropbrightly colored gummy candy often coated in sugar
Gummy BearGummy Bears are a popular candy originally made by Haribo, a candy company in Germany – can also be written “Gummi Bear”
Hubba Bubbabrand of bubble gum made by Wrigley's
Jelly BabyJelly babies are a popular gummy
Jujubesgummy fruit flavored candy
Marshmallowmarshmallows are soft and chewy
Peachpeach rings
Squashiesa gummy sweet by Drumstick
TeddyJelly Teddies
Wormgummy worms

🍫 Chocolate Inspired Names for Dogs

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love tucking into some yummy chocolate. We think “Milka” is a funny name for any white dog. And since you know how we love “dad joke” type puns, how about naming your Yorkie… well… “Yorkie”

AeroNickname based on “aerated chocolate”
Bon Bona small chocolate confection (sometimes filled with liqueur)
Buttonsfor chocolate buttons
Dovea chocolate product from the Mars company
Flakea popular chocolate that usually goes into a soft serve ice cream
Freddoa Cadbury's chocolate
Galaxysmooth and creamy chocolate
Giantfor giant chocolate buttons
Happy Cowa type of Milka – its milk and white chocolate together in one slab in a cow pattern
KissesHershey's Kisses
Lindorfor the Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls
M & Mgreat for a pair of dogs (Mars and Murrie after the founders) – candy coated chocolates
Maltesershoneycomb spheres covered in delicious chocolate
Milkaa popular chocolate slab
Milkybara type of white chocolate
RocherFerrero Rocher is a chocolate candy sweet treat
Rolocone shaped chocolates full of caramel
Smartiesa candy coated chocolate product by Nestle
SnoSno-Caps – small pieces of chocolate covered in white nonpareils
Toblerone“Toby” for short – a chocolate brand
Trufflesbite sized chocolate confections
Twirla Cadbury's chocolate
Wispaa Cadbury's chocolate
Yorkie5 solid chunks of smooth chocolate

🍓 Fruit Candy Inspired Dog Names for Everyone who Loves Dogs

You can’t go wrong with the dog names “Mike and Ike” for a pair of boy dogs or what about “Chewit” for a cheeky Labrador who likes to chew on everything? There really are some fun and unusual names on this list to ensure your puppy stands out at the dog park.

AirheadAirheads is the name of a fruity candy
Chewittype of fruity sweet
Fizzera chewy strawberry flavored treat
Jelly Beandelicious sweet treats
Jelly Tota fruity sweet covered in sugar
Jujyfor Jujy Fruit candy
Laffy TaffyLaffy Taffy is a fruity chewy American candy
Mike & Ikefor a pair of puppies – after the fruit candy
Pastillefruit pastilles are chewy sweets sometimes covered in sugar in a variety of fruity flavors
PebblesFruity Pebbles is a candy name
Pinballa fruity chewy sweet by Maoam
PixyPixy Stix is a powdered candy packaged in a drinking straw – comes in a variety of fruity flavors
Skittlescandy name
Starbursta chewy candy – “Star” for short
Sweetarteach sweet tart delivers delicious fruity flavors
TootsieTootsie Fruit Chews are fruity candies
Twizzlersthe strawberry and cherry ones do not contain licorice extract and so are referred to as a licorice type candy instead of the original licorice twizzlers

🤵 Gourmet Candy Names for Your Pedigreed Pooch

Is your adorable pup a cut above the rest? How about choosing one of these expensive luxury brands as your dog naming muse? We adore the super cool name “Gatsby” for a boy dog.

Amedeithey turn the rarest cocoa beans in the world into chocolate masterpieces
FranFran's chocolates – hand crafted chocolates since 1982
GatsbyGatsby chocolates has a luxury candy line
Ghirardellidelicious gourmet chocolate
Godivaa Belgian based gourmet chocolatier – “Lady Godiva” would be a great dog name
JacquesJacques Torres – known as Mr. Chocolate
JohnJohn Kelly chocolates – a gourmet chocolate shop
KellyJohn Kelly chocolates – a gourmet chocolate shop
LilyLily O' Brien's is a luxury chocolate brand
Madelinela madeline au Truffe is one of the most sought after and expensive chocolates by the House of Knipschildt
MaisonLa Maison du Chocolat
Neuhasa quality Belgian chocolate
NoirFlying Noir chocolates are a luxury item
RichartMaison Richart – one of the most expensive chocolate brands in the world
Rococoaward winning British chocolates
Teuscherexpensive Swiss chocolate
ThierryTierry Atlan chocolates
TonyTony's Chocolonely is an expensive brand of chocolate
TorresJacques Torres – known as Mr. Chocolate
ValrhonaHigh quality chocolates – “Val” or “Rhona” for short
VenchiItalian gourmet chocolate
Vosgesluxury chocolates

🍬 Fun Names for Dogs Inspired by Hard Candy

“Pop Rock” is the best dog name for a pooch with a bubbly personality. Or what about “Tic Tac” for a small dog breed?

Butterscotchold fashioned hard candy
Jawbreakerpopular candy name
Jolly Ranchercandy name
NerdNerds are bite sized hard candy
Nut Puffcruchy peanut buttery candy treat
Peza hard candy associated with fun character dispensers
Pop RockPop Rocks are small hard candies that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super atmospheric pressure
RockRock candy – made of large sugar crystals – “Rocky” is a great dog name
Runtcandy name
Sparklesa type of hard boiled sweet
Tic Tacsmall hard candy that comes in a variety of flavors
TuttiTutti Fruity sweets are hard boiled sweets
Zotza hard candy that contains sherbet

🍭 Cool Candy Dog Names Derived from Lollipops for All Pet Parents

Lollipop, Lollipop, oh lolly, lolly, lolly, lollipop – theres an earworm courtesy of the Chordettes for you! And here is a selection of fabulous lollipop inspired dog names for you to explore.

We love the name “Sugar Daddy” for a boy dog! And your female dog can be your “Tootsie Pop”.

CharmCharms lollipops
Choccyfor chocolate lollipops
ChupsChupa Chups – one of the most popular lollipops in the world
Dum Dumlittle lollipops that come in various flavors
Fizz Popa Beacon cherry flavored lollipop
Heartheart lollipops
Lollyshort version of lollipop – cute candy name
PopRing Pop is a brand of fruit flavored lollipops
Sugar Daddya caramel lollipop
Swirlcarnival lollipops are swirled and colorful
Tootsie Popa Tootsie Pop is a hard candy lollipop filled with the chocolate flavored chewy tootsie rolls candy

❄️ Mint Candy Dog Names for Your Fresh and Cool Dog

Mint candy wouldn’t be the mainstream taste choice for most, but if you have a dog that's an unusual breed, there are some incredible minty dog names to choose from. Our top pick is “Eskimo” for a Samoyed or an Alaskan Malamute. Or how about “Humbug” for a French Bulldog who loves to snore?

AndesAndes chocolate mints
Candy Canea christmas classic
Crumblesmint crumbles
EskimoEskimo mints
Humbugmint humbugs
JuniorJunior Mints are small rounds of mint filling inside a chocolate coating
Lifesaverlifesavers are a hard or soft candy that can come in a minty flavor
Mentoschewy candy – comes in a minty flavor
MurrayMurray mints
Pattiepeppermint pattie is a dark chocolate coated patty of soft mint filling – made by the Hershey company
Star Britepeppermint candy

💼 Names for Dogs Inspired by the Most Popular Candy Companies

Ladies and Gentleman, here are the companies that bring you all your favorite cravings and make it impossible to stick to a diet! Who will you choose to honor in your dog's name?

Barratta popular sweets company
BeeJohny Bee is a brand that specializes in many candies like gadget candy and playful confectionary
Cadburya multinational confectionary company
Ferrerochocolate company
Hariboa German candy company
Hersheythe company that makes the Almond Joy
JohnyJohny Bee is a brand that specializes in gadget candy and playful confectionary
Johny BeeJohny Bee is a brand that specializes in gadget candy and playful confectionary
Lindtchocolate company
Marsas the largest candy company in the world they make many candies – same name as the Mars bar
Mondelezan international candy company – “Monde” or “Lez” for short
Nestleworld's largest food and beverage company with a huge line of candy products
Swizzelsone of the longest running sweet factories in the world
Whitmanlargest and oldest brands of boxed chocolates. They have been around since 1842
Wrigley'sthey make Hubba Bubba bubble gum

🥥 Cute Names Inspired by Common Ingredients for Your Candy Dog

Some of the most common candy ingredients make the best dog names. There are some good ol’ faithful names here as well as some that are a bit different. “Biscuit” is our top pick for a light colored dog, like the Saluki.

Biscuita common ingredient
Brazilbrazil nuts are often found in slabs of chocolate
Caramela main ingredient in the Milky way candy bar
Cocoathe basis of all chocolate products
Coconuta main ingredient in the Almond Joy candy bar
Crispyfor rice krispies
Fudgethe Oh Henry candy bar is full of delicious gooey fudge
Hazelfor hazelnuts
Nougatthe Charleston Chew is a candy bar full of vanilla flavored nougat and covered in chocolate
Peanutan ingredient in many candy bars like the Baby Ruth
Peanut Butterthe main ingredient in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Pufffor puffed rice
Sprinklesfor the nonpareils on many chocolates
Sugarthe gummy version of Candy Corn is coated with sugar
Toffeefound inside many bars of chocolate
Waferan ingredient in Kit Kats

🌐 Foreign Candy Dog Names for Your Globe-Trotting Dog

If you are an avid traveller, you can add some international flair to your pup’s name. Foreign candy brands are a great source of inspiration for candy names for dogs. We adore the name “Nova”.

Afrikoagrows and produces its chocolate on home soil – “Koa” is a great dog name
BomboniPuccini Bomboni – from the Netherlands
Bonnata French company
Caffarelan Italian company
Callebauta Belgian brand – “Calle” for short
CamilleCamille Bloch – Swiss chocolate
Chappiesa South African classic bubblegum
Chocolozaseriously Belgian but naturally African – this company makes Belgian chocolates with South African ingredients
Domorian Italian company that makes chocolate – “Dom” for short
FreyChocolat Frey – manufactures chocolate and chewing gum in Switzerland
HachezGerman chocolate company
JordinoJordino Chocolatier is in Amsterdam
KinderKinder Bueno – an Italian chocolate
LacasitoLacasitos are similar to M&M's and come from Spain
Leonidasclassic Belgian chocolate brand – “Leon” for short
Napoleonthis candy is produced in the Netherlands
Novaboutique chocolatier in Benoni, South Africa
Novifamous Italian chocolate
PucciniPuccini Bomboni – from the Netherlands
RitterRitter Sport – most quintessential German chocolate you can get
SalSal de Ibiza – one of the finest Spanish cocolate brands
Tikkelsa Dutch candy
TrolliGerman sweets manufacturer
Valorlargest chocolate comapny in Spain
Whamthin chew bars sold in the UK and ROI – theyre filled with colored sherbet
WilsonWilson toffees – a South African chewy toffee

🍎 Fun Candy Dog Names Inspired by Popular Flavors

Which flavor will you choose? We adore the dog name “Honey” for the special lady in your life. We also think “Licorice” is the perfect name for a fluffy black Newfoundland.

AlmondBit O Honey candy bar has real almond bits inside for maximum flavor
Appleapple is a common flavor
Berrycandy often comes in raspberry, blueberry and strawberry flavors
Cherrya popular jelly bean flavor
Cinnamoncinnamon is a flavor of Christmas candies
HoneyBit O Honey candy bar is a naturally sweet taffy treat
Licoricea flavor of candy
Melonfor watermelon flavor
Mintthe flavor of peppermint candy
Raspberryblue raspberry is a common flavor of cotton candy (a sweet food made of spun sugar)
Vanillapink vanilla is a common flavor of cotton candy (a sweet food made of spun sugar)

🧙 Cool Candy Dog Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Calling all Potterheads! The Potterverse is jam packed full of the yummiest, craziest and downright amazing magical sweets courtesy of the Weasley twins and Honeydukes. And while you definitely couldn’t call your dog “Puking Pastille”, we think “Pepper Imp” is a really fun name for a cheeky Dalmatian

BertieBertie Botts Every Flavor Beans from Harry Potter – shaped like a jelly bean, but literally in every flavor imaginable (even vomit and earwax)
CanaryCanary Creams – Harry Potter
ChocoballFull of strawberry mousse and cream – Harry Potter
Cockroach“Roach” for short – Cockroach Clusters were sweets in Harry Potter
DrooblesDroobles Best Blowing Gum – Harry Potter
FrogChocolate frogs are candy frogs that really jump – Harry Potter
Fudgemallowa whipple scrumptious fudgemallow delight is a Wonka special
GobstopperEverlasting Gobstoppers were a Wonka sweet 
Honeydukesthe sweet shop in Harry Potter
Pepper Impsa Honeydukes sweet that makes you breathe fire and smoke at the ears and nose- Harry Potter
Peppermint Toadsweets in Harry Potter
QuillSugar Quills – Harry Potter (so you can eat sweets in class)
RainbowRainbow Drops – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Sherbet Lemonthe password to Dumbledores office was his favorite sweets – Harry Potter
Swudgethe grass in the Wonka Factory is made of soft minty sugar
WhizzbeesFizzing Whizzbees – a Honeydukes sweet in Harry Potter
Willy WonkaWilly Wonka is the eccentric founder of the Wonka Chocolate Factory

Final Thoughts

We hope we haven’t caused a sugar overload with this incredibly yummy list of candy dog names! Let us know in the comments below which dog name is your favorite.

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