240+ Funny Dog Names For Your Goofball Pup

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It’s time to crank up the silly folks, because this list of funny names is sure to have you LOL-ing for days!

We have rounded up all the silly puns and downright hilarious dog name ideas we could find and put them all here in one place for you to snort-laugh your way through.

So if you have a wicked sense of humor and have yourself a pup with a goofy personality, you’re sure to find an epic moniker here that will make an impression on everyone you meet.

WARNING: This list of funny names may result in cheek cramps and sore tummy muscles – proceed with caution!

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👩 Funny Girl Dog Names For Your Cute Lady Friend

These funny girl dog names have some of the best puns ever. Whether you’re a fan of pop culture or just love one of the celebrity figures mentioned, we are sure one of these funny names will suit your lovely lady. We adore “Queen Elizabark” for a Corgi.

Catherine Zeta BonesCatherine Zeta Jones is an actress
CleopawtraCleopatra was the great Egyptian Queen
FurgieSarah Ferguson was known as “Fergie” – this is a great name for a fluffy pet
J.K. GrowlingJ.K. Rowling is a famous author
Katy PawryKaty Perry
Lisa VanderpupLisa Vanderpump is a TV personality
Queen ElizabarkQueen Elizabeth – not too sure the Royal Family will approve of this one
Sarah Jessica BarkerSarah Jessica Parker
Tina SprayTina Fey is an actress
Virginia WoofVirginia Woof is a play on Virginia Woolf, the English writer

👨 Ideas For Funny Boy Dog Names For All Male Dogs

Check out all these funny boy dog names! We think “Droolius Caesar” is the best name ever for Saint Bernard dogs and we adore the funny dog name “Pee Wee” for any small breed male dogs, like the Chihuahua or a Jack Russell Terrier.

Al Poo-ChinoAl Pacino is an actor
Andy WarhowlAndy Warhol was a visual artist
Bark TwainMark Twain was a famous writer
Bark WahlbergMark Wahlberg is an actor
Brad SittBrad Pitt is an actor
Chuck Norrisa funny dog's name – he's a martial artist and actor
Droolius CaesarJulius Caesar was one of the most famous Roman rulers
Groucho BarksGroucho Marx was a comedian, actor, writer and singer – a really fun name for grumpy dogs who always bark at people!
James Earl BonesJames Earl Jones is an actor
Jerry ChewisJerry Lewis was an American comedian – a great name for dogs who like to chew things
Jimmy ChewJimmy Chew should be Jimmy Choo
Kevin PawstnerKevin Costner is an actor
Napoleon BonapugFor the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
Pawtrick DumpseyPatrick Dempsey is an actor
Pee WeePee Wee Hermin was an actor – “Pee Wee” is a funny name for small dogs
Phil McCrackenHe was an American visual artist
Woofgang PupWolfgang Puck is an Austrian-American Chef

👩‍👦 Funny Human Names For Female and Male Dogs

While these dog names are human names, generally people seem to find naming their dog an old-fashioned name quite funny and we would have to agree! You have to admit a male dog named “Waldo” or a female named “Gertrude” is pretty funny, but since we love dad joke puns, our top pick is “Furdinand”.

Ferdinand (or rather “Furdinand” for a good pun)

🤡 Super Silly Ideas For Funny Dog Names For Your Pooch

These funny names are totally extreme but utterly hilarious. The Cocker Spaniel  breed is well-known for their waggy tails and happy temperament and so would totally suit the name “Alfred von Wigglebottom” – just imagine calling that out at the dog park!

Alfred von Wigglebottomhow would you not smile every time you called your pooch?
Barbie Dollthe popular toy doll
Ben Doversay it fast – lol
Betsy Wetsya drink and wet style of doll from the 1930's – ideal for your lady friend who hasn't mastered toilet training yet
Betty Spaghettythese are toy dolls
Captain Chaosthis name just sums up those early puppy days
Captain Snifferif your new dog is a Hound breed this is a really funny name
Count Droolsburyfor all those big dogs with slobbery jowls
Deputy Dawga great name for a German Shepherd pup as this breed is often used as service dogs
G.I Joethe popular toy figurine
GoDaddyan IT company for hosting websites
Hoppyfor the hyperactive pet who just can't sit still
Hot Rod Woofingtonjust a cool name to make you smile
Howlerif your new pup is a Siberian Husky who serenades you at 3am
Lucky Goodsniffera funny dog's name for a curious pup that always has his nose in something (usually trouble)
Mac Daddya Mac Daddy is a flirtatious and seductive man – great for a pooch with those big doleful puppy dog eyes
Micro Machinetoy cars
Miss Furbulousfor the sophisticated female pup
Miss Wagglebuttfor a lady friend who struts around the dog park
Missy Kissya doll that talks, drinks, wets and sings
Mister Fluffersfor really fluffy big dogs
Mr. Wagglesfor a pup with a really happy tail
Pawlick Officerfor police officer – if your buddy likes to uphold the law
Polly Pocketthese are small dolls – the perfect name for female small dogs
Poochieadding “ie” to the end just makes it an awesome dog's name
Professor Waggleswortha funny name for a puppy with a more serious personality
Sergeant Barkowitzthis is just a funny name especially if you have a dog who loves to bark on your hands
Sir Barks a Lot“Sir Barks a Lot” is a fun name for yappy pups and it can be shortened to “Sir Barks”
Sir Licks a LotFor the puppy who thinks you're a lollipop!
Sir Waggingtona funny name for any dog's breed – all happy dogs wag their tails
Spark Puginspiration from the humble spark plug
Subwoofera type of speaker
Waggera great dog name for a pooch who is always wagging his tail
Woofera funny dog name for a pup who is always talking to you in woofs

📽️ Funny Dog Names From Movies, TV Shows and Books For Your Pet With a Fun Personality

Pop culture never disappoints with some of the best dog names ever on this list. There are so many funny names here, we cannot settle on a favorite!

Bilbo BarkinsBilbo Baggins from The Hobbit
BlippiBlippi is a TV series for kids
Boba Fettfrom Star Wars
BruiserLegally Blonde – funny name for small dogs
Bullwinkle J. MooseRocky and Bullwinkle TV Show
Chewbarkafor Chewbacca from Star Wars
Dennis the MenaceDennis the Menace was a cartoon strip that was turned into a film
Dipsyone of the Teletubbies
Dobbythe house elf in Harry Potter
Doc McPuppinsfor the Doc McStuffins TV series
Doggy Howlser M.D.for Doogie Howser M.D – an American sitcom
DogzillaGodzilla is the inspiration behind this name
Dumbledorethe greatest wizard in the Harry Potter series
ElmoThe Muppets
Foxfacea character from the Hunger Games
Frankenweeniefrom the horror/comedy movie Frankenweenie
Frasierfrom the TV shows Cheers and Frasier
Fresh PrintsFresh Prince of Bel Air was a funny TV series
Gandalfthe wizard from the Lord of the Rings
Gidgetfrom The Secret Life of Pets
Hairy PawterHarry Potter
HobbitThe Hobbit is a book and a movie
Indiana BonesIndiana Jones
Jabba the MuttJabba the Hutt is from Star Wars
John Darlinga character in Peter Pan
King KongKing Kong has appeared in a number of movies
Lalaone of the Teletubbies
Lots-O'- Huggin' Bearfrom Toy Story
Mary PuppinsMary Puppins instead of Mary Poppins
Miss HavishamCharles Dickens' Great Expectations
Mister MiyagiKarate Kid
Mr. Dashwoodfrom the Little Women book
Nanathe beloved nursemaid in Peter Pan
Nilesfrom the Tv Show Frasier (Frasier's brother)
Oompa Loompafrom Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Poone of the Teletubbies
Prince of Barknessthe Prince of Darkness is a film
Prince Pondicherrya character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Puffyfrom the movie There's something about Mary
Ricky BobbyTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – Will Ferrell movies are usually hilarious
Sally O' MalleyMolly Shannon played this character on Saturday Night Live
Samson the Horsehe is Prince Phillip's faithful horse in Sleeping Beauty – this is the perfect name for a big dog
Santa PawsSanta Paws is a film series
Sherlock BonesSherlock Holmes
Slinky Dogfrom Toy Story
Snotsfrom the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
SookieThe Gilmore Girls
Stinky Petefrom Toy Story
Teletubbyfor the kids show the Teletubbies
The GruffaloA famous book series for children
The Wizard of PawsThe Wizard of Oz
Tiberiusfrom The Secret Life of Pets
Tinky Winkyone of the Teletubbies
Uncle BuckUncle Buck is a hilarious comedy movie
UrkelSteve Urkel was in the TV show Family Matters
White Fangthis is a novel, film and TV series and the perfect name for a white puppy
Willy Wonkafrom Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Winnie the Poochfor Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Poodlefor Winnie the Pooh
Yodafrom Star Wars – “Baby Yoda” for small dogs

🍔 Food Inspired Funny Names For Every Dog’s Personality

Naming your dog after food is one of the top trends along with pop culture names. And we are sure you can see why with this wide range of funny names for your dog. We adore the dog names “Tater Tot” and “Fluffer Nutter”, but if you’re after a funny pun then “Furrito” can’t be beat.

Chewyyou chew your food to eat – the perfect name for a new puppy that enjoys chewing your slippers!
Chickpeaa high protein legume and a funny name for girl pup
ChopstickChinese eating utensils – this name is sure to bring a smile to everyone who meets him or her
Dumplingpieces of dough wrapped around various fillings
Fluffernuttera sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow creme
Furritofor the Burrito – Furrito is a really good pun
Kumquata citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia and a great name for your new friend
Mangoa tropical fruit
Meatballsmall balls of ground meat that are fried or baked
Nachocorn chips smothered in cheese and other yummy toppings
Nibbletscorn in a can (Green Giant brand)
Noodlessuch an awesome pet name
Nuggetfor chicken nuggets – a laugh out loud kind of dog's name
Nutter Buttera sandwich cookie
Pawpawanother name for the papaya fruit – it's a great name for a big dog with giant paws
Peapodthe pod that the peas are in
PicklesLove em or hate em, you can't deny this is one of the best funny dog names ever
Potatoan unusual but delightfully funny name to give to your furry buddy
Pumpkina type of vegetable belonging to the squash family
Pup TartPop Tarts are a toaster snack
Puppacinoplay on the Cappucino – it's also a drink you can order for your puppy so they don't feel left out at Starbucks
PupperoniPepperoni is a common pizza topping
Tamalea Mexican dish – corn husks are stuffed with various fillings (meat, cheese, veggies)
Tater Totsmall cylinders of grated potato that are deep fried – “Tater” is a great name for a pooch
Tic Tacif your new puppy is really tiny, naming them after these small sweets is funny – even funnier is giving big dogs this name

🎶 Inspiration For Funny Dog Names From Music For Your Dancing Puppy

If you have a dog who likes to wiggle and jiggle along to music with you, then choosing one of these music inspired funny names is the way to go. We love the dog names “Lick Jagger” or “Jitterbug” for a Labrador Retriever – this dog breed is known for their energy and desire to lick their owners.

Billie HowlidayBillie Holiday was an American singer
Black Bettysong by Ram Jam and the perfect name for a girl puppy with a black coat
Diggie SmallsBiggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G is an American Rapper
Diggy AzaleaIggy Azalea is an Australian Rapper
Enrique DiglesiasEnrique Iglesias is a singer
Jitterbuga swing dance that is extremely lively
Kanye Westiefor Kanye West the rapper – Westie is the nickname of West Highland White Terrier pups
Li'l Bow Wowhe's an American rapper
Lick JaggerMick Jagger is the lead singer for the Rolling Stones band
LL Drool JLL Cool J is a rapper
Snarls BarkleyGnarls Barkley is an American soul duo comprised of CeeLo Green and Danger Mouse
Snoop DoggySnoop Dogg is a rapper

🪵 Funny Dog Names Inspired by Nature

We have some really cool nature inspired dog names here that are bound to make you giggle. Our top pick funny names are “Puddles” and “Barkley”.

Barkerfor tree bark
Barkleyfor tree bark
Buzzyfor bees
Drippyfor dripping raindrops – for all those big dogs that slobber everywhere
Flappyfor flapping wings of birds and bugs – the perfect funny dog name for a puppy with long flappy ears or a tongue that flops out
Flurryfor the gentle flurries of snow that fall – “Flurry” is a great name for a pooch with white spots
Puddlesperfect name for the puppy who just isn't getting the hang of toilet training
Snowballideal name for a fluffy white pet
Snowflakeif you have a super cool pooch that also happens to be white this is a funny dog name
Sparkyfor sparks of flame
Sproutfor the new shoots that sprout in spring
Swishyfor the trees that swish back and forth in the wind
Wispyfor wisps of clouds

👑 Presidential Pets With Funny Names

You’re not likely to typically associate presidents with being funny, but these real-life presidential pups are proof that even people with really serious jobs can have an incredible sense of humor. We love the name “Madame Moose” for a massive Newfie.

Boston BeansPresident Calvin Coolidge's Dog
DrunkardGeorge Washington's Dog
FalaPresident Roosevelt's Dog
FidoAbraham Lincoln's Dog
Him & HerPresident Lyndon Johnson's Beagles – funny names for a pair of pets
Madame MooseGeorge Washington's Dog
Miss Beazleythe Scottish Terrier of President George W. Bush
PunchPresident James Buchanan's Dog
SatanPresident John Adams' Dog – this is a name you are not likely to forget!
Sweet LipsGeorge Washington's Dog
VetoPresident James Garfield's Dog
WeegiePresident Hoover's Dog

🏈 Sporty Funny Dog Names For Your Buddy

Sports stars have some of the downright funniest names we have ever heard! We think the funny names “I.M. Hipp” and “Putt Putt” are really cool and slightly more appropriate than some of the other names on this list!

Austin Powersbasketball player – this is funny because he is also an iconic movie character
Babe WoofBabe Ruth was an iconic baseball player
Bake McBridebaseball player
Boof Bonserbaseball player
Dick ButkusAmerican football
Dick TrickleAmerican race car driver
Dimplesfor the dimples on golf balls
God Shammgodbasketball coach
Guy WhimperAmerican football
I.M. HippAmerican football
Putt Puttminiature golf
Razor Shinesbaseball player
Ron Tugnuttice hockey player
Stubby ClappCanadian baseball coach
World B. Freebasketball player

🎮 Inspiration For Funny Dog Names From Video Game Characters For Your Furry Friend

Ah guys, how can you beat a Husky named “Duff McWhalen”. There are some great dog names on this list from some of the most popular video games so you can honor your fandom right along with your quirky sense of humor.

Bear HuggerSuper Punch Out
BoogermanBoogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (which is exactly what it sounds like!)
Crash BandicootCrash Bandicoot
Cyber WooKing of the Monsters 2
Donkey KongDonkey Kong series
Dr. EggmanSonic the Hedgehog
Duff McWhalenMega Man X5
EggbertSpeedy Eggbert is a PC Video Game
Funky KongDonkey Kong series
Henry CooldownNo More Heroes
Hot ColdmanMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Hunk RedfieldResident Evil
Leisure Suit LarryLeisure Suit Larry series
Mumbo JumboBanjo-Kazooie series
Pizza PastaItalian boxer in Punch Out
Porky MinchEarthbound series
Soap MactavishCall of Duty
Soda PopinskiPunch Out
TingleLegend of Zelda
WakkaFinal Fantasy X
WaluigiMario series

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our list of funny dog names and have had a good laugh! Let us know in the comments below which of these funny names you gave to your new puppy.

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