70+ Tree Names for Dogs

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Bear with us… we know trees may not be the first topic you think of when naming your new pup. But there are so many beautiful words associated with trees that you can choose from.

Trees, just like our dogs, come in all shapes and sizes which is why there’s such a huge range of tree names for dogs. A beautiful cherry tree for your Pomeranian. Or a noble pine tree for your Great Pyrenees? 

There are more than 60,000 species of trees and, no, we’re not going to cover them all here. These are just some of our favorite tree-related names for your pooch. Everything from famous trees to common trees – we’ve got it covered!

Popular Tree Names for Dogs

There are some trees that everyone just knows. Here are the best ones that we think will suit your canine friend!

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AcaciaPronounced “uh-kay-shuh”, this tree is also known as mimosa (another great tree and cocktail name for your pooch!) and has beautiful yellow flowers
AlaniIsn’t that a great name for your pup? These trees have bright orange flowers and a smooth and strong gray bark – so could be a good one for a gray dog breed
AlderLarge trees part of the birch family that are common in forests across the Northern Hemisphere
AshThe Latin name is “Fraxinus”, which is nowhere near as cute as ash!
AspenA tall tree native to cooler temperatures. The ski resort Aspen is named after all the local trees in the area!
BirchJust really remember to pronounce that “r”
BodhiA large sacred fig tree. It’s said that Buddha became enlightened under a bodhi tree!
BonsaiBonsai the Beagle!!
BuckeyePerhaps not the most attractive name on the list, but buckeye (also known as horse chestnut) could be a good name for a brown dog breed
CatalpaA sub-tropical plant with beautiful white flowers
CedarA coniferous tree native to the Himalayas and the Mediterranean
CottonwoodThe cutest name for a small, white pooch!
EbonyHow great is that name for a black dog breed?
ElmA great all-round tree that’s common in America
EucalyptsPossibly the best smelling tree there is (or is that pine tree?)
FirThe perfect name for your fir baby
HazelA wonderful name for female dogs
HemlockA large and noble coniferous tree with dense foliage
HickoryA beautiful tree with flaky bark and small, green flowers
HyperionA good one for male dogs?
IronwoodSounds more like a character from Game of Thrones
LarchA deciduous conifer (meaning it loses its leaves) – ideal for heavy shedders
LindenThe scientific name is “Tilia”, which is possibly an even better dog name!
MagnoliaThe first sign of spring! These trees have beautiful white and pink flowers
MapleWho doesn’t love maple syrup? The perfect name for a Golden Retriever
MyrtleAnother adorable name for female dogs
OakThe oak tree is the noblest of all trees. Oak is a wonderful name for wise, large dog breeds
PalmA type of large (or small) evergreen tree that grows in tropical and warm areas. The Arabic name is “Leena”, which we also love!
PinePines can live for over 400 years! When it comes to dog names, you can’t get more impressive than pine
QuercusAn amazing name for an intelligent doggo
RowenSmall deciduous tree with bright red berries. It’s part of the rose family
SequoiaVeto!! (for any Friends fans!)
SpruceA popular choice of Christmas Tree
TupeloWhat a great name for a dog!
WillowA popular name for female dogs (thanks to how beautiful the willow tree is). It’s also a great Harry Potter-inspired dog name!
YewYou can expect some heads to turn when you shout “Yew, come here now” in the park!

Tropical Tree Names

You might want to go a little more exotic when it comes to dog names for your pooch. These are a couple of our favorites from further afield!

CaimitoIndigenous to the West Indies, it’s also known as “the star apple” fruit tree
CarambolaHow great is this for a dog name? It’s a small tree or shrub (about the size of an orange tree) that bears star fruit
CashewDid you know that cashew nuts grow from the bottom of a cashew apple? Neither did we!
GuavaGuava the Great Dane (or the Great Dane mix). How amazing would that be!
MangosteenNot to be confused with a mango tree. These trees are tropical evergreens and bear mangosteen fruit
RambutanWhat a name for a dog! This is a medium-sized, tropical tree that bears a fruit very similar to a lychee
TamarindThe tamarind is a popular fruit tree throughout tropical areas thanks to its sweet and sour pulp that’s used in lots of cooking and traditional medicines

Famous Fictional Trees

Need more name ideas? Here are some of the most famous tree names we could think of for your dog.

GrootThe cutest little tree that appears in the Marvel Comics
SudowoodoMaybe not the most famous Pokemon but it is pretty nifty at camouflage! 
Treebeard“Theeeese treeesss weeeereeee myyy friiieeeennndssss”
Whomping WillowSimply Willow may be a more popular name than Whomping!

Trees-Related Words in Other Languages

Want to know some beautiful words for “tree” in other languages? These are a couple of the most popular. Here’s a list of even more!

AlberoTree in Italian
ArbolTree in Spanish
ArbreTree in French
BaumTree in Berman
BjörkTree in Icelandic (check out even more Icelandic dog names here!)
JavorMaple tree in Serbian
Ki (木)Tree in Japanese
Namu (나무)Tree in Korean
Shù (树)Basic word for tree in Chinese
StabloTree in Croatian

Tree-Related Words That Make Perfect Dog Names!

As well as individual trees, there are also some amazing dog names related to plants. We’ve listed some of the very best ones!

BarkImagine calling your dog Bark!!
BlossomWhether it’s yellow wildflower or cherry, blossom is a beautiful name to call your pooch!
BranchIt might be unusual but branch could be a very strong name for a pup 
FoliagePerfect for naughty (yet adorable) dogs that love to hide and play in the undergrowth
ForestFor all those dogs that like to run
JungleJungle the Jack Russell, it has a certain ring to it, right?
LeafAnother unusual but pretty dog name
LichenLichen are those interesting mold-like plants that grow on tree bark. They come in many different colors and grow bigger in the rain. Perhaps not the most romantic name for your pup but it’s still a beautiful word!
LimbOK, maybe a bit of a weird word to name your dog… but it could be cool!
LogLog the Labrador, or for any adorable pup that likes to chase after a log (or stick)
MossHow cute is that for a little pup?
OliveOlive is becoming ever more popular when it comes to names for female dogs. We love this for a Golden Retriever or Poodle mix!
RootA very cute name, especially if you shorten it to Roo!
RubberFor all those bouncy doggos
StemDifferent, yes. Charming? Also yes.
TwigThis is one of the cutest tree-inspired dog names! Perfect for skinny pups
WoodThe ultimate nature dog name for your girl or boy pooch!

So there you have it! More than 70 tree names for dogs for you to choose from. Are there any that we’ve missed and you’d add to the list?

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