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Dog's Planet aims to build a community of people passionate about purebred dogs. We intend to provide current and future dog owners with all the information necessary to live happily with their pet. To do so, we will publish articles related to all facets of the canine world.

As a dog lover and owner, you will also be called upon to contribute. You are invited to share your experiences, give your opinion about specific topics, participate in polls, make suggestions and give your viewpoint on products available on the market. The goal is to enrich relationships with our loyal four-legged friends and to give the best of ourselves.

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Learn more about the origins, physical characteristics and behaviour of each breed. Before choosing a dog breed for adoption, always keep in mind that the manner in which a dog behaves and reacts to its surroundings can vary from one individual to another among the same breed.

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Learn more about the different stages in the life of a dog, the process to adopt a puppy, your role as an owner, the needs of the dog, typical health problems that may affect the dog, etc. There are many topics relevant to owners that care about the well-being of their animal.

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Find the answers from our community members on various topics such as nutrition, grooming and training. Obtain viewpoints and suggestions on accessories, toys and activity ideas with your dog. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network of friends!

Before owning a dog, you cannot imagine what it is like to live with one. Thereafter, you cannot imagine living without one.
Caroline Knapp